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Thank you guys.  I have purchased a few items from you and have enjoyed your books.  I have started the DVD set.  I am shocked to say the least at what I am seeing and understanding.  I have a fascination with the magnets and thanks to what I am seeing . . . It is causing me to question everything.  Not to mention, I have noticed some structures that are in our world that "show" some truths I would not of noticed before.  Thanks to what you guys are doing for our future, I am excited to learn as much as I can.

All the Best,
—July 7/24, 2021

Love you're DVD's. What you and Pat did was truly monumental.

The man (Bedini) knew so much, and it could have so easily have become lost had you not done something to preserve his work.

—SW, June 2021

Received #23 DVD today and it was really great. Thanks a bunch and by the way, it played just fine.”

—Jim G, B., N.D., 22 April, 2011

I just watched the Energy from the Vacuum Part 22, Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor Coeur D'Alene Debut Presentation. With John Bedini.  One Word TREMENDOUS.

I was so disappointed that I could not make it to the convention so I was so glad that a DVD was made.  Highly Recommended from Me.
RegardsDavid B (Belfast)

Keep up the good work.

I wish I would have had Tom, John and others as my science teachers.


Stay healthy, safe and happy.


Thank you,

Adam D

23 November, 2015

 I just watched Toms presentation on Radionics again. That's about the 20th time over the years. I just wanted to tell you he was at the top of his game. He gave all the information about everything that he thought could have anything to do with the operation, I've been a researcher and operator since the 70s. I'm still getting new and useful information from the video.

Anyone that is serious about the science has to start with this video. Thanks for putting it out there.

Frank G

Thank you so much for my copy of the Radionics DVD!
We just watched it and it is marvelous!  I have friends who are healers who utilize radionics—one woman in particular creates a formula that absolutely gets it right ... she finds what is going wrong with the body before it becomes a huge problem and her formula assists the immune system to get over it.  She has had my same hair swatch now for two years and consistently makes the right concoction to fix whatever is awry.

—Judy T


Thank you for providing me information about the new Bedini DVD and booklet about the Bedini RPX sideband generator.

After purchasing them and following the instructions I'm now in the process of building such a machine for myself.

Everything is well explained in the DVD and the booklet and as an experienced electronics engineer, building it is more or less easy.........

Nice greetings from Vienna, Austria



Thank you for helping to keep Tom's works/legacy going.


Thank you, another great video”—Daryl H .............DVD#20 Cejka Files

Great project!!! Wow!”—Carter R..........DVD#20 Cejka Files

“Excellent DVD, Tony.....just finished.  Boy do I miss John!  He was such an amazing engineer.”—Tom Childs.....................DVD#41

Wild stuff. Thanks for sharing, always enjoy getting your emails - Andrew May 08, 2021

Thank you so much, you guys are always putting out the best and most intriguing information, I love it!
Your products really are the next best thing to being there with such informative production value, I'm sure you realize this and I really hope to see more.
I really miss John and I know you do too - Michael May 8, 2021

“This is a good one.” DVD#36

John Bedini


  I am convinced that Tom is one of mankind’s greatest scientists.  His fantastic ability to investigate tons of scientific literature from all around the world, find connections between them and make his own observations is outstanding.  The significance of his work to the world in general, is inestimable (although those whose businesses are endangered by his work think otherwise)

—K, Professional Analog Designer, April 2015

“The DVD with John (Bedini) is absolutely superb! There is something that will be benefiting humankind for generations to come!” (DVD#7)

Tom Bearden

Having watched the content of the videos and slowly making my way in the free energy field myself a comment which I have is that this information is too important to be accessible only to the few who manage to fight their way through all the different free energy scams and rubbish and are still willing to invest a substantial amount in buying the DVDs and books.

As Tom says this is about the survival of the human race . South Africa. April 21, 2021

Firstly, from the UK, thank you so much for all you and Tom and the others have done to try to get this information out - it is so precious and one day the reward will come, thank you! KK. April 17 2021

“Great book and DVD. Definitely worth every dollar.”

