The Tom Bearden


The things we must include in a legitimate theory of overunity EM devices are these:

  1. how the EM system is caused to operate as an open system not in thermodynamic equilibrium,
  2. the source of the excess energy,
  3. the process even an ad hoc construction by which the excess energy enters the system and is collected for further use,
  4. the process by which we avoid using half the excess energy to destroy the source dipole, thus avoiding forcing the system back into overall equilibrium and COP £ 1.0,
  5. where in normal electrodynamics such open dissipative EM systems were discarded, and how they were discarded,
  6. what has to be done to the normal EM theory to restore the discarded open dissipative systems again,
  7. what known processes in physics already have been shown to produce overunity,
  8. other overunity processes that have been suggested or uncovered,
  9. some indication of what should be done to perform appropriate research and develop legitimate overunity systems, and
  10. where possible, discuss selected systems which have been independently tested and verified to produce overunity, at least sometimes. The cold fusion experiments, Patterson's cell, the fiber optics fuse, lasing without population inversion, anti-Stokes emission, Sweet's vacuum triode amplifier, Kron's negative resistor, Chung's negative resistor, negative absorption of the medium, resonance absorption, the Kawai engine, Moray's radiant energy amplifier, Tesla's energy shuttling in his patented circuits, Lawandy's replicable experiment published in Nature, Watson's 8 kW generator, one or more of Bedini's generators, and a generator built by Frank Golden are examples of legitimate overunity power systems and/or processes. The simplest of all free energy generators is simply a charged capacitor laid across a permanent magnet so that the E-field of the capacitor is at right angles to the H-field of the magnet. That silly thing just sits there and pours out Poynting energy, given by E´ H, continuously. The trick is, how do you intercept, collect, and use that free energy flow in a practical circuit, one where you do not pump all the spent electrons back through the source dipole, destroying it?