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Spark of Life”

From "Stranger than Science"

by Frank Edwards © 1959, 1987

Did an obscure amateur scientist discover the spark of life? Did Andrew Crosse accidentally stumble upon a mixture of chemicals and electricity which produced living things from a lifeless compound?  If he did not, then just what did he accomplish?  The record of his work is clear, only the enigma of the results remains to plague science.

The neighbors of Andrew Crosse regarded him as more devil than man. They did not understand the bright flashes that lighted his laboratory windows at night when he was tinkering with his crude electrical devices. Not only was he dreaded and shunned as "the thunder and lightning man," but he was denounced as an atheist, a blasphemer, and a Frankenstein who had best be put in chains for the common safety.

Andrew Crosse minded his own business, it is true, but his was a very strange business for the early 1800's. And one of his experiments remains a very strange business to this day.

Andrew was an enthusiastic amateur experimenter in the new field of electricity. Out of touch with others in the same work, he labored under the double handicap of not knowing what had already been done - and of not understanding what he was doing himself. Yet it may have been this very lack of knowledge which led him to undertake the experiments which were to inscribe his name, however faintly, in the annals of science.

He decided to induce the development of artificial crystals by subjecting chemicals to prolonged exposure to weak electrical currents. Andrew mixed up some silicate of potash and hydrochloric acid and into this he dropped a fistsized chunk of oxide of iron. By inducing the current from a small battery to trickle through the solution to the oxide of iron, he hoped to bring about the growth of artificial crystals of silica.

Having arranged this combination of chemicals and current, Andrew set it aside and went back to his favorite pastime of studying the spark-gap - the flashes which alarmed his neighbors.

Did he accidentally stumble upon an arrangement which created life from inorganic matter?

In a paper which he wrote for the London Electrical Society in that same year of 1837, Andrew set down this account of his experience.

He wrote "On the fourteenth day after the commencement of this experiment, I observed through a small magnifying lens a few small whitish specks clustered around the middle of the electrified stone. Four days later these specks had doubled in size and had struck out six or eight fine filaments around each speck . . . the filaments longer than the hemisphere from which they projected.

"On the 26th day of the experiment, the objects assumed the form of perfect insects, standing erect on the bristles which they were growing. Although I regarded this as most unusual I attached no singular significance to it until two days later, the 28th day of the experiment, when the magnifying lens showed that these things were moving their legs. I must say now that I was quite astonished. After a few more days they detached themselves from the stone and moved about through the caustic acid solution.

"In the course of a few weeks more than a hundred of them made their appearance on the oxide of iron. Under a microscope I examined them and found that the smaller ones had six legs, the larger ones had eight. Others who have examined them pronounced them to be of the genus acari, but some say they are an entirely new species.

"I have never ventured an opinion on the cause of their birth for the reason that I have never been able to form one. I thought they might have been airborne creatures that had drifted into the liquid and prospered, but later experiments with closed vessels, in which the ingredients had been purified by baking in the oven, produced identical creatures; therefore, I suggest that they must originate in the electrified liquid by some process unknown to me."

Andrew Crosse realized that he was walking a tightrope before the top scientists of his day. He was describing an experience foreign to their accepted understanding and therefore he was inviting ridicule. He did not have long to wait. Cries of fraud and hoax engulfed him. He and his alleged insects were denounced as nothing more than humbugs.

Amid all the furor that his announcement had created, Crosse stood alone and helpless. Even other scientists who had duplicated his tests with similar results kept their silence.

All but one. That voice was raised in his defense and it was such a powerful voice that none dared challenge it; for it belonged to the great Michael Faraday. At last Crosse had found his champion.

Michael FaradayFaraday reported to the Royal Institution that he too had experienced development of these little creatures in the course of his experiments. But he added that he could not decide whether they had been created in the sterile solutions or brought back to life by the electricity! Either development would have constituted a milestone in scientific advance, as Faraday realized, but he left it to his fellow scientists to make the decision, if any.