Maastricht, Netherlands
29 March, 2009

“The materials are truly inspiring and worth every penny. Before I received this package I almost forgot how much fun it is to learn new things, I mean really deeply satisfying joy from enlightenment. And the freedom it brings!”  E.H., South Carolina, U.S.A.

“Dear Tom and John, I couldn't put down your brilliant book 'Free Energy Generation'! You have both managed to demystify quantum mechanics and prove with impeccable sources the validity of quantum energy extraction into usable electrical form. You both deserve a Nobel prize for this work. You have managed to clarify the source of power and process of extraction apparent in the inventions of Tesla, T.H. Moray, Perrigo, Hendershot and Stubblefield and others. Congratulations! Please remember to thank Nikola Tesla when you receive your prize, without whom none of this would be possible.”  M.A., Australia.

“Dear Tom.  Thank you for that valuable book. It helps to understand.....”. FDL

 —Joachim W., Poland,
27 April, 2019

“I never realized that we did such a good job on this video. It was like going back in time. I love the pictures of John Cejka, where did you get those? Great movie on making crystals. Good sound too.”    DVD #32

John Bedini 

“....this is probably my favorite out of all the DVDs in terms of practical demonstrations.  A vacuum powered audio amplifier. Very cool!!!”              —Ian C.    DVD #32

This material has made all the difference for me as I can now understand the principles behind all sorts of technologies that use Radiant energy, even if using other terminology to describe it, because the basic principles are always the same. Thanks for making this available.
Best Wishes to all.  H.G.”  Part 12

    —Basingstoke, UK, Sept. 2010 

This concept does in fact work. It took me over a year, 4 rotor designs, and 5 coil designs, but I now have a working model that provides the CFL lighting for my 2-bedroom apt. It's not earth-shattering power, I realize, but it does work. Also, I would never try to 'go public' with something like this; far too much drama. I'll just keep using my little machine to save about $150/month and call it a 'win' :)

—Comment on YouTube about DVD#10

"I have been studying Electrical Engineering part-time for three years. I am an Avionics Technician in the Royal Australian Air Force, and my studies are partially subsidized by the Australian Defence Force. Both my father and myself are interested in the concept of Free Energy. Thank you for your dedication to a noble ideal. I am really looking forward to reading this book. I will also point friends and fellow students towards your website. Unfortunately many of them do not believe that in a universe of abundant energy we may tap into and safely harness. I hope to pose more convincing arguments and provoke serious thought regarding the production and use of energy."
 - J.F., South Australia

"My area of study is medical physics and I hope to apply vacuum energy technology towards diagnostic imaging of the etheric field. Thank you for your wonderful work." 
- H.G., New Zealand

"The Eternal has put into my heart to seriously work in electromagnetics, that's how I got to your site. Have Tesla's book in my office."
- W.A., Costa Rica

"I am an adjunct professor in the Dept of Language & Literature at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I teach composition to first-year students, and this year I am teaching a class of 19 Engineering Tech students, all of whom are also taking a beginning circuits class together as a group. I would like to offer your book to some of my brighter students, who might be interested in expanding their knowledge beyond what is conventionally taught in a university setting, with the hopes that one might read it and "report back" to the class during our second quarter together. I look forward to putting this book into the hands of a pioneering young engineer who exhibits exceptional intellectual curiosity and promise."
- G.W., Rochester, New York

"I'm excited in using this book to inform my peers on the wonders of free energy. The more people know about it, the more this technology can be used for the good of the world."
- M.B.

