The Tom Bearden


Energy, Observations and Comments
  1. A Conservative Field Requires a Single-Valued Potential
  2. Earth-Electrosphere and Earth-Ionosphere Capacitors
  3. Earth's Poynting Energy Flow
  4. The Hidden Energy Flow around us
  5. Electrostatic Fields of the Earth's Electrosphere Capacitor in Fair Weather and Thunderstorms
  6. Flow of Current and Energy Into, Through, and Along a Conductor
  7. Energy "collected" on a charge
  8. Fiber Fuse Effect
  9. Impact of Vacuum Engineering
  10. Lawandy's Experiment
  11. Field may be nonconservative for a multivalued potential
  12. The Ostrich Problem - Part 1
  13. The Ostrich Problem - Part 2
  14. Russia had Overunity Devices in 1930s
  15. Energy output of human body
  16. A "static" Poynting S-flow free-energy generator
  17. Topology and Energy Conservation
  18. Block Diagram: Sweet's Vacuum Triode