Crosse never claimed to have discovered anything. He was merely reporting what had happened. After the attacks upon him subsided, he retired to his home in the Quontock hills for many more happy years among his test tubes and batteries.

Although he spent his long life as a humble searcher after scientific truths, the contribution for which he is remembered is the controversy over his acari - unwanted then, and unexplained to this day.

Genus Acari

Genus Acari

Tom Bearden comments (finalized and slightly updated in March 2001).

It is difficult to make an understandable comment on the business of life, because presently scientists have not the foggiest notion what mind, being, life, death, time, etc. are. For that matter, they don't really know what matter and energy and charge are either. In the scheme of things, our modern "science" is only about three hundred years old, and that's a snap of the finger in even just the existence of this world. Much of modern science still considers the mind as a "meat computer", or just the physical electrodynamic activity of the brain, etc. Materialism has not died, even though quantum mechanics essentially wiped it out decades ago, and the old concept of "mass" as something hard, permanent, and "material" has also long since vanished. One is referred to the works of Max Jammer to see what the present view of "mass" is. Also, without looking up the references again, recent experiments with quarks and gluons wound up with experiments in which it mattered not a whit whether one considered the mass as zero or nonzero. Nature, it seems, does not have to play by our usual "either-or" rules. In physics, of course, this is the duality problem, which to this day has not been resolved because attempts to resolve it have applied Aristotelian logic -- and there is no solution to the problem of "opposites being identical" in that logic, which forbids that very thing by authoritarianism.

The modern biogenesis experiments, e.g., never took place in the absence of life. There was no "statistical generation of living or quasi-living forms" in the absence of engines for such forms. The great rush of Poynting energy flow around the earth, generally parallel to the equator, alone carries the "engines" (internal sets of spacetime curvatures) for every form of life that ever existed upon the earth. So the experiments were bathed in "living forms and dynamics", if one accounts for the internal Whittaker-structuring of electrodynamics -- noted but ignored by our scientists for nearly 100 years.

Quite some time ago, we worked out the nature of mind, and the mind-matter coupling mechanism (which is engineerable).  We did that in pursuit of the mechanisms in the KGB/Russian psychoenergetics weapon work. I had the last of a 3-part article published in "Explore", dealing briefly with mind control technology both the way it is probably done clandestinely in this country and how it is done by the KGB/Russians.  I'm still trying to get the proper parties to believe it; not much progress. However, some very neat information has been released on the Internet that very probably reveals why officially there is no interest.  It's because three decades ago some of our "spooky folks" found (in deep hypnosis experiments) that humans are inordinately sensitive to extremely low-level EM signals and fields.  Even though no detection or sensation may rise to the conscious level, the unconscious (which is totally conscious, just massively parallel rather than serial) does sense these signals.  Voila! It would appear that "very deep black" parts of the community probably developed quite good mind influence and mind and behavior control or interference using techniques adapted from that work. The reader must always remember that just because the overt government does not know something or have something, does not at all mean that the covert government doesn't have it. And even in the covert government, there are layers within layers. So there, even when the upper levels do not have something, it still does not mean that the deeper levels do not have it. The problem with the best knowledge and technology, when unknown to the upper covert levels and the overt level, is that it is then quite likely to be subverted into the deepest levels, which may have their own agendas and may not report to the duly elected U.S. government at all. Indeed, such levels often assume that the President himself does not have a "need to know".

Present physics has erroneously omitted the time increment carried by the photon. The overemphasis on the so-called transverse wave (which does not exist as such in vacuum, fairly readily shown) has led to our missing the greatest and most important part of electrodynamics: the longitudinally polarized EM wave and the time-polarized EM wave. For example, mind and mind operations are totally electromagnetic, but use time-polarized EM waves rather than the standard stuff. Overtly we do not even have detectors for LPWs and TPWs yet; the Russians do. However, every major weapons lab on earth now is aware of longitudinal EM waves and their powerful characteristics. Simply read some of the summary material on Undistorted Progressive Waves (UPWs) on the Los Alamos National Laboratory website, e.g. by Rodrigues et al. A UPW is an "imperfect" longitudinal EM wave with some remaining transverse wave residue (that is the way it is modeled).

