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James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell


“Maxwell’s” vector equations taught in university are actually Heaviside’s truncated equations, and are only a simplified version of what Maxwell originally wrote.

The Maxwell-Heaviside theory of electrodynamics is now well over a century old, and is actually a serious truncation of Maxwell's 1865 theory of 20 equations in 20 unknowns (those are specifically listed in the original published paper in 1865). Because it was “tainted” with a higher group symmetry algebra (quaternions), even Maxwell himself came under intense pressure to simplify it, after the publication of the first edition of his famous Treatise in 1873. Consequently, Maxwell was rewriting and greatly “watering down” his own Treatise, having finished rewriting and greatly reducing some 80% of it at the time of his death in 1879. The second edition and third edition, therefore, are NOT the original Maxwellian theory, but a very serious truncation.

The further great “simplification” occurred by several scientists after Maxwell's death, in the 1880s, and notably by Heaviside, Hertz, and Gibbs. The equations taught today at university as “Maxwell's theory” are pale shadows, and those equations themselves are actually the equations and notations of Heaviside, further “symmetrically regauged” by Lorentz (which very neatly threw out all COP>1.0 EM systems taking their excess energy from the vacuum in the form of free asymmetrical regauging). At the time these altered Maxwell equations were adopted in general, it occurred in a short “debate” (mostly in the journal Nature) where the vectorists simply discarded the quaternists' work, etc. It was not done by “sweet science”, but by sheer dogma and individual preference for “simplicity”.

So our present classical theory still implicitly retains the material ether more than 100 years after that ether was falsified by the Michelson-Morley experiments. Not an equation was changed after those experiments! The “Maxwellians” as they are referred to, all originally assumed the material ether, which meant that they assumed there was not a single point in the entire universe that was devoid of mass. Consequently, the EM fields were—to them—obviously very material fields indeed; they ALWAYS occurred in mass (e.g., in the material ether). They were therefore erroneously assumed to be force fields. Mass is actually a component of force (though that is still ignored in classical mechanics as well); there is no separate mass-free force acting upon a separate mass, because the phrase “mass-free force” itself is an oxymoron). Many foundations physicists have discussed this “material origin of force”, so it is well-known by leading scientists (though seldom known to engineers).

So we have a peculiar situation and one of the great stalemates in human history: In modern physics terms, a “force” is generated in, on, and of a mass (e.g., a charged mass) when the volumetric mass-free fields (as curvatures of spacetime relativistically, or as altered virtual particle flux of the vacuum region in particle physics) in mass-free space interact with and on a charged mass. That ongoing interaction is indeed what a “force” identically is, prior to observation. Note that this also gives a physical mechanism to the notion of “asymmetrical regauging”, where the potentials (and potential energy) of the system (in this case, the interacting charged mass) is freely changed.

In short, gauge freedom has more to it than simply changing some equations so they are easier to solve (which is what Lorentz did to the Maxwell-Heaviside equations). Gauge freedom directly assures us that the potential energy of any EM system can be freely changed at will. That means that, if we put our minds to it, we can take in all the EM energy we wish, directly from the local vacuum, anywhere in the universe by developing and utilizing asymmetrical regauging (e.g., merely changing the voltage of a system changes the collected energy; simply state the definition of the potential intensity). The solution to the entire energy crisis, for all time, simply waits for the scientists to turn from symmetrical regauging (no net force fields produced, all the excess free energy in the two fields produced is locked up as stress energy) and go to asymmetrical regauging, which produces both excess free EM energy and a free net force field that can be then directed to perform free work in a load, paying only for switching costs, etc. Of course one has to employ circuitry other than the closed current loop, common ground circuit, which automatically self-enforces symmetrical regauging regardless.

The problem of the “force field” not existing as such in space is further complicated by the nature of observation itself, which is a d/dt operator imposed upon that ongoing interaction in 4-space. The result is the stripping away of the time dimension momentarily, producing a frozen 3-spatial snapshot. A rapid series of such continual 3-snapshots, and their recall from memory and comparison, gives us the sensation and experience of “change” and “persistence in time” or “change in time”. We never observe the precursor causes, but only the effects of those precursor causes in mass. From observing the effects, we always have to extrapolate the unobservable precursors that are the unobserved causes. One cannot “see” the accelerated frame he may be in, but one can measure the effects of that nonobservable frame on his physical system and surroundings.

