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“There is no information like this on the planet. Thank God for Tom Bearden and the Cheniere Press volunteers for getting this information out to the public!”
L.S., Colorado, USA, February 26, 2008

The Tom Bearden



Our Book section

Free Energy Generation

 Expanded New Edition!  The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos, Tom Bearden technical explanations plus now includes Bedini-Cole “window motor”

Energy from the Vacuum
Energy from the Vacuum

The only credible handbook available anywhere.
Now in its 3rd Printing
New Low Price!
Almost 1,000 pages

Energy from the Vacuum
Energy from the Vacuum

Signature Edition
Personally signed
by Tom Bearden

A Collectible

Limited supply available

Final Secret of Free Energy
The Final Secret of
Free Energy


An overunity circuit concept that works

“Great book and DVD. Definitely worth every dollar.”
Maastricht, Netherlands
29 March, 2009


“In terms of information learned at any time over an entire life, this material has had a more profound effect on me than anything else I ever came across, both in terms of the true nature of the Universe, and the true nature of mankind. I cannot think of any other area of technological development which directly relates to the human level of consciousness. Mankind cannot move on until this energy situation is addressed.”
—Paul M, 9 January, 2011
 Oblivion: America at the Brink
Oblivion: America at the Brink (Mind Wars)

Causal System Robot Technology (portable minds) urgently released as briefing for a Head of State.

Fer de Lance
Fer de Lance

The “Industry Standard” handbook on scalar weather engineering and weaponry.
2nd Edition: Updated.

Excalibur Briefing
Excalibur Briefing

Seemingly “paranormal” events and science technically explained and validated.

Bearden's first best-seller which survived numerous suppression attempts.

The Secret World of Magnets


The title says it all.

The classic from the late magnets guru Howard Johnson

Buy “Star Wars Now!”

Never before available in paperback!

Newly released 2nd Edition of Bearden's 1984 classic on space-based weapons technology, with Forword by Dr. Steven M. Greer, Head of the Disclosure Project

Quiton/Perceptron Physics
Quiton/Perceptron Physics: A Theory of Existence, Perception, and Physical Phenomena

Bearden's ground-breaking 1973 Master's Thesis



Bearden's best-seller in which he first wrote about the weird quantum potential weapons


AIDS: Biological Warfare
AIDS: Biological Warfare

Don't let the title fool you—this is a wide-ranging and fascinating scientific read from start to finish


Specula Magazine
 Issues 1-4

Finally available again from 1978
128 pages

Yoseikan Aikido

A reverential analysis of this Martial Arts discipline, one of the loves of Tom Bearden's life



Our DVD section

Energy from the Vacuum™ Science Series of DVDs from Energetic Productions INC.

39 DVDs in the Series to date (+ bonus discs)

Go to the Complete Series DVD list to make your selections



Buy all
39 DVDs
in the EFV Series
as a boxed set

Bearden Foundations Series of DVDs

Tom Talks Tesla 


The title says it all!

Radionics: Action at a Distance

A Classic

Secret Superweapons that Drive Disarmament Negotiations

New video added and re-mastered!

CANCER: Cause and Cure
Tom Bearden Lecture and Frank Golden Priorι Lab Visit Report



New release

Floyd Sweet Secrets

Soviet Weather Engineering over North America


Discovering Magnetism
Tesla's Secret and the Soviet Tesla Weapons

AIDS as Biological Warfare:  A Possible Electromagnetic Solution

Visit our Miscellaneous section

The Complete Tom Bearden Website on a Data DVD
Energy from the Vacuum 
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