"I find the subject fascinating. I've come across some phony info in the past, but I have no reason to doubt the credibility of the claims made by Tom Bearden. It makes too much sense."
- N.C., Milwaukee

"I am an EE lecturer at a private college in Malaysia. A few of my more hardworking electrical engineering students may benefit from the book."
 - D.S., Malaysia

"My university study is all about durable ways to use energy and other natural resources. So I'm very interested in this book."
- R.M., The Netherlands

"Both my brother and I are in our seventies, retired and on fixed pensions. We have a web of family and friends who have been interested and active for years in the esoteric "funnyness" that goes on in this world. My copy will be passed around our group to the point where at least a dozen people would devour it with intense and pragmatic interest. Our goal is to learn and teach. Rest assured, the pages will be well worn long before it ends up in my local library, which might be quite a few months. My Ex Libra will see to it that after its circuit I will get it back so it continues being read. Thank you very much."
- W.B., Michigan

"I hope to gain a better insight into the MEG and COP>1 devices. I believe these devices are the future of power generation (as long as a government decides to pull their finger out and start funding, otherwise......) as the earth's oil supply continues to be chewed up at an alarming rate, soon to be completely diminished in the not so far future. I hope all of my studies in this area will allow me to contribute to the situation, and help solve some problems."
- C.D., Queensland, Australia

"I am a 3rd year Electrical Engineering undergraduate. My first contact with the subject of overunity devices was, unfortunately, NOT at school. In fact, I have yet to hear a professor mention it. I have been researching the subject on the internet for more than a year, and my interest is continually growing. It puzzles me that I don´t see much interest in free energy in my school. My imediate goal is to seed the interest by presenting information about this reality, to fellow students and professors also."
- A.Z., Brazil

"It is my strongest conviction that our staff at the Euratom Suppply Agency must be confronted with the book, notably Chapter 10 - on cold fussion seems to a must."
- P.T., Luxembourg

"I am a researcher and part-time technical instructor at Platt College in Ontario, Canada. I will use the book in preparing Lesson Plans, Syllabus, and Curriculum to teach Energy From The Vacuum."
- A.K., Ontario

"I am currently lecturing entry level physics at the university. I have always been interested free energy and have never seen any books where it educates about what has been researched and known. Finally I found one that may educate me and maybe some future generation physics students."
- P.Y., New Zealand

"I am a graduate student working toward a Ph.D. in the electrical engineering department at Cornell University. I am minoring in applied physics and my research is in plasma physics. I am very interested in energy applications in all forms."
- R.M., New York

"Being an Electrical Engineer with a PhD in Engineering Sciences and an associate professor, I have read with great interest the information at your website and I would like to request a free copy of "Energy from the Vacuum for our university. I think it is of crucial importance that as many young students as possible are able to learn about this topic." 
- P.B., The Netherlands

"Thanks so much, I look forward to studying it and helping with the movement towards free energy."
- K.M., Los Angeles

"I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering specializing in electromagnetics. I am currently teaching electromagnetics classes at the university as a lecturer."
 - C.A., California

"I am a honours student in aquaculture. I am interested in free energy because, in aquaculture, the cost of running intensive recirculating systems makes it hard for small business to make a living, so any thing that uses alternate energy sources would be a breakthrough in the industry."
 - C.M., South Australia

"I teach college computer science. My master's degree is in electrical engineering. In graduate school I pursued computational electromagnetics. I heard my thesis advisor extol how great the Heaviside recastment of E&M was. My advisor made some statements that Maxwell lacked the compact vector analysis necessary (which Heaviside used) to cast the Maxwell equations into a compact form, which I found rather strange, since a quick glance of Maxwell's works showed that he was using quaternions, and had the necessary mathematical machinery for compact formulations." 
- D.D., Washington

"I have just completed my BSc in Chemistry and Pharmacology. I am interested in pursuing a PhD in the medical applications of scalar energy and would be most grateful for copy of Energy from the Vacuum." 
- D.C., Ireland

"I have, ever since a young age, been fascinated with the work of Tesla, after I read a book about his work. I have tried all these years to make sense of some conflicting evidence that all is not well with the theories we hold true in physics & quantum mechanics. I believe his book will go a long way to explain some of these nagging doubts."
 - F.S., South Africa

"I am a gifted high school student. I have recently become interested in Electrogravitation as Dr. Bearden presents it, spending many an hour reading his vast wealth of information. My curiosity has been piqued in particular by the concept of unlimited energies of the Time Plane, and the various ways one can extract it."
 - M.R., Québec