Let me give you one example of how fouled we are. We still use Aristotelian logic primarily. Yet it is an incomplete logic. Let me show you instantly. Take the simple Venn diagram of a rectangle lying on its side, divided in half by a vertical line in the middle. Label the right rectangular area A. Label the left rectangular area "not-A". What is the line in the middle and the border? Both A and not-A, so that A is identical to not-A. Yet the third law (law of the excluded middle) forbids A identical to not-A. Apply the third law to the Venn diagram. The border disappears, and the middle dividing line disappears. The logic self-destructs, because now there is no separate A and no separate not-A. Yet so far as I can determine, no one seems to have seen that very simple thing and questioned it. Aristotelian logic cannot be applied to the very Venn diagrams used to establish and "prove by demonstration" its propositions. We corrected that nearly 20 years ago, and got called every kind of lunatic imaginable -- the usual reaction when something fundamentally wrong is pointed out in a comfortable part of the prevailing paradigm. These days I simply point to Morris Kline's "Mathematics: The Loss of Certainty" to the Aristotelians, and tell skeptics to go and read it and then we will discuss the foundations of logic. With a 5-law logic (or 4-law with an additional applications rule), one solves the "dividing line" problem nicely. Then suddenly things like spacetime and being and mind and nothing etc. can be solved -- in the 5-law logic, but never in the 3-law logic. The problem of life itself -- whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial -- has no solution in 3-law logic.

The entire method of Zen is to try to break up the iron Aristotelian bent of the conscious (serial processor) mind, and get into the far broader unconscious (totally conscious, massively parallel processor) mind. Few have done that. But one cannot present a 5-law solution to a 3-law processor; it just "does not compute". It's like putting a thousand slides at once on the normal "single slide at a time" projector. The "conscious mind" can see only a single slide at a time. So it just sees "black" or "nothing at all". That's why we "see" the "massively parallel conscious" mind as "unconscious"! It isn't. But it is a quite different form of consciousness which we all have.

Time is never observed, and no observable is a cause, a priori, because an observable is only a frozen, nonchanging 3-spatial "instant snapshot" and therefore the output of the observation process, while the causal input is what exists in 4-space prior to its interaction with the observation process. When one adds time and time dynamics to one's science, one moves far in front of much of present Western physics. E.g., physics has nearly hopelessly confused the causal side of the observation mechanism/process with the effect side, everywhere, throughout physics -- simply by assuming that observables persist in time -- a non sequitur since an observation is a frozen 3-space snapshot at one single instant.

And sadly, the physicists do not seem to have even realized it!. Not a single paper or text in the West, e.g., illustrates an EM wave in spacetime prior to its interaction with a unit point charge. E.g., simply check a fine editorial by Romer. Romer is the editor of American Journal of Physics, and we are referring to Robert H. Romer, "Heat is not a noun," American Journal of Physics, 69(2), Feb. 2001, p. 107-109; and specifically to his end note #24, p. 109. Romer takes to task "…that dreadful diagram purporting to show the electric and magnetic fields of a plane wave, as a function of position (and/or time?) that besmirch the pages of almost every introductory book. …it is a horrible diagram. 'Misleading' would be too kind a word; 'wrong' is more accurate." "…perhaps then, for historical interest, [we should] find out how that diagram came to contaminate our literature in the first place."

