mental delta."

    A second stage in the research would be to test the correlates and porthole insertions upon a statistically significant cross section of ordinary people, and/or specialized populations (such as toughened soldiers).  The program would evolve a highly complex, very effective, ever-improving science and technology of mind and behavior control and engineering mechanisms, complete with finished database and developed applications equipment. 

The Dielectric Body as a Ship With Portholes

    Again let us review what the EM transverse wave irradiation from the body dielectric represents.  Think of the body dielectric as a sort of "ship", with lots of portholes.  When it gets irradiated, certain operations happen internally to that radiation, i.e., certain "processes" and "interactions" occur, which change both the mental and physical states.  The output emissions back from the body dielectric, out through the filtering "portholes", will directly correlate to what has happened inside the ship. 

    It is terribly important to realize that one can use the same frequencies and spectra coming back out of those "portholes" to insert EM signals and waves etc. back in there, and into the deepest processes going on in the body and in the mind (at all levels, including the deep unconscious). 

    Remember, whatever you put back in there, is going back through the "mixmaster" hopper.  It will be iteratively phase conjugated and interfered with by everything, countless

times.  So it will reach directly into and affect any and every part of the dielectric, as you wish, and in whatever manner you have correlates for. 

    We filed an invention disclosure4 on the above correlate and "back-porthole" process for use in directly inducing full and efficient conversion directly to time-density (scalar, or time-polarized) EM waves inside the body/ cells, therefore immediately and directly time-excitation charging the body cells and all their internal components. 

Subtracting the Normal Correlates to Obtain the Deltas

    A specifically diseased body, e.g., has a specifically tailored change in its "normal" emission spectra, because of the disease condition alteration of its resident spacetime curvature engine.  By having a database for the normal emission spectra of the healthy body, one can subtract it from the actual emitted spectra, to obtain the "delta spectrum". 

    If the correlates have been previously determined by the above mentioned research program, then one may simply introduce an amplified "delta spectrum" into the body, i.e., through the portholes.  This will immediately time-excite the cells and their components throughout the body, particularly where that disease does exist.  It turns out that the time-excitation charging by that method will "pump" those diseased cells in the time domain.  The cells themselves (and all their parts) are highly nonlinear—to time-excitation charging, they are totally nonlinear.  So they will act as rather perfect pumped phase conjugate mirrors, but pumped in the time-energy domain rather than in the spatial

Figure 12.  Using an amplified replica of the body's own dense, broadband signal
complex, containing added alterations, to irradiate the body and produce
deeply-penetrating precise time-density charging for cellular time-reversal
while steering the time-reversal trajectory to also correct a congenital condition.