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Background of Antoine Prioré and L’Affaire Prioré

Ó Tom Bearden 2001

Compiled from information received from the late Christopher Bird


Dedication: This short paper is dedicated to the memory of the late Chris Bird, a noted researcher, colleague, and stalwart friend who first acquainted me with the Prioré affair and with the remarkable results that were obtained by Prioré and his associates. Some months prior to his passing, Chris gave me most of his most important Prioré file, including the thesis submitted by Prioré to the University of Bordeaux (the actual document itself). We sorely miss his booming voice and ever cheerful encouragement.

We also express our deep thanks to my colleague Alain Beaulieu for translating the Prioré thesis and several other important French documents dealing with the Prioré affair.

We further reiterate our remembrances to Bob Whitney and Frank Golden, when we tried so hard to revive the Prioré machine and work while Prioré was still alive. For our efforts we were resoundingly suppressed. God willing, your efforts will yet prove to have been worthwhile. At least we have finally deciphered the exact mechanism by which the Prioré machine was able to accomplish its astonishing cures. We shall continue striving to see that the Prioré work has not been in vain, and that at some point the scientific community accepts and uses the fact that Prioré had discovered how to time-reverse the treated diseased cells back to a previous healthy cell state.

  1. Antoine Prioré was born in Italy. He graduated from a small provincial school for electricity in Trieste, Italy and became a radar technician and operator in the Italian Navy. By some manner he became a prisoner of the Germans (apparently after Italy left the war in WW II), and was moved as a forced laborer for the Nazi to the vicinity of the submarine base in Bordeaux, France.

  2. When it became obvious the Germans were losing the war and were preparing to leave, Prioré realized he would be killed. He approached a French police agent to plead for his life. That police officer worked clandestinely for the French underground. He put Prioré in his car and drove him out of the base to safety. He took Prioré to the nearby province of Dordogne, and introduced him to the 7th Battalion of French underground resistance fighters. Prioré distinguished himself in military operations and was eventually decorated by the French Government.

  3. Thankful to the French for saving his life, and loyal to his French companions-in-arms, Prioré decided after the war to live in Bordeaux. He was encouraged by his French resistance friends such as Jacques Chaban-Delmas who later rose to become the French Prime Minister.

  4. For some time Prioré worked as an electrical repairman and did research on exposing plants, etc. to EM radiation.

  5. Prioré was introduced to Francis Berlureau, former Director of Studies at the School for Veterinary Medicine in Toulouise, and director of the Bordeaux abbatoir at the time. He worked together with Berlureau for some 10 years. He noticed effects on a cancerous bull’s testicles, then began exposing various animals such as cats to the radiations of his early apparatus. The histological work was done by Professor Drieux at the famous Veterinarian School of Maisons-Allfort, near Paris. Drieux wrote a technical report proving that the cat’s cancer, developing before treatment, was benign after treatment.

  6. By 1953 Prioré began treating human patients whose cancers had been judged hopeless. Fournier maintained a huge file of such human cases, but the file later was mysteriously lost. Nonetheless, Prioré cured cases of a malignant form of Hodgkin’s disease, a case of cancer of the larynx, etc.

  7. Attempts to interest leading Bordeaux physicists and leading cancer experts in the results of the new approach were laughed off or dismissed with stony silence.

  8. Prioré’s response was to build a new and more complicated version of his treatment device. Secretly he treated dozens of hopeless cancer patients. At Prioré’s funeral, a small platoon of mourners was composed of the now-older people who had been cured of their terrible afflictions by Prioré in the late 1950s.

  9. He was introduced to Professor Tayeau, vice dean of Bordeaux’s Medical Faculty, in latter 1959—early 1960. Prioré was sent to Biraben, head of the Faculty’s Department of Pathological Anatomy, and his assistant, Delmon. To their utter surprise, grafted T-8 tumors in animals subsequently treated with Prioré’s machine were reduced by 60%, a first in the history of cancerology.

  10. The mayor of Bordeaux, who later became prime minister of France, was Jacques Chaban-Delmas. He was a fellow resistance fighter and very interested in Prioré’s work. Chaban-Delmas invoked two commissions of Bordeaux and Parisian scientists to study the Biraben-Delmon results in detail. Both commissions rejected Prioré and his machine offhandedly. Biraben and Delmon could not explain the nature of the radiations from Prioré’s machine. A certain professor Lachapele on the first commission was ever an ardent foe of the Prioré method, dismissing the results offhand because the tumors were grafted. His view prevailed. Neither of the commissions interviewed Prioré himself, nor did they run an experiment under their own control.

