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A magnificent exposition of Tesla's transmission of hidden energy without loss, its peaceful uses, its weaponization potential, and implications for today.  Recorded in the 1990s, the information in this video is still fresh and relevant, valuable to both the serious researcher and the Tesla aficionado, and represents Tom Bearden's thoughts on these topics. What is not mentioned is the Tesla car, which is so far removed from Tesla's actual thinking that it should be renamed a Musk not a Tesla.

84 minutes long

In this recording, Tom eloquently offers his insights about the true nature of the work of the fabled and eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla, best known for his patents and theoretical work that form the basis of modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems, which helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution.  Tom explains how Tesla's phenomenal discoveriesmade before the first successful radio transmissions of Marconi and othersstill shed light on physics topics of current interest.  


What did Tesla learn during his 1899 high-voltage high-frequency experiments with his so-called magnifying transmitter at Colorado Springs high in the Rocky Mountains?  Why did he rush back to Long Island to build what conventional historians considered a boondoggle, Wardenclyffe, for which he received then-princely funding of USD 150,000 from legendary investor J. Pierpont Morgan?  Was Wardenclyffe really a prototype wireless power transmission facility, a communication system, or was it something more?  What secret project did Tesla intend to pursue concurrently, using the same equipment?  Tom thinks he knows the answers to these and other Tesla mysteries.


The DVD also contains a bombshell where Tom speculates about the famous 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia in which an explosion from an unknown source leveled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers, felling them radially outward from the blast center. 

You will discover answers to these and other questions in Tom Talks Tesla!

The video has been edited and digitally re-mastered.  The pure lecture format (no slides) showcases Tom Bearden's extraordinary gift for extemporaneous verbal presentation.  He covers so much ground that you will want to play it again and again. 

Excerpts from the DVD

What I've done is taken him to heart, and convinced myselfwith a  lot of investigation and  studythat waves in the vacuum are longitudinal.

Every time a mathematician or a physicist writes a wave equation, he is throwing away half the problem or of the phenomenon... Newton's 3rd Law is not a law, it's a description; it's not a mechanism for what causes something to happen.  If you add back in the wave that is missing, guess what you get?  You get equal and opposite waves in the vacuum... What came in from the vacuum had both.  There is a longitudinal wave in the vacuum, not just a single transverse wave... A potential actually has a hidden set, an incredible amount of waves, going in both directions.  We consider it a fixed value at a point in space, but as a matter of fact it's a tremendous energy flow.  If you make a beam of that, you can indeed transmit energy in a completely hidden fashion; you can stick a normal meter right in the beam and it won't see a thing, because there is no force-field, and you can transmit it at a distance.

Tesla was talking about the transmission of energy without loss.  If that is true, then it already exists in nature.  Today in modern theory we know that the energy in an electromagnetic wave, transmitted, is already conserved.  If you take a given wavelength from an omni directional transmitter, and you take the hemispherical shell of that wavelength times the entire surface area of that shell, the energy that's in that shell is the same as the energy in any other shell of any radius.  The energy is totally conserved, and none of it is lostwe already know that. The energy density, of course, goes way down as the shell expands.  So that part is unquestionable.  The question is, can we direct that, can we control it?  If we do a laser beam, then in a sense we do it.  But there's a better way..

When you do these things with potentials, without involving force-fields, you actually involve the time dimension.  When you do this, you can affect thought, you can affect human beings where they live, because thought occupies the time dimension; it's not just spatial.

      Tom Bearden 


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