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Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 12:25:27 -0600

Dear MM,
Yes, there are many ways to extract energy from the seething vacuum. Unfortunately, at present our scientific community takes a bizarre stance.  In particle physics it is well known that the active vacuum is incredibly energetic. Calculations by leading physicists such as Wheeler show that a cubic centimeter of vacuum (about the tip of one's little finger in volume) has so much raw energy in it that, if condensed into matter, there would be more matter than is observable in the universe through the largest telescope! So even a tiny efficiency of tapping could and will extract all the energy anyone could wish.
However, in classical Maxwell Heaviside electrodynamics (as used in electrical engineering), the same scientific community now assumes in the model that the vacuum is absolutely inert! The model also assumes that the local spacetime is flat, so no energy from curved spacetime can be forthcoming, according to that inane model. Then the model assumes that all EM fields, potentials, and every joule of EM energy in the universe is produced by their associated source charges -- right out of nothing at all, with no energy input to the charge at all, but with continuous energy flow from it. As a result, just ask an EE prof or even many physicists this question: "The static EM field in surrounding space  from a source dipole -- such as a permanent magnet's two poles -- is comprised of photons. Any photon in space is moving at light speed, or else most of physics is now wrong. So the static field is comprised of photons moving outward from that permanent magnet dipole at light speed, continuously and indefinitely.  Yet in the classical model, there is absolutely no observable energy input to that dipole. Okay, either one has to give up the fields being made of photons, or give up the conservation of energy law altogether, or there has to be a NONOBSERVABLE but real energy input (from the vacuum) to that dipole.  Which is the correct solution?"
This little "problem" has been deliberately purged from all the EM texts and EE texts. These days, even most EE professors are not aware of the actual assumptions their own model contains. The students are never made aware of such things, else the thin veneer of "we know everything" would be ripped from the students' eyes, and they would ask far too many embarrassing questions. Indeed, if they would just let the young grad students and post docs work on this problem, and not "hide it" and rant and rave that there is no such problem, then the young folks would solve it in short order. The answer has been in particle physics since 1957 and the discovery of broken symmetry -- and the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang.
But zounds! in the nearly half century since that momentous discovery (which was a real revolution in physics), the impact has not even worked its way across campus from the physics department to the electrical engineering department.
The sorry old EE model still also assumes (completely erroneously) that there are force fields in vacuum (so does basic mechanics in physics, in total error and in KNOWN error now for decades). This is in fact the continuing assumption of the material ether, more than a century after it was falsified experimentally.
In the former Soviet Union and still continued in Russia (under the FSS/KGB and at extremely high classification), those terrible foundations errors in electrodynamics were ruthlessly sought out and corrected, shortly after WW II.  The result was the rise of a new kind of unified field theory electrodynamics, loosely referred to as "energetics" -- an old term that the Soviets resurrected and pressed into use, to focus on the "energetics" of the new model.
So very rapidly, the three branches of energetics began development and weaponization. The overall energetics is divided into three branches, according to what is "targeted" by the weapons in a branch. The first branch is against inert matter systems and their fields and dynamics, and it is just referred to by the same name, "energetics". The second branch is against living bodies (biological systems) and their biofields and biopotentials, and so it is called "bioenergetics". The third branch is against the mind and its operations and dynamics, and so focuses on psychofields and psychopotentials. That third branch is thus known as "psychoenergetics".
As an aside, mind and mind operations are totally electromagnetic, but over on the time axis instead of in 3-space. But by adapting quantum field theory and developing the technology of longitudinal EM waves, one can engineer on the time domain as well as in 3-space. Hence one can engineer mind and mind operations -- all of them -- as well as more materialistic things. Note that the process of observation is a d/dt operator invoked on the ongoing 4-space dynamics, and it removes the time dimension altogether, resulting in a frozen 3-space snap. Rapid iteration of observation leads to observation of a series of rapid 3-space frozen snapshots, like the frames of a motion picture film. The recall and comparison from memory, as each frame is momentarily observed, provides the illusion of motion -- just like a motion picture film does in out minds.
