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On the Bedini Battery Charging Systems Now in Production

Tom Bearden
Feb 19, 2008


These first Bedini systems just now entering very limited production are not overunity, but do incorporate some of the principles of the motor/generator, which have been adapted, in a lesser form, to accommodate building a solid-state device. The new line of battery chargers incorporate state-of-the-art safety features, as well as advanced technology to set a new industry standard in battery charging. Even with most of the sharp gradients and pulses eliminated (for ordinary safety reasons), it has the remarkable ability of charging and conditioning the battery to

  1. Alter and improve the internal battery chemistry,

  2. Desulphate the battery,

  3. Enable the battery to have a higher charge than it normally has, and

  4. Dramatically extend the battery’s lifetime.

These remarkable advantages mean that this improved battery charging and conditioning process saves the end purchaser/user a considerable amount of money. The charged batteries go further, operate much smoother, carry more charge, and they also last longer, saving half or more of their “normal” replacement costs. For batteries costing $6,000 to $8,000 apiece, this represents a considerable and very tangible savings to the customer.