The present Maxwell-Heaviside theory is completely unable to deal with the massless interactions and the force-free entities that interact with mass to produce force. The present EM does not even calculate “the” fields or potentials themselves, but only their “point intensities” as defined by the assumed interaction of the actual geometrical fields with a unit point static charge. If the charge is in particle resonance at the frequency of the field energy bathing it, the very “definition” of the classical field is thereby altered, and one can extract and input more energy than is theoretically predicted by the standard “static charge” based definitions of field and potential intensity.

For that reason, the same charge in particle resonance will absorb and re-radiate some 18 times as much energy as we input to it (by standard calculations), from the same classical field, as it does when totally static and not in particle resonance. That area of physics is of course well-known as “negative resonance absorption of the field”. It is a noted example of the direct extraction of excess EM energy from the “vacuum” or from curved spacetime, long proven on the bench. Physicists in that field, however, carefully refrain from using the term “excess emission of energy”, or the thermodynamics term of coefficient of performance (COP). The COP = 18, of that EM system, but the scientists only write and speak of the change in the reaction cross section of the resonant particle versus that of the static particle.

In modern physics, we might use the term “supersystem” to include (1) the physical system and its observed dynamics, (2) the unobserved but active local vacuum, and (3) the local curved spacetime. All three elements of the supersystem constantly interact with each other, in modern physics.

In the present classical Maxwell theory, both the unobserved components (the actual force-free precursors that act on the system to generate all its forces and dynamics) are assumed away arbitrarily. The theory assumes an inert vacuum (falsified since the 1930s) and a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916). By using force fields and potentials only defined in terms of intensity of the interactions in static charged matter, it only considers EFFECTS of the precursors after their interaction with mass. These effects then cause other forces in collisions and interactions.

In short, because of this continued assumption of the material ether by ordinary EM models, we have missed the ability to directly engineer the precursor to force itself, and we have therefore been unable to rigorously define force (as pointed out strongly by Nobelist Feynman, by Wheeler, and others).

The Evans higher group symmetry theory, however, can and does get directly at all those long-ignored electrodynamic entities and mechanisms. The Evans model is a unified field theory, and quite capable of modeling the interactions between the three components of the supersystem. The present classical electrodynamics cannot and does not do that at all.

Let me now show a future capability that can benefit all humanity, that can follow from such a theory, and that has already been proven experimentally in France in the 1960s, but which has remained a total scientific mystery because it lies outside the conventional EM model.

Visualize a physical system and its dynamics, such as the human body in all its complexities. All the body dynamics may be visualized as a special “engine”, which consists of the set of precursor causes interacting with the body charges and masses at every level. This “engine” consists of two parts:

(1) the virtual particle flux of the vacuum and its exact specific dynamics interacting with the body charges and masses at every level, and

(2) the set of curvatures of spacetime and their exact dynamics, also interacting with the body at every level.

Note that this master engine is not comprised of forces, until it interacts with the physical matter of the body and generates them as primary effects produced in the body. In that ongoing interaction, all forces everywhere in the body, at every level, are generated by the engine interactions.

Now suppose that we could and did directly engineer that master engine and any part of it, at will.

It can be shown from Whittaker's work in 1903 and 1904 that this precursor “engine” is naught but a complex set of longitudinal EM waves with added differential functions.

It follows that, for a given body, there is a precise engine for that body in its intended healthy state. For any disease or disorder change whatsoever, there is a totally specific delta engine for that disease change and all its actions and interactions, now present and also acting on the body to its detriment.

It follows that, if one were to time-reverse (phase conjugate) the total engine, the new engine would consist of two parts:

(1) the amplified time reversal of the normal engine, which would just tend to make the body cells, etc. a bit younger, and

(2) the time reversal of the detrimental engine, which would gradually erase that detrimental engine!

