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18.  We have used the enormous energy density of time in our approach to a totally new kind of electronuclear interaction at feeble spatial energy.  By use of a time-reversal zone (TRZ) in a fluid; the free H+ ionswhich are free protonscan be induced to attract each other so tightly that the edge of the nuclear force region is entered.  In that case the protons form a quasi-nucleus.  When the TRZ decays back to a time-forward zone (TRZ), this new quasi-nucleus decays by changing quarks in one or more nucleons, thereby producing new nuclides.  We point out that this is actually a very high energy reaction; however; since the time-energy is used and is very, very dense, the amount of 3-spatial energy that must be used is very small.  If this new mechanism holds, it represents a revolution in particle physics.
19.  "Self-awareness" refers to be continually "refreshed" by time-delayed coherent feed-back inputs from the body to the mind; where these inputs compare to the recalled memory of the minds inputs to the body.  In short, the time-delay coherence creates  the sense of "existing in time".  Awareness usually

means "sense of existing in time". 
20.  The "unconscious" is totally conscious, just multiply so.  The conscious mind can see only "a single slide in the slide projector at a time, " so to speak.  When it "looks" at the ongoings and outputs of the unconscious, it "sees" millions of slides in the slide projector simultaneously. Hence it cannot distinguish "one and one only".  So it just sees nothing, where by "nothing" we mean "no single distinguishable thing."  It therefore is unable to consciously perceive the actions of the unconscious.  When the unconscious wishes to communicate with the conscious (because of unresolved conflicts, etc.), it must produce large groupings integrated into "symbolic scenarios".  Hence the symbolism of the unconscious, and the basis for therapeutic psychology and psychiatry.  A "symbol", after all, is just a thing which can have many different meanings, all folded into one.
21.  The mind continually has activities of its own, each of which produces coherent changes in the body to a much smaller degree.  The interweaving of these "smaller self-changes" infolded inside the 3-space major intent changes also produces slight body changes, which in turn "project back" into the mind.  This huge group of "infolded self-loops" produces the sense of "my body" being "volitionally directed or occupied" simultaneously with the "greater intent" loops which represent "my intentional actions with my body".  Further; the body servo continually receives a myriad of inputs from its sensory systems, both from changes inside the body and from incoming changes from the external universe.  This interweaving produces the awareness of "being in the external world" by having (i) changes whose feedback do not match mind-intent changes, and (ii) changes whose feedback does match mind-intent changes.  This of course applies to both the conscious and unconscious levels.  The purpose here is to demonstrate that there exists an actual physics of the living being, the mind as well as the body, and the coupling and interfiinctioning of mind and body.
22.  The methodology also easily extends to include deeper interlays for the collective human unconscious mind and for Gaiathe collective unconscious mind level for all the species on earth.
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