"It is my fondest wish that the returns from it are the unlimited power that is the topic." 
- M.G., Colorado

"My primary interests have always been advanced propulsion systems, with a focus on those that manipulate gravity via nonstandard means." 
- C.M., Tennessee

"I am a university student with a genuine interest in electrodynamics and free energy. Whether or not I receive a copy, I would like to thank any and all reading this email for the work you do. Tom's writings have been an invaluable asset to my understanding of free energy and electrodynamics, so I thank both him and those who support and assist him in any way, with absolute sincerity."
 - F.L., Norway

"I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy in 1998 and am currently serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army. I will soon be continuing my education and pursuing my masters. LTC Bearden's book, Fer de Lance has inspired me to look beyond contemporary theories as I continue my education. I have been stationed in Korea for the past 2.5 years and did not have the time to pursue my masters. I was recently assigned to work with the Army's Future Combat Systems. In addition to my ongoing education through the Army, I will also finally have the time needed for my continuing civilian education."
 - N.B., Ft. Knox

"I'm a PhD student majoring in Biochemistry/Physiology and have an interest in better understanding and applying the physics in the biological realm."
 - B.L., South Carolina

"I am starting to read it, and its content is indeed revolutionary and I would dare to say that it can potentially change the world for the better in the following years, if it can reach people. Your special offer to students it is an excellent way of spreading Tom Bearden's and colleagues' work and message, specially through the young minds, still free from tight prejudices and paradigms. I have already told my friends about the book, and they are excited to read it as well. I wanted to congratulate you for your work. The world needs it."
 - M.O., Florianópolis, Brazil

"I am a technology instructor in the Virginia public schools, teaching Electronics Systems. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to evaluate this work for incorporation into our curriculum. I also advise the county technology specialist regarding Electronic Systems courses resources and materials. - S.T., Virginia
I'm a college student and also a tinkerer. I am getting into this low cost of free energy idea, not only on the creation and research but on getting it officially recognized and hopefully used. I occasionally have the opportunity to be a teacher's aid in certain college classes and I'll try to get the teacher to put them on the required reading list; hopefully it will help get the word out in a college."
 - S.K.

"I am working in MEG for my Ph.D project and working as a lecturer in an engineering institution."
 - M.S., India

"Thank you for your hard work. I will do my best to make good use of my sponsored book...many thanks to the person who made it possible. I also want to thank Dr. Bearden for having the foresight and initiative to pass along his wealth of knowledge and expertise in this subject. I will do my best to hopefully one day make a contribution myself."
 - C.M., Australia

"I received my MSEE in Microwave Communications and have 10 years experience with satellite communications, radar, and remote sensing systems. I'm currently in an MBA graduate program to obtain a business foundation to complement my technical education and experience. I was just recently introduced to the topic of extracting electromagnetic energy from the vacuum, and I was intrigued! After some research and reading Tom Bearden's website, I now have a huge interest in this topic."
 - T.S., New Jersey

"I am very interested in your work, bedini's work, j naudin's work and nikola tesla's work. Thanks in advance and keep on doing the right thing for our planet."
 - B.B., The Netherlands

"This is a great way of getting the word and the knowledge about this misunderstood subject out there. I can imagine that especially the students have the open mind and the energy to put this to the test."
 - R.L., The Netherlands

"I have a B.S. in physics and am currently enrolled in a master's and doctorate program in theology. My doctoral dissertation will be on the spiritual implications of string theory."
 - J.B., Colorado

"I am studying Electro-mechanical engineering technology, as well as Mechanical engineering, fuel cell technologies. I recently finished 4 years of active duty service in the Air Force where I completed the requirements for my Applied Aeronautical science associates degree <avionics>. I have been highly interested in your developments when one of my supervisors showed me the book, "the hunt for zero point" and have been doing my best to follow along with the materials on your website. I want to take the next step and actually read your book, and see how much I can learn. I've had theories that run very parallel to yours but without ever actually being taught any higher math or physics I had no way of expressing my ideas. It is my greatest hope to some day be able to both express and implement my ideas. I look forward to learning more about your theories."
 - T.B., Canton, Ohio

