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Definition of a Photon by Dr. Myron Evans - Director, AIAS

18 January, 2003

In my considered opinion I think that a photon is a manifestation of spacetime curvature, the result of quantization of the electromagnetic field tensor in antisymmetrized general relativity.  

Dr. Evans is the author of the 5-book series "The Enigmatic Photon"

" A photon is a magnetic dipole. It is an elementary magnet. Evans' discovery of the photon's longitudinal magnetic field in 1992 is as significant, at the quantum level, as Einstein's discovery of relativity at the universal level. It helps to give a physical interpretation to string theory, wave mechanics, two-slit interference and the Faraday effect. A string is a harmonically moving photon that vibrates, oscillates, spins and twists."

        K. L. Rajpal