  11. Biraben and Delmon continued their experiments, achieving unequivocal and complete success, but because of the political climate in the medical community, did not publish these outstanding results. Biraben, e.g., was told he could either get his degree or publish his research, but not both. Biraben and Delmon finally published a memoir in the Revue of Comparative Pathology. But a vicious campaign to destroy the Prioré work and suppress it was already underway.

  12. Other persons involved with L’affair Prioré were: Professor Guerin, at the cancer institute at Villejuif (equivalent to the American National Cancer Institute in Bathesda, Maryland). Buerin was a co-discoverer of the T-8 tumor. Guerin assigned his colleague Marcel-René Riviére to delve into the entire question. Reviére confirmed the Biraben-Delmon findings. A note was sent for publication in the Proceedings of the French Academy of Science. Reviére also tested the Prioré Ray against other types of tumors, achieving spectacular results.

  13. Robert Courrier, an eminent endocrinologist still in his 30s, a full professor, and Secrétaire Perpétuel to the Academy of Sciences and head of the biology section (and later to become President of the Academy of Medicine), took up the cudgel to interest high French scientists and scientific agencies. The CNRS director took offense because Prioré was essentially self-taught and not academically credentialed. Others did not understand anything at all about the machine’s operation. To Bordeaux, Courrier sent his trusted assistant Madame Colonge, to repeat Riviére’s experiments under her personal supervision. A physicist sent to examine the machine could make "neither heads nor tails" of its operation. There is little wonder! The Prioré machine involved a dramatic extension to present nonlinear phase conjugate optics (NLO) before NLO was even born! It also involved a dramatic extension to both U(1) electrodynamics and to general relativity. It is also little wonder that Prioré, who discovered the process by intuition and by trial and error, could not explain the operation of his own machine or the mechanism by means of which the cures were accomplished by the "ray" emitted by his device. In fact, the best physicists in France could not comprehend or explain the mechanism whereby such spectacular results were produced by Prioré's machine when used to treat patients with non-ionizing EM radiation from it.

  14. On May 1, 1965, Robert Courrier formally presented the astounding Prioré results to the assembled French Academy of Science. He was met with stony silence. A leading cancer specialist even stalked out of the assembly hall in full view. No serious discussion among the scientists present at the meeting ever took place.

  15. Controversy and research continued, in the midst of a raging controversy over "l’Affair Prioré".

  16. Prioré’s sister in Italy then came down with cancer. Prioré issued an ultimatum to his associates to build the bigger machine he needed, so that he could save his sister’s life. Conventional engineers repeatedly changed Prioré’s design, thinking many components unnecessary, etc. and causing machine failures. Prioré’s sister died (mid-60s) before the machine could be finished because of these unnecessary setbacks. A grief-stricken Prioré went into isolation, unwilling to talk to anyone.

  17. In early 1967, Professor Raymond Pautrizel entered the picture. At 40, Pautrizel was an eminent parasitologist, on the Faculty of Medicine at Bordeaux, and soon became known worldwide as the "father of parasitological immunity." Pautrizel was awarded the first academic chair in France for immunology, and later headed a special unit on parasitological immunology. [This subject is of particular significance to the study of AIDS, because it deals also with the continual adaptation and genetic change of the invading parasites and agents.] Pautrizel specialized on a particularly lethal parasite, the trypanosome family (which causes sleeping sickness, equine syphilis, and other afflictions). Pautrizel was one of the first scientists to recognize and utilize ambivalence in biological drugs. Pautrizel also noticed that the Prioré ray was not killing the tumor cells, and therefore must be doing something else instead. Pautrizel personally persuaded the distraught Prioré to return to work.

  18. From 1966 on, many papers were published on the results of applying the Prioré technique to various animals and diseases. The results continued to be revolutionary.

  19. Another scientist-ally of Prioré’s was Pierette Chateau-Reynaud Duprat. Over the years she worked with the Prioré method, showing that the Prioré ray had no direct effect on the trypanosomes themselves but stimulated and reinforced the defense mechanism of the infested organisms. [No one knew to investigate the regenerative system of the body, poorly understood and using the very kind of infolded EM extension to NLO that Prioré’s ray used.] The ray was shown to cause the rejection of both allografts and isografts, so that the machine affected not only the defense mechanisms of the organism but also the recognition system. The original P-1 (Prioré 1) machine affected cellular defense mechanisms. The second machine, P-2, seemed to act not on the cellular but on the humoral defense mechanisms.

  20. Prioré himself also cured cases of malaria and also tuberculosis in humans, but apparently did not publish these results.

