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Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 14:54:38 -0600


If the scientific community wanted the global warming problem solved, it could be solved rather quickly (few years) and without too much cost as such large projects go.

It's hidden mainly in two areas: (1) the gauge freedom axiom of quantum field theory, and (2) scalar interferometry.  A third area is (3) the ability to make negentropy and do negentropic engineering at will (every charge in the universe already does it).  A fourth area bearing on the problem is that (4) the present notion of "energy propagation through 3-space" is in serious error.  Nothing can "propagate" or move through 3-space alone!  All finite propagation and movement has to involve time change, hence must occur in 4-space, not 3-space.  We go into that quite a little bit in my book, Energy from the Vacuum.  So the actual "propagation of energy through space" is not at all as it is represented in all the present textbooks.

The conventional EM scientists and QFT already assume the absolute freedom to change the potential energy of a system, freely, at will and at any time. And all the mathematical physicists do just that, although they are very fond of self-limiting it so that two potentials are changed simultaneously, producing new equal and opposite forces (they do not allow changes in all the other ways possible). That way, the net translation forces in the system remain the same, and so for more than a century they have argued that it is the "same system" on that account.  It isn't at all the same system!  It has excess stress energy and an excess stress potential, continuously stressing the system additionally.  Further, since additional energy has been added, the frame of the system has been rotated.   There's even a whole gauge field theory devoted to doing that, etc.  It's done in Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics to further simplify the resulting equations, so they can then be much more easily solved and usually without numerical methods wholesale.  But changing the gauge ultimately comes down to freely changing the potential (and the potential energy) without paying anything for doing so.

Isn't it odd that every major scientist already accepts and uses such free regauging, without realizing that if one can freely and at will change the energy of a real Maxwellian system, then one can also freely and at will transfer that energy to the load and dissipate it in the load to power it, FREELY.  There is really no law of nature or thermodynamics that prohibits it, once the present "half-form" of the second law of thermodynamics  is restated to remove its logical contradiction and also to comply with actual experiment.  Rigorously the second law is an oxymoron as written, since it implicitly assumes that its own contradiction --- negative entropy -- has first occurred to make some order, which is THEN subsequently and progressively disordered by negentropic interactions WITHOUT any new negentropic interaction occurring to intervene). We have corrected that oxymoron and given an expanded second law that is not oxymoronic and does not contradict experiment. It has always been recognized that the second law can be and is violated by a single atom, molecule, charge, etc. or even a small group of these.  Evans and Searles have recently shown --- both theoretically and experimentally --- that the second law can be and is violated at micron level and for up to two seconds.  In a cubic micron of water, e.g., there are some 30 billion molecules, so this is not a "tiny, tiny" effect at all.  To the contrary, it is a result that seriously affects chemistry, as pointed out by Evans.  More recently (just in press), Evans and Rondoni have shown that, for systems in nonequilibrium steady state condition, the system can exhibit negative Gibbs entropy initially, and that negative entropy can subsequently decrease to even greater negativity --- moving toward negative infinity -- as time passes.  Evans and Rondoni pause at the implications of a system exhibiting pure negentropic interaction, feeling that a physical system couldn't do that.  They do point out, however, that a system with deterministic dissipative dynamics still has the "problem".  Actually, every charge (see my solution to the source charge problem, taken from proven particle physics) already exhibits as its "entropy" that exact property: negative entropy, continuously increasing its negativity toward negative infinity as time passes.  In other words, Evans and Rondoni actually showed that "negentropic" preliminary action that the second law of thermodynamics (and the very concept of entropy) implicitly assumes to have first happened.  So only a single system need be exhibited to prove it (one white crow proves that not all crows are black).  Every charge in the universe is already that white crow.

In thermodynamics and energy science the free energy notion is hidden in the correct notion that "work" is actually the changing of the form of energy (that's precise), and that --- after the work has been done --- you still have just as much energy as you did when you started, but just in a different form.  Since one is free to change the energy itself at will (implicitly assumed in the gauge freedom axiom), one can either change it to more positive energy or more negative energy.  Further, one can change its form and regauge it at the same time; so that one uses negative energy to do heating (negative energy was changed in form to positive energy, which then is dissipated to produce heating.  The reverse of that process is the solution to any global warming problem.

