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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 19:59:11 -0600

Dear Dr. Rae,

Unfortunately, I don't personally build things myself, but work with others who do.

The most knowledgeable experimenter I know, with regards to how Rife's machine really worked and what the "missing ingredient" is in it that has been missed by researchers since then, is John Bedini.  He has a website on the net.

Basically, the EM theory we are all taught assumes an inert background spacetime, and that is seriously wrong, particularly with respect to medical research.  E.g., the local spacetime can be treated as a special kind of scalar potential, comprised of a great internal structure of paired phase conjugate longitudinal EM waves.  Everything going on in that region, or passing through it continuously or frequently, alters that internal LW structuring.

If we wish to produce controlled effects in a biological system, then we must produce a signal whose "bare background" already consists of the structure of the local spacetime.  The only person I know who can do this, and has found how to do it, is Bedini.

It cannot be done with solid state stages, but must be done with tubes. Bedini has a process for doing that with audio sound in some of his highly specialized audio amplifiers.  The result is that the sound of the music already has the "natural environment" structuring of its spacetime the same as that of the local spacetime.  In short, the body receives sound signals that mesh exactly at their base with the base of the body's "zero" reference potential.  The result is that the sound is unbelievable pleasant and attractive to the listener, like nothing you have ever experienced. Audiophiles with highly trained ears and nervous systems go bazonkas when they listen to Bedini's "fitted sound".

Rife's original ray tubes did accomplish (unwittingly) the same "fitting" to the body's local vacuum/spacetime environment.

I believe John's discovery is the last step needed in the material we released.  I did not know about this "fitting the environment" process until Bedini discovered it and demonstrated it.

That's about all I can help you with on that one.

Bedini's website is:

Best wishes for a very nice Christmas and New Years!

Tom Bearden

Hello Dr Bearden

I have been getting all of your material at your on line store... Thanks so much for your efforts! Even thought I am not the Ph.D. researcher as you are, I am using my Dr degree and the background for perhaps some of the electronic-em  healing. As to the response to Tony, I  am constructing a "Rife" unit.

1.) Could you offer any thoughts on connecting some of the principles of your most recent on going patient on electromagnetic healing for use with the Rife unit as has been presented? 2.) In studying the most recent available schematics of what has been reported to be an original Rife (tube type) driver for a Rife tube, there did seem to be an "unused circuit" in the drawing. It seemed to be perhaps the present day equivalent to a multivibrator circuit of some sort.  It did not appear to be electrically (in the traditional sense) connected to anything???? Also clearly the oscillator/driver is a SINE wave and NOT the square wave that has been used by Dr. Bare and others. I have many years as a "ham" op (Extra class) ... I have built many kits in my day and thought that maybe this would be a worthwhile project to follow. (Real Radios glow in the dark?) I was also the guy that found the "Woodpecker sound" for the site. I was pleased to do so. I had heard it many times before and thought it very unusual .... All the best to you and your Bride for this Christmas Season. Good health and peace for the coming year to you both!

Thank you for your time.                                            

Dr Carter R**