In the West, our deep psychological ansatz is such that we can hardly even TOLERATE thinking such thoughts as building a mind or mind dynamics "from scratch" over on the time axis. We equate that with the "creation of life", and consider it a psychological or ansatz "no-no". The only statement I have found to convey the essence of the psychoenergetics work is that, when the Creator created life, the Creator also created the PROCESS for creating life, and that process is still there. Clever men (unfortunately seeking weapons to destroy humans rather than tools to help them) have indeed rediscovered that process and how to engineer it. So one of the major threats coming at us these days is the use of such technology to convert selected humans in our society to "changed personalities" and different functioning. The changes can be switched in or out at will, by the distant psychoenergetic systems. The object is to slowly begin to intensify the "polarizations" of our society, as time passes. The election year provided a convenient starting point. The intent is to gradually increase the intensity of societal polarizations -- between religious and non religious, between different religions, between gay and straight, between one race and another, between democrat and republican, between sleaze and decency, between rich and poor, between labor and management, between liberal and conservative, etc.  The means will simply be to "tinker" with selected individuals in powerful positions, so that the depth of the polarizations increases. Eventually this is supposed to spill out into the streets as rioting, chaos, and bloodshed. In short, gradually our society is supposed to start "eating itself" because of the increasing ferocity of the societal polarizations.
Meanwhile, we also have all the other threats still with us. The polarizations between the Muslim world and the Western world are to be increased, terrorism is to be increased as a result, etc. We have been in World War III for quite some time now, but it is quite a different "perpetual war" from any we have ever fought. Much of the war will be waged "within" a society itself. And at present, the West has little or no defenses against that kind of war. What we used to refer to as "peacetime" is now only the "insertion phase", when the weaponry of destruction -- including weapons of mass destruction -- are sneaked into (inserted into) the targeted society and nation. As an example, long ago the old Soviet Union inserted nuclear weapons into all our major cities and population centers, along with the Spetznaz teams to detonate them on command. The weapons and teams are still there. The Soviets would have destroyed the U.S. in the 70s with those weapons, except that a small foreign nation also inserted nuclear weapons (including hydrogen bombs) into the Russian cities and population centers as well. Hence the Russians, being rational foes, were "checkmated" and would not commit suicide.
Anyone who wanted anthrax, smallpox, scientists knowledgeable in building biological and nuclear weapons, etc. could get them at the time the Soviet Union's economy collapsed and the empire fell apart. Those who wanted and had guts and money, did go and buy. So there is also anthrax toxin (spores) inserted into our nation's population centers, along with the teams to disperse it. The same is true for smallpox. If smallpox is unleashed in a single major city on this planet, it will eventually kill some 2 billion -- nearly 1/3 the human population. It is not a matter of "if", but of "when".
So we have the most deadly situation facing us in our entire history -- and most of our scientific community, political leaders, etc. are still unaware of the depth and intensity of this thing creeping upon us. The U.S. public is ill-informed and often mis-informed. No one ever told the public that there is and was an island in the Aral Sea, where the Soviets dumped incredible tons of anthrax spores. It's in the very dirt. One could go there with sacks and shovels, and just shovel up all the anthrax one wished. And terrorists did go there, and they did shovel and sack it up. With a little separation of the dirt, anyone who wanted it could have gotten (and did get) anthrax spores in quantity. Note that this anthrax is also "very high quality", since it was made in the labs of the best biological warfare scientists in the world at the time. Little wonder that the anthrax in the letters found in the Senate building etc. were of extraordinary high quality. It was probably made by the masters of the trade, and then dug out of the dirt of that island in the Aral Sea by terrorist teams.
Anyone who wanted anything could have bought it in the failed Soviet Union. One enterprising mobster even purchased a Russian nuclear submarine, for use in the dope trade, and hired a Russian admiral to run it. Fortunately he was arrested before taking delivery, and sent to jail. Simply read Lunev's book.  But those who wanted nuclear warheads and had guts, money, and hatred in their hearts, did go and did buy. The Al Qaeda has announced it has slipped in some seven nuclear weapons into seven American cities, and that is very probably true. They also slipped in the crews to detonate those things on command.
Recently (it's on my website), a group (probably the Yakuza) zeroed in a powerful scalar interferometer weapon on the Yellowstone caldera. If that caldera is evoked into violent eruption, it could single-handedly wipe out most of the higher life forms in North America. That would of course do in the United States, with a single shot. Some 10 nations (not all hostile, thank God!) have such weapons today, and could do that shot. There are other caldera in the U.S., though not so big. There are other caldera in other nations as well. So the "old" scalar interferometers are still extraordinarily potent weapons, with a single weapon capable of destroying an entire nation in a single shot or two.