Though simply put, that is in fact the mechanism used by the human cellular regenerative system (very poorly studied!) generates the healing process in the body. It has long been obscured in biology by use of the terms “differention” and “dedifferention” of cells. Becker, e.g., clearly showed that potentials placed across intractable bone fractures directly generated such effects in red blood cells entering the injury site. First the cells “dedifferentiated” back to an earlier form, growing a nucleus and shucking their hemoglobin. Then these new cells “differentiated” forward to form the type of cells that make cartilage. Then these cells further differentiated forward to form the type of cells that make bone. They were then deposited in the fracture site to heal the fracture. Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize for this incredible work. He also attempted to model the cellular regenerative system itself, using the normal EM model—which failed him because it cannot model it. Had Becker had access to Evans' work now, he would have done it all and produced a great revolution in medicine. The bone healing work, did survive quietly, and today it is quietly used in some hospitals to continue to treat and cure otherwise intractable bone fractures.

In the 1950s and 1960s, working with eminent French scientists, Antoine Priore discovered how to directly amplify that “cellular regenerative” process in the laboratory. He used a huge plasma tube fed with a mix of transverse EM waves, unwittingly using a characteristic of plasmas that can transduce transverse waves to longitudinal EM waves. Hence he had introduced a longitudinal EM wave structure inside the plasma, adding to its field structures.

In quantum field theory, the longitudinal photon and the time-polarized (scalar) photon are individually nonobservable. However, the combination is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential—common voltage. So suddenly Becker's work comes alive, and something magical was actually going on in the use of a potential across a fracture site. That potential was comprised of longitudinal EM waves and scalar EM waves (time-polarized EM waves) in pairs, slightly altering Whittaker's 1903 and 1904 work. So in nonlinear optical terms, Becker was “pumping” those red cells (and the fracture vicinity) in both the time domain and the 3-space domain. The result was to produce a time-reversed precursor “engine”!!!  This accounted directly for the cellular dedifferentiation and redifferention effects physically demonstrated.

Surrounding Priore's plasma tube was a very large coil, which—stimulated by the plasma—then produced an oscillating magnetic field that further contained in its longitudinal EM wave internal composition that “engine” that Priore had caused to be introduced. The patient then laid on a table under the magnetic field beam, and the entire body was bathed in this emission. If the carried “engine” is the antiengine of the disease, then this is directly an amplification of the body's own cellular regeneration mechanism.

The rippling magnetic field carried the “internal new engine” to all parts of the body, even through the bone marrow to the primitive cells, etc. As many persons have suspected, when the body is sick, it is “sick all over”, in that the disease engine pattern is in all the potentials of the entire body, at every level.

Priore thus added a new and amplified “engine” to the diseased body's own engine.

When the added amplified engine was the reversal or near reversal of the detrimental engine portion already in the body, this process reduced and eliminated the detrimental engine, within the limits that the scientists had learned how to adjust the input signals for a given disease.

Consequently, unparalleled healing of disease occurred, in thousands of laboratory animal experiments rigorously performed at the University of Bordeaux by famous French scientists. Terminal cancers, some specific infectious diseases, etc. were cured with alacrity and remarkable effectiveness. The results were so astounding that they caused a sensation in France and in some other scientific communities also. Sadly, there was not a single scientists available anywhere openly, who had developed the science of engines and could recognize and state the mechanism used in the Priore work.

To show the “engines” effect and that the internal patterns “internal engines” inside a given EM field or potential (in its Whittaker decomposition) do diffuse from one potential into another, and remain there and only gradually diffuse away, other experiments were performed.

It was shown that blood from a rat successfully healed of a terrible terminal cancer could then be injected into another rat with the same disease, and that rat would also start to get well and get rid of the cancer. This “pass it along” effect lasted for some weeks. But the experiments clearly showed that the necessary “antiengine” had been created in the original treated rat, and that it was actually present everywhere in that rat, in its blood and elsewhere, and only gradually “dissipated” by diffusion reactions as time passes.

This work is all documented in the hard French scientific literature. It has required 30 years for me to even be able to explain it. And it required some of Dr. Evans' work to be digested, before one could understand the mechanism.

The Priore group itself (and the French scientific community as well) could not grasp the mechanism—because they only had the tired old Maxwell theory to apply, and that theory flatly cannot model engines or the healing process itself. Consequently, today we still have a medical science that largely deals with killing and removal processes (such as the immune system's warlike work), while almost totally ignoring the actual healing mechanism and system of the body.

The Priore work showed that, not only can that fundamental healing process be used in technology, but it can be amplified to allow very rapid healing of dread diseases. The Priore work was ruthlessly suppressed in the mid-70s when the French government changed, and quit funding the work. Some years after Priore's death, the University of Bordeaux did accept a doctoral thesis on that work, by one of its students at the time. Priore's important work was presented in his own lifetime to the assembled L'Academie by none other than Robert Courrier, the head of the biology section of the Academy.

