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Star Wars Now!

Forget about the George Lucas and Disney Star Wars, as this book tells us about the real Star Wars.”

These events began March 25, 1983, at the height of the Cold War with Russia, when our president, Ronald Reagan, made a televised speech to this nation proposing a Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) as a strategy to protect the nation against Soviet attack. The SDI was nicknamed “Star Wars” as it involved space-based weaponry.

Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden (US Army, Retired) was alarmed. One of the world’s leading conceptual experts on long-suppressed Tesla physics (about which he has written extensively), he was greatly concerned that Russia was far ahead of the United States with non-conventional, scalar, Tesla weaponry, and that the United States was extremely vulnerable.

Few in the U.S. understood the potential iterations of these weapons, so in this subsequent 1984 book Star Wars Now! Tom lays out in intricate detail not only the true science that is involved, but what specific hostile applications these weapons can take—all the while being hidden in plain sight!

This was also the first time that the public spotlight had been shone on the Aharonov-Bohm effect, which states that when two zero-field scalar wave beams are crossed, real physical effects can be affected within a distant interference zone or region. This was the inside joke that was referred to in the movie Ghostbusters when the heroes were warned by the Dr. Egon Spengler character when trying to bring down the Stay Puft marshmallow man with electromagnetic streams from their energy pistols to “don't cross the streams”. Incidentally, this movie was loosely based on the work being done at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) by physicists Puthoff, Targ, etc., but was played for laughs, disguising the seriousness of the research and development work that was actually going on.

Taken together with chapter and verse from field test observations, the list of Aharanov-Bohm effects is long, ranging from radar invisibility and earthquake induction, to ABM defense. All of which has been and is now confirmed by most high-level U.S. political officials including Secretary of Defense William Cohen, while he was in office.

This 2nd Edition features a Foreword by Dr. Steven M. Greer, head of The Disclosure Project, who brings us up to date on an unexpected and surprising current purpose of these now-deployed space-based weapons, as well as how President Reagan was manipulated into championing their development under false pretenses.

The chilling effects demonstrated and delineated in Star Wars Now! are all the more alarming today, as this weaponized technology finds its way into mainstream media and news coverage.

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