But in general physicists continue to charge on, confusing effect as cause. Electrodynamics, e.g., is particularly guilty of greatly confusing the two, which is really what is preventing a successful and engineerable unified field theory. Further, contemporary classical electrodynamicists do not calculate either the field or the potential; instead they calculate the reaction cross section of each, interacting with a unit point charge assumed out of nowhere. In short, they calculate how much is diverged from the actual field or potential, and then call that "little extracted part" the field or potential! Again, they mistake the causal entity existing before the interaction with the effect entity existing after the interaction. Well, after the interaction has occurred, that result is the effect, not the cause prior to interaction. Physics has this so hopelessly snarled that it will require 50 to 100 years before the journals and physics societies are likely to even realize it and admit it, and then it will require them another 50 years to straighten it out and purge this huge non sequitur from physics theory and modeling.

Anyway, we did model how mind and mind operations operate, including their precise nature, how they fit into all this, etc. We thus were able to resolve many previously unsolved riddles such as the nature of intent, how a space-less mind operation can generate a spatial input to a spatial body and vice versa, etc. We also worked out how to use "effects" systems to generate "causal" systems, completely independent of mass -- because the KGB has recently completed a completely different kind of weaponry based on this, and different from anything that has ever existed in the history of mankind (at least on this planet!). The Russians of course were already there; I got there much more crudely by intensely working on how to explain what they were doing.

To see that the effect can generate the cause, just consider the normal "forward time" observation process having to operate in a "time-reversed" process. You see, not only must we shift observers from frame to frame, but we must also be able to shift them from forward-time (of some conveniently chosen outside reference observer) to reversed time (of that same reference observer).

At any rate, it turns out that the entire universe is already "alive" in a very special sense. There is no death; there is mind (I use the term "mind" in the most general sense, not just the conscious mind which is merely a "periscope" put up and taken down from the unconscious). And mind is not a part of the brain, and it is indeed separated from body but intimately linked to it by the mind-body coupling dynamics. Further, any life that has "ever existed" still dynamically exists in a special kind of more fundamental electrodynamics infolded inside all normal EM fields, waves, and potentials. The Tibetans knew much of this very well, but of course in terms that our materialistic science rejects or completely fails to understand (as we stated, most of our scientists believe the human is a robot and the mind is simply the electrochemical reactions of a "meat computer"!).

Since ambient spacetime may be modeled as a special kind of "scalar" potential with intense energy density, it then decomposes into a series of bidirectional EM longitudinal wavepairs, a la Whittaker 1903, except one must use impulse waves so as to include the time dynamics part of spacetime, rather than forcefield 3-space type waves. The entire thing -- mind, life, matter, fields, waves, spacetime, etc. -- then becomes structurable and directly engineerable by novel EM means (such as the O(3) higher symmetry electrodynamics pioneered by Evans and Vigier). Longitudinal EM wave technology is the key to developing such mind-body coupling mechanisms and engineering of them, at all. One only gets the time-polarized EM wave technology after the LPW technology has "done its thing" -- the time-polarized technology is far and away the most powerful and primary.

Also, low frequency photons have far more energy than high frequency photons, if one includes the time component, since time is spatial energy compressed by c-squared and has the same energy density as mass. Time-energy (highly compressed spatial energy, compressed by c-squared but in the time domain rather than in 3-space) and spatial energy in the photon are canonical. As the frequency of the photon decreases, its spatial energy decreases also with the decreasing frequency. However, the time-energy component increases, and its compacted energy increases as the square of the time-component expressed in seconds. Hence at lower frequencies the total energy (sum of spatial energy and time energy) in the photon increases. Indeed, if one wishes to engineer gravitational effects, it is the low frequency photons (low ELF) that are important, because they have far and away more "spacetime curving energy" than high frequency photons such as gamma rays.

At least eight nations on earth now have longitudinal EM wave technology weapons to one extent or another. Several of them -- hostile to one another -- are using Western Australia as a convenient nearly uninhabited target range.