"Before grad school I am employed at a local sustainable development think tank… the most amazing learning experience I have ever had. … I am well aware of energy politics and the realities of Peak Oil. The Institute focuses on developing alternative energy systems that benefit local communities. This work details real strategies for handling the Peak as well as general ideas of distributed energy. The nature of the world for the next several decades will change rapidly; I have faith that the next phase of human development will move beyond unnecessary wars over energy sources. This will be accomplished with technologies involving electromagnetics as well as sustainable development, conservation, and distributed energy. ... As both of my parents are teachers, I anticipate a lifetime of learning and teaching as a conduit of information." 
- J.N., Seattle

"I have had an interest for alternative energy studies for some time and would eventually like to set up some experiments of my own."
 - J.W., Norway

"I received the book yesterday. Holy Cow, it's huge (I guess I should have expected it). Do you offer a degree if I finish it? Thank you for your support of my learning and I hope to inspire others with Bearden's words."
 - J.N.

"I'm a final year PhD student. My interests are in energy harvesting, electricity generation etc."
 - A.B., Belfast

"I started studying physics at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands at age 31. I want to understand everything that has to do with Zero Point Energy. It is very clear that Zero point Energy/ Energy from the vacuum (and it concepts) is of utmost importance, especially in these times where we can go either way…So we have got to get it done! I am planning on bringing forward the field of science that deals with Energy From The Vacuum to my class and my professor. I am going to make a serious study out of it."
 - G.S., The Netherlands

"Now it is time for me to get down to the serious work of actually building and doing my part to make a contribution to this field. It was Tom Bearden who spoke some of the very few encouraging words I heard during a period of great personal difficulty in overturning my life to undertake this work."
 - M.B., Massachusetts

"I have a real interest in free energy and alternative energy. I am very environmentally conscious and plan to continue study in these fields, whether academically or for personal gain."
 - M.H., San Antonio

"Since I first learned the concept of vacuum energy density in particle physics, I have been very interested in how great the density actually is and how we might be able to extract energy from the vacuum. Indeed, my final assessment for the particle physics course was a 9 page essay, on which I wrote about vacuum energy."
 - T.P., Australia

"I would like to introduce some of the material to my High School Physics & Chemistry students, if possible."
 - G.T., Texas

"I'm always researching efficiency and after an idea I had in my physics class today, I came across your site. I'd love to read your book and discuss it with others I know whom would be interested."
 - M.D., Orlando

"Free power is very fascinating to me. I have been conducting my own experiments on hydrogen production, but have been also looking into other means of energy. I feel this book would be a viable resource for me to explore."
 - I.S., Indiana

"I am just finishing my physics degree. I have studied the zpe for years and it is my favorite subject in physics. I will be teaching a high school physics class in New Zealand."
 - S.A., California

"I am a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee. The only thing that stimulates me now is the science of the aether and ZPE. Your book will help take me to the next level. I read absolutely everything regarding your work and studies. It is my life goal to develop this technology further for the betterment of humanity. This is a pivotal moment on earth and I would like to be part of the transition by implementing the knowledge compiled in this book."
 - J.D., Sante Fe

"We are studying alternate resources and I am researching to find more ways to generate power. We are working on a project in which we are going to power a home with only alternative power sources."
 - B.W., Washington

"I am a doctoral student, all-but-dissertation. I also teach Environmental Science part time, and would like to share this information with my students."
 - S.L., California

"I believe Tom Bearden's theories may help explain qi flow (the central concept in traditional Chinese medicine). I am putting together a class on the physics behind qi flow/acupuncture and oriental medicine."
 - R.M., Oregon

"I am majoring in Bachelor of Science (Physics) and Bachelor of Business (Economics). I am very keen to read and understand Thomas Bearden's Energy from the Vacuum. I understand the importance of this energy source, and I'm sick to death of the world's current energy situation. It is long due for a more efficient, natural source of energy, and I would like to do something about it to my capacity."
 - P.P., Brisbane

