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 I gave Bearden’s Excalibur Briefing to a close friend of mine and he ate it up in 3 days! Said it was hands down the best book he had ever read.

— Tom S, Aug. 21, 2020


Excalibur Briefing
Explaining Paranormal Phenomena
The interaction of mind and matter

Excalibur BriefingLook into the fascinating and mysterious world of paranormal phenomena and the interaction of mind and matter in terms of the new physics. In this quintessential guide, Tom Bearden uses a sampling of paranormal phenomena that demand explanation to drive a theoretical framework that enables us to understand psychotronics, UFOs and psi phenomena. The book also covers new military applications of psi research, and Soviet phase-conjugate directed-energy weapons.

Because of its revolutionary content which pulled the veil back from the hidden sciences,  incredible efforts were made to suppress this book.

2nd edition - 332 pp. - soft cover - 6x9" (15x23cm)

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