Positive energy when dissipated produces heating.  Negative energy when dissipated produces cooling.  But if you add a combination by changing the form of the energy, you can do either function with either one (understand, its form is first changed, and the new form of energy is not lost in the change, but then is deliberately utilized once again whereupon it is then lost from further control).

Scalar interferometry allows either form of energy to be produced at a distance, right through the earth and ocean, etc.  At will.  It's been weaponized both ways, to produce distant "hot explosions" and also produce distant "cold explosions".  For a technical expose of scalar interferometry, see M.W. Evans et al., "On Whittaker's Representation of the Electromagnetic Entity in Vacuo, Part V: The Production of Transverse Fields and Energy by Scalar Interferometry," Journal of New Energy, 4(3), Special Issue, Winter 1999, p. 76-78.

If the overt scientific community would simply get its head turned around straight, and recognize what the axioms of its own models imply, and also get with the program on what much of the covert community has already done worldwide, then suddenly "cooling" and "heating" become very freely managed. Rather at will. Including in the environment, and including massively.  The standard means of engineering the weather by scalar interferometry already uses that, to deliberately form high pressure areas (cooling the air) and low pressure areas (heating the air), then steering the highs and lows to entrain and deviate the giant jet streams and change the weather of the intended target area which may be an entire continent.

But of course, if the overt scientific community would update the electrodynamics uses in electrical engineering and especially in electrical power engineering, that would also put out of business the giant cartels (in energy and medicine, e.g.) which are economic cartels first and foremost. Those cartels could care less whether or not the entire globe fries and most of the species (including most of the human species) perishes.  Indeed, in the "inner circles" owning all that mess (getting behind the several hundred interlocking corporations to them), it is already desired that 3/4 of the humans on earth be eliminated anyway, whether by war, pestilence, warming, starving, AIDS, whatever.  Savage and cruel, but also sadly true.

The real key to their staying in power is to keep the scientific community on a tight leash and direct it where they desire it to go, and prevent it from going where they do not wish it to go.  That's easy, if you control science's money.  All science is patronized.  So control its patronage and make that patronage conditional to the lines you wish followed, and you lead them like a sensitive horse with a ring in its nose.  And you can always find scientists whose reports will show what you wish them to show, if the rewards for cooperation are sufficient.  You simply set up a new, prestigious, and well-funded institute with handsome chairs and positions, and screen the scientists for their outlook, and presto!  You have a whacking bunch of papers flooding all the journals and saying what you wished them to say. Piece of cake.

Isn't it strange that no EM textbook today even mentions the most difficult foundations of physics problem in electrodynamics --- that one as to exactly how does  the source charge produce all its fields and potentials and their energy, continuously emitted from every charge and spreading at light speed across the universe from that charge (either magnetic or electrical)?  Try to find a reference even mentioning that problem today.  Do some Google and other search engine searches on the web; try searching the university websites, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, etc.  In all probability you won't find it (if you do, by all means let me know!) except for my own resurrection of this problem again, and my proposed solution (taken directly from what was already proven in physics, by Lee and Yang predicting broken symmetry and Wu et al. proving it very rapidly).

The environmentalists (sadly) just never have gotten the message on what the real problem is.  The real problem in global warming, biospheric pollution, etc. --- and the real culprit --- is the patronized and tightly managed scientific community itself, particularly the leaders at the top.  Try finding anything really "out of the box" (to use the current buzzword in favor) in energy and in electrical power systems.  The strident message is "Why, that's fuel cells --- every fool knows that!"  or "Why, that's nuclear power, every fool knows that!"

Anyway, three years ago this old Earth still had a chance.  Right now, that chance has shrunk to very slim levels indeed, until it's nearly no chance at all.  World events are now moving toward unleashing the type of thing we have all feared in our worst nightmares.  The first phase of World War III has long been accomplished, and we are now starting the movement into phase two, the active and hellish phase.