Anyway, when you come at the mind-body-life problem with that background (which unfortunately required more than 20 years of very hard work!) there appears to be no great difficulty in explaining the Faraday, Crosse, Fox, Miller, and Urey biogenesis experiments. And yes, there appears to be no difficulty in explaining the "appearance" of "life on earth" in the prebiotic soup. It did not really appear out of nowhere spontaneously at all, but simply was a sort of sympathetic resonant coupling of physical forms to mind-forms already there. None of the experimenters realized that the great Poynting energy flow (and one must add back in the missing Heaviside component which is some 10exp13 times larger than the accounted Poynting flow) around the earth parallel to the equator and from West to East, is already internally structured with every possible form of life ever in the universe anywhere. If we further multiply that Heaviside component by c-squared, so that we can account for the time-energy portion of that great energy flow, we can see immediately that life and its environment are both living and intercommuting all the while. The creator in fact created a living universe, not an inert one (as best we can speak it in the inadequate 3-law logic). If one believes in big bangs, then life structuring emerged right along in all the fields and waves and energy, right in and out of the big bang. There is not a single point in the universe anywhere that is absent of energy and therefore absent of life, in the view of the model I am using.

Understand, one does not have to agree with this model! That is one's own decision. We are just pointing out that, if we correct many of the errors known to be in the presently used models, this is the kind of reality that readily emerges. We get a physics that is not just an "inert" physics, but a living physics where literally the entire universe is "alive" in very special manner.

In deciphering (after 14 years!) the Priore mechanism, I found that incredibly the cellular regenerative system does retain the form and "memory" of all the precessor cellular forms. Cancer, in fact, is very often due to a direct "order" by that system to a cell (aerobic) to start back down the "chain" to an anaerobic cell, because of severe hypoxia and the sustained inability of the regenerative system to maintain the cell in aerobic form. It doesn't just send an "order", but sends a "precise set of spacetime curvature engines" that go to work on that cell and all its parts. The first major step back is to break it loose from centralized control of its growth -- whereupon we recognize it as a tumor cell. There are two requirements: (1) cellular damage, and (2) "promotion". Biologists do not really understand "promotion", because they do not understand the cellular regenerative systemwhich used time-polarized EM waves, and nonlinear optical pumping of the cell and all its parts in the TIME-energy domain rather than the SPATIAL energy domain. That sort of pumping creates an "antiengine" to its forward time engine resident in the sick cell, thereby time-reversing the cell and all its parts back to a previous state on the trail from the early anaerobic single cells to the present aerobic cells.

By the way, recent experiments in cloning are beginning to bear out the fallacy that exact electrochemical processes produce the same end physical results, particularly when the persistence of the created forms is examined. E.g., cloned rats may live half their lives in apparently normalcythen suddenly grow greatly obese and die. Many other anomalies are being uncovered in this fashion. The reason is quite simple: We have some diagrams  showing that one may introduce an additional "engine" to the pumping of a diseased or damaged cell (or a healthy one for that matter), and in the time-reversal process then induced, the "time-reversal" process will be diverted from the original trajectory. In short, the original full state will not be recovered. 

    This, we pointed out, is a second generation technology to be developed, where a disease or disorder must be treated and where also there was never a normal past state anyway. A case in point is birth defects, etc. Eventually, if the technology ever is allowed to be funded and developed, even those kinds of medical conditions will be treatable and curable. The point is that in cloning, one does not use the normal sperm cell and egg, without abnormal disruption. There is indeed an abnormal disruption -- and every such physical action or change and dynamics certainly involves an additional set of engines. In short, with present methods the cloned entity also has introduced into the equation an additional "engine". In the fertilization process, there is quite a jump back to a "time-reversed" situation (fertilization is the beginning of a physical embodiment, hence from two parts of an embodiment already in being, there is a rather dramatic "jump backwards"). The "normal" backwards jump of that kind is a normal fertilization of the egg by the sperm. Any change to that procedure, represents the insertion of an abnormal engine to be processed in that same "jump back". For the methods being used, it appears that the abnormal engines are sufficiently weak that, in the cloned animal, some time must expire in its lifetime before the impact of that little constant deviation from normal grows to become suddenly significant.

