The Tom Bearden


Edward Munch's "Scream"A Visual Tour of what they don't want you to know about electrical circuits

99.999999 Percent of the actual energy flow produced is wasted!

  1. The scalar potential is a harmonic set of phase conjugate longitudinal EM waves.

  2. The dipole is a true negative resistor.

  3. The dipole's broken 3-symmetry initiates a spreading giant negentropic reordering of a fraction of the vacuum's energy.

  4. Energy flow contours surrounding a transmission line.

  5. Heaviside and Poynting energy flow components.  The Heaviside component is often 10 trillion times the Poynting component, but is simply wasted in ordinary single-pass energy circuits.

  6. Negative resistance process v. positive resistance process.

  7. Lorentz's integration trick to discard the enormous Heaviside non-diverged energy flow component.

  8. Why present systems have COP<1.0 in conventional 2-wire closed circuit operation