With no mind measurements possible and no instruments, it is understandable that Western science considers only the physical side of the mind-matter interface.
    Presently our scientists do not measure the longitudinally-polarized EM wave operations and functions in the body and around it in nature.  Few of them are aware that a maelstrom of such LW functions exist in the body and in all of nature in general.  Presently only highly theoretical quantum field theorists seem to even be aware of the existence of scalar (t-polarized) photons, and even they are unaware of t-polarized EM waves.  Certainly our scientists do not measure t-polarized EM waves in and around the body and in nature, nor do they make them in the laboratory.  Apparently they have not studied such waves and their interactions with matterliving and inertat all.
   But it's even worse.  In ignoring the time component transported by photons and EM waves, science has also erroneously omitted half of the excitation charging and excitation decay processes whenever a mass interacts with photons and EM waves.  More on that later.

Brute Forcing Time
Functions versus Fine Control Methods

   Ironically, Western mind control researchers using transverse EM waves for mind control research, are using a brute force method of evoking and using vacuum engines ( spacetime curvature engines) and a special form of general relativity, although they do not appear to realize it.
   While KGB scientists also use TW EM "brute force" TW waves when necessary, they do "imprint" or "activate" those waves with the desired internal LW and time-polarized EM wave and photon structures required to directly perform the mind engineering desired.

They also do not hesitate to use LWs and t-polarized waves overtly.  So in blunt terms, Western compared to Russian mind control research is probably like comparing an automobile body shop with a fine surgical ward.  Having long ago worked out all those "exact correlates" to the internal "information content of the field" is where the KGB scientists are at least 20 years ahead of the West.
   The reason one can get mind and behavior results with the TW electromagnetics, while bypassing the real mechanism which uses t-polarized waves and photons, is due to (1) the very peculiar nature of the EM emission from a dielectric, and (2) what can be done by re-radiating that dielectric with its emitted spectrum, deliberately and very carefully altered in selected parts.  We will return to that important feature later.

Polarization and Observability

   As we stated, there are four photon polarizations and therefore there must be correspondingly four EM wave polarizations1  The first three polarizations are the x-, y-, and z- spatial polarizations.  The x- and y- polarizations are transverse polarizations and the z-polarization is a longitudinal polarization along the direction of propagation (along the z-axis, by standard notation).  Simply put, we may visualize the transverse polarizations as rather like the wiggling of a fish's tail from side to side as the fish moves forward, or a whale's flukes up and down as the whale moves forward, or some combination thereof.  We may visualize the longitudinal polarization as a sort of "repetitive accordion effect" along the line of motion of the wave.  Usually the z- polarization is neglected in EM wave theory, although in recent years physicists have "rediscovered" longitudinal EM waves and are now intensely researching the use and characteristics of such waves.12

Figure 6.  The three divisions of Soviet energetics and their characteristics.