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"A consortium of the scientific community, the large pharmaceuticals, FDA, and the AMA will oppose this project even while the U.S. is being destroyed wholesale."

The "Porthole" Concept

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Slide List

  1. The Porthole Concept with technical background
  2. Outline of the presentation
  3. Outline of the presentation (2)
  4. Mechanism for the body's deep EM exchange with the active EM environment
  5. The body continually receives and retransmits EM energy
  6. Ramifications
  7. Ramification (2)
  8. Ramifications (3)
  9. Becker's epochal work
  10. Becker's bone fracture healing
  11. Becker's theoretical DC control system involved with response to injury
  12. Becker's proposed control system governing regeneration
  13. Extending Becker's work
  14. A sad commentary
  15. Kaznacheyev's startling results
  16. Proof that the cellular condition is radiated from groups of cells
  17. Kaznacheyev's induction of cellular disease and disorder
  18. Another surprising feature of Kaznacheyev's experiments
  19. Ramifications of Kaznacheyev's experimental results
  20. Ramifications of Kaznacheyev's experimental results (2)
  21. Weaponization of Kaznacheyev's findings
  22. "Microwave" radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow
  23. Ramifications of the microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy
  24. The importance of time as energy, and the time domain
  25. Time as energy
  26. How to see that time is "compressed spatial energy"
  27. Time as EM energy in the time domain
  28. All EM energy in 3-space freely comes from the time domain
  29. Strong support from quantum field theory
  30. Mechanism generating the flow of mass through time
  31. Pumping a mass in the time-domain will time-reverse it back to an earlier state
  32. Principle for time-reversing a time-pumped mass
  33. Mechanisms for use in medical treatment and healing
  34. Successive deep penetration reactions of the cellular dielectric
  35. Successive deep penetration reactions of the cellular dielectric (2)
  36. Engines (vacuum engines, spacetime curvature engines)
  37. Pumping with EM time-polarized waves forms amplified antiengines
  38. A dramatic extension to non-linear optical pumping
  39. Time-reversal of a mass to a new physical state not in its past
  40. Extended general relativity principle
  41. Engines: Working spacetime demons
  42. Signal vs. vacuum engine
  43. Unified field theory requires modeling and use of supersystem
  44. Classical EM kills the supersystem, prevents use of supersystem engineering
  45. Malignant teratoma exhibits both time-reversal and fast-forwarding
  46. Miller-Fox-Urey biogenesis experiments
  47. Cloning to produce stem cells
  48. Regeneration in a strain of rat with part of its immune system missing
  49. An observation for the future
  50. Biochemistry and EM models
  51. Necessary EM corrections
  52. Prioré's revolutionary results in lab animals
  53. Prioré makes a point to Chaban-Delmas, Mayor of Bordeaux
  54. Block diagram of Prioré's method
  55. In laboratory animals, Prioré team cured:
  56. Some peculiar results by the Prioré team
  57. Proof of cellular time-reversal
  58. Disadvantages of Prioré method
  59. 3-story high Prioré device for treating humans
  60. 17-foot Prioré plasma tube
  61. A proposed new method for cancer promotion
  62. Remarks on cancer from a new perspective
  63. Remarks on cancer from a new perspective (2)
  64. The promotion process via engines
  65. Evolution of aerobic systems
  66. First step in self-promotion of cancer due to hypoxia
  67. Block diagram of the cellular regenerative system
  68. Bombshell:  Amplified EM healing
  69. Potential Medical Applications
  70. To treat and save mass casualties:  What is urgently needed now
  71. The solution
  72. The porthole concept:  the two-minute treatment shortcut
  73. How the porthole concept works
  74. Porthole concept:  an analogy of the dielectric path and inner-outer functional connections
  75. Porthole concept:  The discovery
  76. Using the porthole concept:  Research
  77. Research using the porthole concept
  78. Portable unit then developed for rapid treatment of mass BW casualties
  79. Training to use the unit
  80. Additional advantages
  81. Terrorist BW warfare capabilities against the United States
  82. Mass Casualty Problem:  Aerial Anthrax Spray on Washington, D.C.
  83. For decades, infiltration of terrorist teams into the U.S.
  84. Defence Secretary Cohen
  85. Some typical BW agents
  86. Anthrax
  87. Smallpox
  88. Bubonic Plague
  89. Botulism toxin
  90. Tularemia
  91. Hemorrhagic fevers, such as Ebola
  92. A factor the U.S. does not know
  93. Summary and conclusion:  The new war
  94. A new Pearl Harbor
  95. Fireball From Impact on South Tower
  96. Collapse of the South Tower
  97. Collapse of the North Tower begins
  98. Collapse of the North Tower finishes
  99. Next began the recovery efforts
  100. The Pentagon was hit on the same day
  101. A sobering thought
  102. Present status of the WMD Threat to the United States
  103. The U.S. is terribly unprepared
  104. Conclusion
  105. A difficult truth to consider
  106. A personal perspective
  107. China is also involved
  108. Final thoughts
  109. Continuation

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