occurred.  Sad to say, it did not and it has not.  It was lamely speculated that Svoboda probably looked over her shoulder like a rank greenhorn, and inadvertently dived her aircraft into the ground while looking back at the target.  If there was one pilot in the USAF who would have not done that, it was Captain Svoboda.  At any rate, the KGB determined that the U.S. scientific, intelligence, and governmental communities did not have the foggiest notion of what had occurred. 
    In private proprietary communications9 we have explained further, to proper parties, exactly the reasons for these two tests, and what exactly was being tested, and what is its planned strategic use. 

The Final Race for Direct Mind Control of the Entire Human Species

    The KGB psychoenergetics weapons scientists—because of their direct measurements and detections (and use) of t-polarized waves and LWs for decades—also understand that Jung's collective unconscious mind (of the entire human species) also has its own time-like operations and correlates, which one measures also when using t-polarization measurements and sorting it all out.  The collective unconscious mind operations are buried several levels deeper inside the recursive Whittaker structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials. 
    The KGB scientists also know that something very like Gaia— a collective unconscious mind for all species on earth—also exists, and they are striving to be able to sort out and measure that one as well.  The Gaia operations are

buried even deeper in the recursive structuring inside the EM fields, waves, and potentials.  If one reads some later books by Kaznacheyev,10 e.g , this human species unconscious mind aspect and the biosphere unconscious mind aspect emerges loud and clear, if one interpolates between the lines, so to speak.  Actually, from day one, the Russian mind control scientists have had their eventual goal set upon this "deeper area of mind and possible mind control" of the entire human species. 
    I am convinced that the KGB psychoenergetics scientists understand this deeper area.  If they can learn to directly engineer the collective human species unconscious, they can then convert the human species easily into a sort of "ant" society, modeled along ideal Communism lines, except of course with an excluded "hierarchy at the top" running everything.  The "ant society"—communist style—is still a variation of feudalism (all systems tend to feudalism or some form thereof). 
    The KGB psychoenergetics weapon scientists are seriously pressing on toward that very goal.  In my opinion they are not very far from it right now.  It is simply a matter of developing sufficiently complex equipment to be able to directly engineer the time-domain substructuring at sufficiently deep levels.  It is a doable, although it is very, very complex and very, very difficult.  On the other hand, they have been at it for decades.  Even in the 50s the Russians already had the old LIDA device,ll capable of inducing a catatonic trance-like state in a mammal—either a human or a cat,12 for example.  Some versions of Russian mind control devices were used on Russian soldiers in the

Figure 15.  Captain Svoboda dives headlong to her death.