"The whole reason I am in college is to hopefully help develop alternative energy. I will try my hardest to put this book to good use."
 - T.H., Arizona

"After fifteen years (i'm twenty-one), much of it in school, i started to find out that something is very wrong with the world. Currently I'm building the knowledge basis to become someone who can help people understand the lies and mysteries not shown by the media."
 - G.S., Sao Paolo

"For the past few years I`ve been following the breakthroughs on free energy sources, especially after personally conceiving the idea of such type of device back in 2003 and later on finding out it`s been discussed by many scientists around the world, and that there is a lot of progress on the field despite the lack of funding and investment from the science corporations. I believe a young generation of scientists and engineers concerned about changing the way the world functions will take the lead on researching and prototyping this type of technologies, but a strong education on the field that currently is not being received at the Universities is needed in order to avoid following wrong paths and making mistakes that others already underwent. These technologies should be used for the true empowerment of the people and the reestablishment of the balance in nature, since our current situation of dependency on hydrocarbons is taking us at an incredible speed to the collapse of the energetic resource system as we know it and the associated collapse of the system itself. I`m currently studying a Master of Engineering Degree and have combined my formal engineering education with autodidactic studies on Physics and Electronic Engineering, and work on the field of the development of new Physics instrumentation. I`m planning to write my final paper on the Energy from the Vacuum. Mr. Bearden´s book will be a great opportunity for me to learn more about the subject and at the same time tell others about this emerging technologies and the urgent need of unified efforts towards this kind of developments."
 - L.R., Costa Rica

"I'm studying at the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland. I'm aware that my studies are not from the engineering schools but in this case I think it is an advantage. I'm well informed of the quantum mechanics and other physical phenomena. I'll never build such a machine myself but will influence others in the Nordic countries to do so."
 - P.K., Helsinki

"The idea of getting energy from vacuum is really interesting. I want to thank you and the philanthropist for giving this great opportunity of learning about new energies."
 - J.M., Quebec

"I graduated in electrical and electronics engineering from BMS College of engineering, Banaglore (India) this year and will do my masters in high voltage engineering from a university in north of india. I am pretty much interested in electromagnetics."
 - B.P., Bangalore

"The world may tell us that there is no such thing as energy from the vacuum, but I don't believe this. There are too many money hungry oil companies that have the power to block anything that does not line their pockets. I am a talented student and was in "Talented and Gifted Classes". I chose to look beyond my surroundings and see what else may be worth my time. Dad wanted to help and gave me a copy of Popular Science. From there I searched the internet and found the Adams Motor that I'm currently building. This book would much further my studies into an area that is not easily accessible. Please help me get something that I cannot get from school, A REAL EDUCATION."
 - S.M., Ohio

"I am part of a group that have been studying that kind of topics. In this moment we are a 10 people group researching in different aspects like, medicine, materials, math, physics, electronics. All of us join for the purpose of free energy." - J.E., Bogota

"Thank you for the book. I have started to read it and find an interesting new perception to viewing electrical systems. I am most surprised and looking forward to reading the sections on anti- gravity. This area is what currently holds the greatest interest for me."
 - T., Tennessee

"I am highly impressed of what kind of studies and research work Dr Bearden did. I congratulate him to his inventions. I am studying Technische Informatik at the University of Applied Sciences and will be happy distributing the informations given in the book, once I understood its contents."
 - D.M., Mittweida, Germany

"I am currently an undergrad. I have completed two years of a B.Sc majoring in Physics and three years of a B.Eng majoring in electronics and communications. I am currently starting my fourth year project which involves measurement and profiling of the atmospheric turbulence relevant to telescopes and adaptive optics systems. I am also an ex-soldier. I have recently done a course in classical em and am intrigued by the notion of em longitudinal waves, etc."
 - G.M., Australia

"I believe the info about Russia's scalar weapons is an extremely urgent topic that needs to be shared and discussed with all who will listen. From my religious point of view, it fits in with prophecy that we are in danger from "declawed" Russia."
 - M.C., Columbia, South Carolina

