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1970 Class - Georgia Tech. M.S. Nuclear Engineering

Tom writes: that 1970 photo is not the GRADUATING class I was in. The nuclear engineering dept was small, so usually they put everyone in the photo that was in the program that year, regardless of whether he was graduating or not. 

(Tom is the one in the check shirt and sunglasses at the back left)


1971 Graduating Class - Georgia Tech. M.S. Nuclear Engineering

Back Row

J. J. Shonka, Dr. R. J. Johnson, B. E. Hunt, J. H. Jackson, D. Y. Pitts, I. L. Shuman, J. A. Auxier, Mrs. P. Frost, J. A. Blink, Mrs. L. S. Geeslin, Dr. J. R. Williams, J. A. Campisi, Dr. J. H. Rust, T. E. Bearden, P. G. Sarafian.