Afghan War to condition them for performance of merciless acts.13

Potential U.S. Rogue Groups and Two Recent Examples

    Meanwhile, rogue groups amongst Western clandestine mind control researchers will probably arise if they have not already done so.  They will likely seek to increase their personal control and further isolate the programs from orthodox government review and from government and legislative control.  They may even divert the research into highly illegal and unethical means, because it furthers their own rogue agendas.  That is how clandestine U.S. government research can sometimes go sour, unless great care is exercised by the oversight committees in the House and the Senate. 
    Sometimes when rogue groups do gain control and total secrecy of a given new technological area, then what appears to be "U.S. government operations" do start to encompass a criminal and unethical operations, hidden usually beneath the deep veil of high classification.  Also, if it's "scientific," no one is ever brought to justice, even if the "evil science actions" are uncovered and publicly revealed. 

We Certainly Have Proof of Such Rogue Activity.  For Example, Here are Two Prominent Cases:

  1. For three decades, scientists from the U.S. government, universities, and civilian contractors secretly conspired to treat unsuspecting human patients with whole body nuclear radiation, including some retarded children and cancer patients.  Some of those patients—including some of the retarded children—died as a result.  These illegal experiments were conducted in great secrecy, and the results were highly classified.  Eventually these actions were revealed, and a Presidential investigation committee investigated.  These experiments would seem to be little different from the WWII Nazi and Japanese experiments on human prisoners.  Are those U.S. scientists who were responsible for those retarded children's' deaths any different from the Nazi scientists and criminals we executed at Nuremberg?  So what happened when this terrible thing finally came out into the open?  President Clinton publicly apologized! How many of the responsible scientists were indicted for murder?  Not one.  None is ever going to be. 
    Suppose a doctor here in South Alabama, with his own private clinic, had secretly irradiated those human patients and retarded children with whole body nuclear radiation, over a period of 30 years, resulting in some agonizing deaths.  How many state and federal agencies would have come after him with arrest warrants?  Probably about 50 or so.  Would he have been indicted, tried, convicted, and executed or sent to prison for life?  Absolutely! Would the President of the United States have apologized?  Not on your life; he would have turned it over to the U.S. Attorney General with a strong directive to investigate and prosecute on criminal charges. 

  2. Again for three decades, scientists from (i) the U.S. Government, (ii) universities, and (iii) civilian contractors conspired to give poor syphilitic blacks in Tuskegee, Alabama a placebo while ostensibly treating them for syphilis.  The purpose of the program was to deliberately observe and record the ravages of the disease to its fruition in their wracked bodies.  So the scientists deliberately sat there and watched their brains rot and their bodies rot.  They kept meticulous notes, of course.  It was very scientific.  And it was macabre.  They "treated" some 400 blacks in the "program."  Over 100 blacks died

as a result of those ghoulish experiments.  So what happened when this gruesome thing was revealed?  Again President Clinton publicly apologized!  The head of the Executive Branch did not turn the macabre matter over to his Attorney General to prosecute.  How many of these scientists were indicted?  Not one.  How many are going to be indicted?  Not one.  Suppose again this had been done by a private doctor in his own private clinic.  You get the point. 

There is Little or No Punishment of Rogue Scientific Groups

    Shockingly, the U.S. government at the highest level has directly shown (and these are not all such cases by any means!) that mass crimes against U.S. civilians, perpetrated by portions of the U.S. scientific community in direct conspiracy and in secret, will likely be condoned.  The perpetrators will not be indicted, tried, or convicted. 
    Note the connection of the "rogue groups" thesis to the above incidents.  Note how rogue scientific groups got away with it in both these cases.  There may be other rogue scientific groups getting away with such things today.  They should not be able to get away with it.  But they can. 
    Perhaps a most startling additional part of those two incidents is that there was no great public outcry from the scientific community, deploring these murders and demanding that the criminal scientists be indicted and tried.
    As the old saying goes, "By their silence they have convicted themselves."  The organized scientific community, as a community, has shown that it has little or no ethics, and—while deploring any scientific murdering that "gets revealed,"—is not really interested in justice.  In short, much of the U.S. scientific community may now have very little ethics left. 
    We are not talking about normal individual scientists, but the Big Science community.  There is a whale of a lot of difference between the two.  In the Big Science community, there can be and there are rogue groups.  Lots of them.  There is deep cover, deep classification.  And there is very probably advanced mind control research and testing, be it legal or illegal.  Hopefully most of it is legal and constrained.  However, some of it is almost certain to be illegal and ill constrained. 
    Human beings are still human beings.  All the good and evil is still there, regardless of the group.  The stage settings change, but the cast of characters and the play never change. 
    It's sad, but 'twas ever thus.  Hidden parts of our own governments—and other governments throughout the world—are no different from the old medieval groups, where nobles etc.  were always plotting against the king, or using the king's power for their own nefarious end.  The rogue groups today are no different from all the scheming and conniving groups that destroyed the Roman Empire.  Great empires fall from within, not usually from without!


    This concludes our brief portrayal of the probable directions that mind control research has taken, in Russia and in the West.  It is a novel and powerful area, and it poses both severe dangers and great benefits to all the peoples of the Earth. 
    Let us hope this great new area, already off to a bad start, can be bridled and steered in the direction of helping and healing people, rather than killing or abusing them.  The excesses in its bad use are a potent threat to all nations on earth.  Yet it can revolutionize medical science, education, communication, and psychology.  Eventually it can engineer the mind and memory directly, beneficially.  We foresee the day—perhaps 30 years hence—when education will be