So a great medical cure for cancer, hardening and clogging of the arteries, infectious diseases, etc. was brought to the very brink of being born and utilized, and by the proper scientific community. Then because of the lack of a proper model, it could not be scientifically understood. So, sadly, it was “parked on the shelf”—primarily because there was no available electrodynamics known to the scientists that would allow modeling and development of a total technology including both theory and application.

This is just one dramatic example among many, of how the present terribly inadequate model of electrodynamics (used in electrical engineering) inhibits and has long inhibited our scientific progress. That model and the continual use of it is also directly responsible for the deaths of hundred of millions of persons who did not have to die, had a better EM model been available and used.

This is just one example of many, of why Myron Evans' work is so important. For the first time, his work will allow the direct modeling (and fitting of the model to experiment) for a large number of scientific areas that are of enormous importance to not only science but to the entire human race. He has already rigorously shown that real EM energy can be extracted from the active vacuum. He has provided the first theoretical basis to allow explaining the source charge problem; where every charge pours out real observable energy continuously in all directions, establishing and maintaining its associated EM fields and potentials. Yet there is no OBSERVABLE energy input to the charge. Hence either one must discard the entire conservation of energy law, or one must explain how the virtual state energy of the vacuum is continuously absorbed, integrated coherently into observable size, and re-emitted in all directions as observable photons. That explanation has now been done, based on the important work of Dr. Evans which does model the input of the virtual state energy.

This source charge problem has been called by Sen and others the “most difficult problem in quantal and classical electrodynamics”. Now it is amenable to resolution.

That also shows another great impact on all of science. The charge continuously consumes positive entropy (disordered energy) in the virtual state, coherently integrates it, and re-emits ordered energy (real photons). Further, the resulting EM fields and potentials are ordered as a function of radial distance. Hence every charge in the universe continuously produces negative entropy, and the original charges have been doing so for some 17 billion years. The use of engines as precursors to forces and material dynamics, thus opens an exciting vista for the environmentalists: the vision of a new kind of engineering in science and the electrical power industry: negentropic engineering that will replace the old entropic engineering that has so sorely poisoned our planet and damaged our biosphere.

As you can see, there is a science of the future, desperately trying to get born at present. To be born, however, there must exist a growing recognition and use of higher group symmetry electrodynamics and a unified field theory that is engineerable by these unusual electrodynamic means. Evans' work provides exactly what is needed to allow this great new revolution in science to be born.

The continued assembly and publication of these collected papers of Dr. Evans in textbook form is therefore strongly urged.. This is work of such continued and unheralded importance that it simply must be done. There is a myriad of other sciences and technologies waiting out there, that have long been stymied because of the present inadequate EM models.

The greatest contribution to science, and to all humanity, that I can think of, is the drawing together of these papers so the work is available to our scientists and especially to those sharp young graduate students and post doctoral scientists that are going to shape the science of the future.

(Slightly edited from the original)

Maxwell’s original theory is 20 equations in 20 unknowns. The theory was later truncated by Maxwell himself on the insistence of his editor, and then particularly by Heaviside, Gibbs, and Hertz after Maxwell’s death.

They were further symmetrically regauged by Lorentz, resulting in greater limitation and discard of all asymmetrical Maxwellian systems.

see James Clerk Maxwell, “A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field,” Roy. Soc. Trans., Vol. CLV, 1865, p 459. Read Dec. 8, 1864. Also in The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell, 2 vols. bound as one, ed. W. D. Niven, Dover, New York, 1952, Vol. 1, p. 526-597.  Two errata are given on the unnumbered page prior to page 1 of Vol. 1.  His general equations of the electromagnetic field are given in Part III, General Equations of the Electromagnetic Field, p. 554-564.  On p. 561, he lists his 20 variables.  On p. 562, he summarizes the different subjects of the 20 equations, being three equations each for magnetic force, electric currents, electromotive force, electric elasticity, electric resistance, total currents; and one equation each for free electricity and continuity.  In the paper, Maxwell adopts the approach of first arriving at the laws of induction and then deducing the mechanical attractions and repulsions.