"My subject since 2 years is environmental engineering. My favorite interest is power energy especially renewable energy. I'm member of the german association of space energy. It would be great to study Tom Bearden's theories."
 - F.F., Germany

"I first came in contact with the virtually infinite source of energy within the Active Vacuum through "The Hunt for Zero Point" by Nick Cook. The book also pointed that this energy potential is realized in the new technology of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator. A rigorous explanation of the Mathematics and Physics behind MEG and the Active Vacuum would be a great way to jump start my education."
 - A.R., Pennsylvania

"I would like to explore the genius of Mr. Bearden. I plan on dedicating my life to the study of the energy vacuum. I believe we are all spiritual beings eminent from the same source such as light. Furthermore that the whole can't be separated from its parts. So we are all equal parts to that totality. There are too many great struggles in our lifetime that this knowledge when conceived can seed a new revolution. My major is physics; I wish to take on the passion of its reconstitution. Your words are very synergetic, they charge me to think more and more dynamically. Merci Beaucoup for being the father to such great knowledge. I think your concepts are astounding. Mr. Bearden you will never be forgotten in my living history. Thank you again and again."
 - A.E., California

"I graduated with a BS in Software Engineering from the United States Military Academy in 1998. I will soon be continuing my education and pursuing my masters. LTC Bearden's previous writings have convinced me that current theories are lacking and that further research is needed. I am leaving the military to pursue further education and a new career in applied science."
 - B.H., Alabama

"I am not able to be a patron, but I do have a school of scientifically oriented college students in Kenya who would use the materials."
 - J.M., Omaha

"I am a post-graduate student at the Royal Military College. I am a marine propulsion technologist, a mechanical engineer and I am currently finishing a Master of Business Administration. I would like to read your book since I am passionate for this kind of topics. Yes I am in the military. 20 years in the Navy and still counting."
 - G.M., Ontario

"I've always had an interest in perpetual motion, and almost sci-fi seeming tech. I was reading about how Maxell equations apparently catered for 5 dimensional and developed a unified theory that linked gravitational, magnet, and electro static forces."
 - M.A., Kwa-Zulu Natal

"I'm a post-graduate Engineering student. I'm looking for a subject for my thesis and I've found the Vacuum Energy a very nice one."
 - A.P., Portugal

"Thanks for publishing such a noteworthy book. The topic is Earth-shattering, to say the least."
- A.G., Allentown, Pennsylvania

"I am mentoring with Dr. Patrick Lawrence, who studied with Ilya Prigogine during his work on thermodynamics in open systems. I have been studying the concepts and work of Tom Bearden for several years, and applying these principles in work on John Bedini's radiant energizers. I am excited about the opportunity to study this book."
P.A. - Arizona

"If this message can make it to the person who donated the money to make this book available for me, then let that person know that I and very grateful, and God bless them for this generous deed. I only hope I can use the gained knowledge to help solve some of these problems facing our desperate world today."
J.W. - Lexington, Kentucky

"…student of Electrical Power Engineering… I have known of the book ''Energy from the Vacuum'' from the very beginning. Unfortunately, I live in Serbia which is poor country so I have never been able to afford this book."
L.P. - Serbia

"I am a junior in high school student and have been looking at your website for about a year. I am interested in your theory about the energy in the vacuum. My science teacher says there may lots of energy in the vacuum but it will be difficult to get it out and have it be usable. I understand your book talks about all of this. I saw on your website that a generous person is helping with the cost of this book for students. I would like a copy. I want to go to college as a physics major. Thank you very much."
A.L. - Colorado

"I'm 18 and I live in Romania. I am interested in physics and have studied for years on the internet about free energy, overunity, and different methods to get to it. I have heard of your website from jnaudin.free.fr. I would just want to know if it it's 100% free of charge as my family is not doing so well with money."
D.A. - Romania

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A.F. - British Columbia

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A.S. - Argentina

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D.W. - Perth, Western Australia

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D.L. - Cambridge, England

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D.L. - New Jersey

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