  21. Biologist André Lwoff went from an ardent skeptic to an admirer and supporter of Prioré’s work, because of the undisputed results. His favorable opinion of the Prioré results prevailed in a DRME report on the matter, which was classified for some years. A synthesis of the report was published in November 1979 by Herbert Gossot, Secretary General for the French Association for Bioelectromagnetism. Its title was, "A Scientific Balance Sheet on the Prioré Ray." It reports that two physicists who studied the machine in detail favorably correlated the machine’s ray to the results produced, and confirmed the biological efficacy of Prioré’s device. The two physicists were named Bottreau and Berteau. In their note to L’Academie, they were not allowed to even use the names of the laboratories where they worked, which were (1) the CNRS Magnetic Laboratory at Bellevue near Paris, and (2) the Laboratory of Ultra-Hertzian Optics and Talence near Bordeaux.

  22. Eventually the French Government backed the construction of a more powerful Prioré device. Professor Courrier had also sent a report on Pautrizel’s behalf to the Nobel Committee in 1979. The M-600 machine was built but its huge tube functioned only about a week before it exploded. Meanwhile Pautrizel, working with a smaller machine, verified the utility of the Prioré Ray on atherosclerosis. Rebuilding the M-600 went slowly. The machine weighed some 50 tons and required 3-1/2 stories to contain it. The pyrex tube was 60 cm in diameter and 6 meters tall. It imploded twice and was replaced each time. The coil which generated the DC-pulsed magnetic field weighed 5.5 tons and had 11 miles of copper wire. During the week or 10 days that the machine was in operation, the results were formidable. The results were presented in notes to the Academy of Sciences by Pautrizel and his team in 1978.

  23. Pautrizel then came under suppression himself, with funds being pulled, postings being denied, etc. Pautrizel eventually became so emotionally overwrought that he gave up his medical career and retired and gave himself over to alcohol. Every one of the collaborators of Pautrizel saw their careers put in jeopardy, compromised, or broken.

  24. About this time Prioré's doctoral thesis, backed by both Pautrizel and Nobel Laureate André Lwoff himself, was summarily refused by the President of the University of Bordeaux.

  25. In 1977 Professor Georges Dubourg urged Prioré to treat human cancer patients and jolt the medical establishment. Pautrizel contacted Courrier, who gave the green light. A few terminal cancer patients whose immune defense systems had been disastrously weakened by chemotherapy or radiation or both, were treated. At least one was totally cured. The others lived, without pain, for much longer than predicted by standard prognosis. The results were submitted to the French Academy of Medicine for publication – and were rejected.

  26. Pautrizel in final desperation turned to a journalist, Jean-Michel Graille, to tell the story. Graille researched for four years, publishing three long articles in Sud-Ouest France, and finally a book, Dossier Priore: Une Nouvelle Affaire Pasteur. [The Prioré Dossier: A New Pasteur Affair?] De Noel, Paris, 1984. [in French].

  27. From 1965 to 1980, the Prioré project spent about 20 million francs. Results were positively demonstrated, many of them sensational.

  28. Prioré suffered a debilitating stroke or similar complication in 1981 and died in May 1983 after a lengthy debilitated period.

  29. Admiral Pierre Emeury, conseiller scientifique de la presidence, discovered L’Affaire Prioré. His inquest led him to conclude that the Prioré discovery was the most important medical discovery of the entire century.

  30. The suppression of such a revolutionary discovery, even though its technical methodology was not understood, remains one of the heinous examples of scientific dogma blocking highly innovative research and results. Untold millions of human lives would have been saved had science and government acted along scientific lines.


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Comment: Lymphosarcoma is a malignant lymphoma (malignant tumor of lymph or lymph-like tissue) that tends to metastasize freely and spread throughout the body. It easily leads to the condition of lymphomatosis, which is the presence of multiple lymphomas in the body, including wide distribution through the various organs, lymph tissue, and tissue resembling lymph tissue. A lymphoblast is a cell giving rise to lymphocytes, the colorless weakly motile cells produced in lymphoid tissue and include the cellular mediators of immunity, constituting some 20 to 30 percent of the leukocytes (white blood cells) of normal human blood. In effect the experimenters have healed a transplanted condition that represents a serious leukemia.

Riviere, M. R. and M. Guerin. (1966) "Nouvelles recherches effectuées chez des rats porteurs d'un lymphosarcome lymphoblastique soumis à l'action d'ondes électromagnétiques associées à des champs magnétiques." [New research on rats having lymphoblastic lymphosarcoma, submitted to the action of electromagnetic waves associated with magnetic fields.] Compt. Rend. Acad. Sci. (Paris), Vol. 262, 1966, p. 2669-2672. Again, in effect the experimenters have healed a condition that represents a serious leukemia.