But there is still no discussion of such matters in the open U.S. Press. Most U.S. scientists adamantly refuse to believe it. All of them continue to ignore the blunt statement made by Secretary of Defense William Cohen when he confirmed such weapons in 1997 at a conference in Georgia. The SecDef stated (this is from the official transcript of his speech; anyone can check it since the transcript is openly available):

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important." 

Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn.  Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

The original "scalar interferometry papers" were published by Whittaker in 1903 and 1904.  When the Russians after WW II looked for a new area of breakthrough, one of the things they just picked up off the shelf was those Whittaker papers. Adapted to modern quantum field theory, where one has a time-polarized photon as well as a longitudinal photon, in addition to the two transverse photons, then one has the basis for energetics. If one then corrects the mess to remove its erroneous assumption of force fields in mass-free space, one then has the science of energetics. That's how easy it was for Soviet scientists -- always the leading nonlinear scientists of the world -- to create energetics. Less than five years. And our own universities, National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, National Academy of Engineering, Department of Energy, and the great national laboratories, are still immersed in electrodynamics and electrical engineering without a change of a single equation. None of them are prominently stating that "normal" Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics is seriously flawed and strongly requires significant overhaul and correction. None of them prominently state that, even with this overhaul, the M-H model is not primary, since its fields and potentials can be further decomposed into longitudinal EM wave structures and dynamics.
So our scientific community is largely completely ignoring a far more fundamental electrodynamics than it knows and teaches. Hey, that keeps the power meter on your house, keeps the gas pump meter on the gas pump, and keeps burning all those hydrocarbons and consuming nuclear fuel rods to make electricity laboriously, dirtily, and hostilely to the entire planet.
And that continues to enrich the loose bunch of cartels that profit so handsomely from the world energy situation as it is. And the other cartels that continue to profit from our kindergarten medical science as it is. The cartels extract about a trillion dollars a year from the energy business alone, and probably more than that from the big pharmaceuticals and medical therapies worldwide.
Science is largely controlled in this country, and has long left the practice of scientific method as its major goal. One controls science by controlling its funding and what it can be spent for. That is already set up and working. So a rigid grasp is on the throats of all our sharp young grad students, young post doctoral scientists, and professors who would like to expand energy horizons and medical horizons. In short, anyone starting to rock the boat is just summarily destroyed.
Simply visit the websites of the agencies I mentioned, and look for any highly innovative funded programs in extracting energy from the vacuum. There are none of any size or magnitude or importance. Yet every EM field and potential in our EM circuits and systems is extracted from the local vacuum by the source charges in that circuit or system, with the virtual energy integrated into observable EM energy (real photons) and poured out in all directions. Sadly, that entire group of agencies and scientists doesn't even know where the energy in the external circuit and powering the loads and losses actually comes from, or how.
So this group gives us the fuel cell as the "wave of the future" (read: bomb of the future is more like it). Most of our electrical power is still from coal-burning power plants, but the "Big Nuclear" boys are ecstatic these days, since in their opinion their time has come again. Simply look at the recently stated "main requirements" that DoE reported: It's all about giant accelerators, hot fusion (not a watt on the power line after billions spent and 50 years), etc. There's absolutely no mention of taking advantage of the ubiquitous extraction of EM energy directly from the vacuum by every charge and dipole in the universe.
Ah well!  One must keep one's sense of humor. Tesla had a phrase that describes the present energy situation in a nutshell. Copying Tesla's phrase, it is one of the "... most inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind that has ever been recorded."
Tesla would have had a good laugh at the vaunted scientific community still upholding the luminiferous material ether, teaching a flat spacetime and in inert vacuum, and still upholding entropic engineering by keeping those force fields in space erroneously and ramming that logical nonsequitur down every student's throat. Tesla's "radiant energy" was actually his terminology for the energy freed from force fields, and in the form of the force-free field as it occurs in space and in the vacuum. Simply read my paper (posted on the website) about precursor engineering, and one can see what is and has been blocked in science by that mess.
Meanwhile, the big nuke folks long to recommence building gobs of nuclear powerplants, the coal-burning and oil-burning continue and ever increase, the energy demands of the nations and peoples of the earth is rising drastically, cheap oil has peaked and oil will slowly become more and more expensive, many nations have no oil and "oil wars" will be engendered and in fact are beginning to fester now, we will have to burn more coal (dirty), build more transmission lines, build more pipelines, drill in all the reserves including Alaska, etc. to just stay up with the rising needs. The environment is more and more poisoned, and half the environmentalists do not really wish a cheap clean energy solution, but instead wish "sustainment" which they equate to the dark ages of a single oil lamp, a solar cell array on the roof or a windmill in the yard, walk or ride a bicycle if you wish to travel, and three-quarters of the people on earth have to be gotten rid of somehow.
