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The Cheniere Press logo "passing the baton" symbolizes the transfer of vital knowledge to a new generation of scientists, engineers and researchers for the betterment of humanity. 

We are well aware that with the high cost of tuition, many students find it difficult to pay even for necessary textbooks, much less extra books on a physics so fresh and new that it isn't in their university curriculum yet.

In recognition of the importance of putting the new physics into the hands of the younger generation, Cheniere Press's book sponsorship program matches donors with deserving students.  


Q:  How do I qualify?

A:  You provide proof that you are a bona fide student enrolled in a course of study at an institution of higher learning.  Cheniere Press reviews the proof and determines its acceptability, in our sole discretion.  If it is acceptable, we respond by email to make the shipping arrangements.  Please include your:

Name and mailing address
Email address
School, major, and class (e.g. senior, 2nd year undergrad, candidate for graduate degree, etc.)

Q:  I'm a gifted high school student.  Do I quality?

A:  Yes, if you can prove that you are enrolled in high school with a proof of age or copy of your report card.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:  Normally, we respond to emails on the same day.  Sometimes it takes a little longer. 

Q:  What kind of proof do you want?

A:  Any kind of verifiable documentation of your student status, such as:

  • An email from your student email address (e.g. *.edu if your school is in the U.S.)
  • A link to the institution's website establishing the student's name, email address, and  current status.  E.g., a student directory, departmental graduate projects page, article in student newspaper...
  • Emailed image of student ID card - must show name and date valid (*Note that emailing this may be a privacy concern for some)
  • Dated letter on university letterhead from a university official verifying student's status
  • Photocopy or emailed image of tuition bill, acceptance letter, etc. from the institution.

Q:  How much is the discount?

A:  Substantial.  We prefer not to publish the price, but we will communicate it to you if your credentials are acceptable.

Q:  What is your Privacy Policy?

A:  Cheniere Press does not sell or exchange mailing lists.  Our customer information is private.  We take the same steps to protect your personal information that we take to protect our own.  We will not use your personal information in any way, other than to verify your eligibility for a student discount.  We will not disclose your personal information to anyone besides  those directly involved in verifying your eligibility.  If you are concerned about the security or  privacy of any piece of personal information, then do not send it to us. 

Q:  How many copies can I get?

A:  One per student.  

Q:  I'm ready.  Where do I send my student credentials?

A:  Email them to or fax them to us at +1 805-962-0657

Q:  Is there a Senior Citizen discount?  Is there a hardship discount? 

A:  No; see our FAQ.