Rorvik, David M. (1975) "Do the French Have a Cure for Cancer?" Esquire, July 1975, p. 110-11, 142-149. Summary of the Prioré Affair and electromagnetic curing of diseases by the Prioré machine – including terminal tumors and infectious diseases such as sleeping sickness – with some details of the working of the machine.

Bearden, T. E. (1997) Energetics of Free Energy Systems and Vacuum Engine Therapies. Tara Publishing, Internet node, July 1997 (the site is possibly now no longer online). This book summarizes the author’s work in two areas: (i) overunity electromagnetic circuits and systems, and (ii) the Prioré medical therapy and the technical mechanism (pumping cells and all their parts in the infolded EM domain to cause the cell to form anti-disease vacuum engines).

Bearden, T. E. (1997) "Energetics Update and Summary," Part I, Explore, 7(6), 1997, p. 60-67; Part II, Explore, 7(7), 1997, p. 53-56; Part III, Explore, 8(1), 1997, p. 53-56; Part IV, Explore, 8(3), 1997, p. 56-63. Summary to date (1997) of the author’s energy work in overunity EM systems, together with a summary to date of his work on the Prioré therapeutic methodology utilizing vacuum engines to cure cancer, dread infections, atheriosclerosis, and to restore suppressed immune systems.

Bearden, T. E. (1997-2001) Collection of various draft research papers and write-ups. Strongly updates and significantly expands version of work in 1998 and prior. Pumping any mass with longitudinal EM waves produces time-reversal of the pumped mass, and the mechanism and results must be interpreted by a combination of extended nonlinear optics for time domain pumping and general relativity. The correspondent to the NLO input "signal wave" in this case is the spacetime internested curvatures (the spacetime engine, or vacuum engine) associated with the pumped mass and all its parts, including even the quarks in its nucleons. The output is an amplified specific vacuum anti-engine, that precisely reverses the mass (either living or inert) back over its previous changes of 3-spatial form with respect to the flow of time. This is the fundamental mechanism utilized by the body's Regeneration and Recovery (R&R) system, within its limitations. The Prioré approach used a far more powerful application of the body's method by which the R&R system is able to slowly reverse cellular damage back to a previous earlier healthy state. The author has also extended the method by inputting an additional vacuum engine, so that time-reversal of the mass can be "steered" into any related form desired, whether or not the mass ever previously existed in that 3-spatial state. Eventually, we will probably produce a book from these research draft papers.

Bearden, T. E. (1995) "Vacuum Engines and Prioré's Methodology: The True Science of Energy-Medicine. Parts I and II." Explore!, 6(1), 1995, p. 66-76; 6(2), 1995, p. 50-62. Background and light technical coverage of Prioré's work and methodology. For the educated layman.

Bearden, T .E. (1993) "Mechanism for Long-Term Cumulative Biological Effects of EM Radiation," presented to the 70th Annual Meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science, University of Alabama at Huntsville, March 25, 1993. Presents a new definition of cancer, and a long-term cumulative mechanism for cancer incorporating all contributing factors. Cancer is often a result of the body's electrical master cellular control system sending an order (a vacuum engine) to the most affected cells (in a long condition of hypoxic stress) to dedifferentiate back toward anaerobic cells, from their dim ancestry on the primeval earth. Explains in depth how the Prioré method causes an amplified counterorder (an amplified vacuum anti-engine) to be issued, redifferentiating the cancerous cell back to a normal cell. Note added: This entire engine-antiengine area and functioning can be adequately modeled in Evans' O(3) electrodynamics as a subset of Sachs' unified field theory.

Bearden, T. E. (1998) Letter to General (Retired) Walter Busbee, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Counterproliferation and Chemical/Biological Defense, Subject: "Saving the Lives of Mass BW Casualties from Terrorist BW Strikes on U.S. Population Centers," April 2, 1998, 36 p. Explains that longitudinal EM wave pumping in the Prioré device was time-domain pumping. Viewed general relativistically, this temporal pumping produced a time-reversal of the entire cellular mass and all its components, from its diseased state back to a previous healthy state. Advances an extension to the method which allows the targeted "past" state to be deliberately determined as desired, whether or not the pumped mass ever possessed that physical state. Proposes a crash project to develop a portable Prioré-type treatment unit in 18 months, to be used in treatment of mass casualties after terrorist BW attacks on U.S. population centers. 36 p. Two color briefings and substantial background material were attached to the letter. The color briefing on weapons of mass destruction and treating the mass casualties, is now carried on .

Bearden, T. E. (1998) Executive Summary, "Saving the Lives of Mass BW Casualties in Our Population Centers," Mar. 31, 1998. 2 p.