Now into all that mess just look at the polarizations, and now examine the impact of psychoenergetic conversions and intensifying of all that mess of contradictions and polarizations.
Yes, the KGB/FSS is correct.  That mess called "society" will indeed start to "eat itself" as the polarizations spill out into blood in the streets, and chaos and anarchy.
One thing is certain: It's going to be a helluva ride.
Best wishes,
Tom Bearden

Dear Tom,
  I have a question for you. I should preface by saying I am just a layman who has found your work more than is life changing in a positive way.  To realize so many things direct ones inner self to open and delve deeper to know the truth of what we are..and where we are going. I could say so many things.
My question involves the use of H.A.A.R.P. or a similar array to tunnel up and open the flow of all that power in the ionsphere. Since I know this can be done now, it has occured to me that this energy source may well be sufficient to power "inventions" heretofore unimaginable by virtue of an insufficient power source. What power is actually available from this and would you agree with my thought it is already being used to power ? something.
This is just a sharing of thought or brainstorming section of the email. I read where either you said or a foreign entity has detailed..that every human has scalar inferometry potential within their own construct. I thought about this a bit..and it the idea came to me that perhaps we can also tunnel in miniature at this power source. This would be akin to "chi" or ki..but perhaps the enhanced version if there is any truth at all to it, instead of just raising your energy level to what you possess literally 'supercharge' without breaking a circuit inside.
There is another thing that I considered, and that is that each humans abilities can be "tapped" into and then directed without their knowledge. Since we here in America have been given that "present" since got me to thinking..that we could simply make use of the frequency and the attunement that is resultant..and do things with it. I thought of the "Janet Jackson" Superbowl incident and the energy created by it on an emotional level..and that all these bio-electrical units called mankind would be throwing off energy based on this particular emotion (or set) and that it may be possible to utilize this on some catching the energy with an antenna array perhaps or an energy field placed above a geographic location..or that would be beyond my layman's ability to communicate..but the thought is there.
I think what I am saying runs from micro to macro. >From the inner growth and development of a the level of mass consciousness. I also have a theory that all these sporting events..and the way of social programming that we have witnessed over the past decades has been catered to evolving emotion. In other words..the dumbing down, and adolescantizing of adults has been done to create circumstances favorable to manipulation on emotional levels and those of which you speak and know. Wrestlemania etc..LCD lowest common denominator as in propaganda..but this time applied for gains completely invisible to most.
This is all so exciting..and dangerous. Just as you opened my eyes to scalar warfare..and the lack of a peace time..this thinking I am doing is opening it further yet.
I also want to share a thought I have about developing ones own abilities. Forgive how poorly I communicate what you know so well. I thought about the fact I have an antenna...I have the ability to utilize within me scalar~~~, then I thought about what you wrote of 4d being time or linear movement..remove 4d and you have the 3d where "engines" are positioned etc., then I thought about how I myself..utilizing this same information could literally do the same would require a lot I know..but there seem to be no limits to what we can achieve, and I'm not going to start placing them.
So much I could share in conversation Tom if I was speaking and not typing and if I understood and was educated in your field. Thanks for your work. I think in conclusion..the real question is from earlier..what do you think can be powered by all that energy tunneled down from above..or even hypothetically..if need be answered that way?
I always read your email correspondence, and my name is Bob but would prefer if you choose to answer at all that you refer to me as MM (MM stands for Midnight me means parting the deep waters of my own ignorance while pointing at 'time'), and please do..if you answer..feel free to just put my question(s)/thoughts and/or brainstorm into a proper form like someone with an education would do.  I think this is all an area where I don't want to have to discern friend from foe showing up at my doorstep...this way it could only be from a friendly side...I would hope. This is all so obscure from almost all people.
I hope and wish you and your wife and family well, I know you have been 'going through it' of late and are in my prayers.
Thanks Tom.........Bob
btw off record completely, I am a truckdriver and am in TN..I deliver gas..I'm discovering this is a small world...oh the areas I would love to cover with you....just can't resist adding one more here..remote viewing and advanced psychic techniques when combined with your work.