including the earth and ocean.  Western mind-control scientists and their rogue groups—assuming they exist as postulated—largely will not be able to do that, and probably won't even recognize Russian testing of psychoenergetics weapons directly in or over Western nations. 

Russian Lethal Psychoenergetics Mind Control Tests Over the U. S. 

    In fact, the KGB tested just such highly advanced mind control weapons over the middle of the United States in 1997 on two occasions.  The tests were conducted against Captain Button in his A-10 "Warthog" aircraft on April 2, 1997 [See Figure 14], and upon Captain Svoboda in her A-10 "Warthog" on May 27, 1997.  [See Figure 15]. 
    Over Arizona, Captain Button was thrown into a hypnogogic state, and his perceptions instantly altered and controlled.  In his instant "dream-waking" state, everything seemed perfectly normal.  His sense of direction was altered a bit more than 90 degrees, so he simply corrected and turned and "flew toward the range", actually flying off course by more than 90 degrees and ignoring radio contacts.  He flew right on out of Arizona.  At one point he circled, probably thinking he was over the range, and he probably dropped his ordnance there.  Then he "flew on back toward home," as he thought in his waking dream state, until his fuel ran out and he crashed and died in the explosion—dream-thinking until he died that everything was normal.  All the while, his sense of the passage of time was altered.  To him, in his dream-thinking, dream-acting

state, everything was normal and nothing untoward had happened.  So the distant KGB transmitters and associated psychoenergetics team controlled him for over an hour. 
    Indeed, that was the exact purpose of the test: demonstrate control (at a great distance) of a skilled person performing highly skilled tasks.  A secondary purpose was to stimulate the U.S. government, watch its investigation and findings, and ascertain if the U.S. knew of the extent to which Russian KGB mind control weaponry had advanced.  Obligingly, we proved to me KGB that we did not understand what had actually happened to Captain Button. 
    Captain Svoboda was from the same Wing as Captain Button and was its most experienced night fighter A-10 pilot.  In fact, she taught other pilots the fine points of night flying combat missions in the A-10.  About two months after Captain Button's bizarre flight and death, Svoboda was engaged in night target bombing on the range.  Rising from her ordnance drop on me target, Svoboda was suddenly struck and rendered hypnogogic and in a waking-dream state.  Her sense of the vertical was instantly reversed.  Superb pilot that she was, she immediately dream-perceived she was diving, not climbing out of the delivery.  She instantly corrected to "climb out".  So in the real world she dived sharply into the ground and her aircraft exploded. 
    This test demonstrated the instant alteration of a skilled pilot's perception, causing that pilot to inadvertently react promptly in an unintentionally suicidal manner.  A secondary purpose of the test was to stimulate the U.S. government system again, to see if the system recognized what had