Indeed, all "living forms" are materialized from energy, but from both matter-energy and time-energy and the dynamics of the two. Natural processes include fertilization, birth, etc., but there is no technical reason whatsoever that the process cannot be direct and even directly engineerable. In this "expanded energy" sense, mind energy and dynamics can be engineered as well as body matter energy and dynamics.

To cinch the matter of "engineering living forms", I once participated in a accidental and unplanned experiment where Golden materialized living things. Not little bitty things, but big things. In my view we actually materialized thought forms, since much later we were able to piece together exactly what apparently engendered each part of the phenomena. There were multiple (scared) witnesses who prefer never to discuss it. The experiment also altered all the clocks in the area for four days before the "time-energy charge" we had inadvertently created dissipated. Let me just say that it really got my attention! We never repeated that experiment again. But the changes were substantial and the phenomena were substantial, and to this day I prefer not to discuss that experiment. It simply cannot be understood without the outline sketch we are speaking of, where one accounts for time-energy and dynamics as well as material energy and dynamics, and also for the coupling dynamics between the two.

Not only can one have a "material entity" or thing communicating with another "material entity" or thing, but one can also have a "mental thing" (time-domain thing with no spatial existence) communicating with a "material entity or thing" with only spatial existence, and vice versa. There is indeed a coupling two-way mechanism

Look at the so-called "physical form" -- which almost always one is speaking of as purely 3-space. Most scientists have not yet understood that a priori a piece of 3-dimensional mass as observed cannot even persist in time! Masstime exists in time, but "mass" is a frozen 3-spatial intersection of the spacetime entity. It is exactly comparable to a frozen frame in a movie film. The individual frame never has any existence except at a frozen moment in the slide projector. "Motion" and "movement" etc. involve the time domain a priori -- hence something without any time-component at all, cannot persist or even exist except at one frozen moment in time. Hence any observable existed in that single "observation slice" and at that "point in time" only. After all, a "point in time" is where time symmetry is broken or ceases. In short, it is a time-discontinuity. All observations are such time-discontinuities.

The SETI problem will not be solved, in my personal opinion (understand, I do not object at all if others do not see it this way) until a far greater and deeper understanding is reached by our modern physics. Forget communicating with "transverse" waves; longitudinal EM waves can travel at any velocity, limited only by how much "residue" of the normal EM wave junk is still hanging in there (how much "transverse EM wave noise" is still present. A pure LW moves at infinite velocity. As we suggested, simply download the Rodrigues and Lu papers carried on the Los Alamos National Laboratory Web site. It appears that now most major weapon labs have "discovered" the fact that there can be longitudinal EM waves, and some eight or so nations have developed weapons technology from such. If one has such technology, all the rest is obsolete.

For the skeptic, here is a statement made in 1997 by Dr. William Cohen, then Secretary of Defense:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

[Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.].

Any technological civilization that has not solved the fundamental "self-killer" problem of the technological species, must and will self-destruct. This follows from simple servo-mechanism theory, as we have previously pointed out. The KGB is working on a "solution" that is far along: engineer the entire human species quantum potential so that the human species can be turned into an "antlike" species, which of course would be the "ideal" communist state, in the minds of many Communist party theoreticians. Our guys haven't even got started on engineering the quantum potential yet. They have not yet even discovered the big ball park, let alone the big ball game.

Anyway, that is just some comments for your personal information. What really is happening in the "hidden weapons" area and "hidden weapons science area" is already so advanced in some quarters that science fiction pales by comparison. The real question is whether we shall survive very much longer, and whether we shall mature rapidly enough to begin to use these technologies for the benefit of humanity, rather than for its destruction.

Tom Bearden

Additional Comments from Tom dated 9 July, 2001