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niversity of Moscow Scientists tested Over-Unity devices in 1930s

  E.g., see L Mandelstam. [L.I. Mendel'shtam], N. Papalexi, A. Andronov, S. Chaikin and A. Witt, "Report on Recent Research on Nonlinear Oscillations," Translation of "Expose Des Recherches Recentes Sur Les Oscillations Non Lineaires," Technical Physics of the USSR, Leningrad, Vol. 2, 1935, p. 81-134.  NASA Translation Doc. TTF-12,678, Nov. 1969.  

In the 1930s Russian scientists at the University of Moscow and supporting agencies developed and tested parametric oscillator generators exhibiting COP > 1.0.  The theory, results, pictures, etc. are in both the Russian and French literature, with many references cited in this particular translation.  Apparently the work was never resurrected after WW II.  



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Excerpted from "On Extracting Electromagnetic Energy from the Vacuum," IC-2000, by Tom Bearden.