It really doesn't matter too much anymore where we speak of the MEG, Blacklight, cold fusion, solving the environmental problem, etc.  We are all going to simply be overrun by events, and they will be beyond the comprehension of most, including those who do the unleashing.

All of us are just too caught up in playing the big monkey game.  Just look at any area of humanity you wish: religion, science, common people, a simple village or town, a big city, etc.  We don't have, and never have had, any such thing as "peace".  What we have is enforced order.  It's true in science, religion, government, industry, whatever.

Frankly, when the coming mass casualties will be reaching into the millions right here in the U.S., I no longer worry much about the success or failure of overunity systems, what the widely bickering "overunity community" thinks, what the environmental community thinks, etc.  We've all of us been too little and too late, whether we like it or not.  Understand, here I would like to be very, very wrong!  But wait and see.  It's going to be one helluva ride.

A question such as "well, lots of free energy means melting the globe, doesn't it?" is in one sense quite legitimate and in another sense amusing by comparison.  What the heck do they think that filling that same energy need with more oil, hydrogen, nuclear, coal, etc. -- to complete the process of reducing the planet to a cesspool of sick and dying creatures --- will do?  At least if we deal directly with higher group symmetry electrodynamics instead of the junk presently rammed down our throats, there is hope because we can make not only positive energy but negative energy.  You can run motors off negative energy, e.g.!  Sweet's machine outputted almost entirely negative energy --- and ran motors, resistors, lamps, etc. quite nicely. Put it this way.  Passing positive (dissipating) energy through a circuit in one direction, is the same equivalency as passing negative (converging) energy through the same circuit in the other direction.  Further, in every circuit you already do both -- check out the theory of lattice positrons and their "backward flow" in every circuit.  In the vacuum medium, every circuit produces both disordering and reordering.  Selecting which is overt and which is covert is one's choice, IF one uses something other than a 137 year old EM model, and uses a much more modern EM model (several are developed in particle physics) that allows one to develop engineering in either domain (negative energy or positive energy).

Those are the types of things that ought to be discussed and dealt with. But those who control the scientific community's money and what it shall be spent on, will never allow it.  Indeed, they will spend billions insuring it does not happen.  And if one wishes to rise in the science community as far as control and management is concerned, one will play the "money-induced" game or one will just be shoved aside and parked.  This starts all the way down to the struggling grad student working on his Ph.D., and to the young Post Doc seeking his post doctoral program funding.  It's all neatly and quietly managed, very tightly.

Just try broaching the problem --- of the source charge and its associated EM fields and potentials and their energy --- to the usual EE professor. You will likely get a reaction of strong anger. Not that it's an interesting, vexing, and unsolved scientific problem.  But that it's trivial and "everybody knows that".  In other words, dogma and not science.

Meanwhile, the environmental community turns for its scientific advice to --- guess who!  The very same scientific community that willingly produces the problem in the first place, and much of whose bread and butter rigorously depends on maintaining the status quo.

Now here are some blunt words for both sides.  Simply extend the present "trends" that determine the motivations driving those very things.  Human numbers are increasing, particularly in the underprivileged and undeveloped nations.  The demand for electrical energy and transport energy is thus ever increasing and will double in 20 years or even less, particularly in Asia and undeveloped countries trying to get started in modern development. DOUBLE what it is right now!  The increasing urgent need for oil, coal, etc. will also fuel fierce wars (beginning right now!) of a magnitude and ferocity seldom seen on Planet Earth.  The newest great one is just starting, and I have news: It isn't President Bush that is starting it and has started it.  If one were privileged to receive the highly classified briefings that the President receives, so one would know the real situation, one would be appalled.  From where he sits, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.  Strike now, and he will pay a big price.  Delay and have to strike later, and the price could go up tenfold or even more.  The "price" we are referring to is dead and dying Americans in our cities.  As an example: The Russians secretly introduced nuclear weapons into our cities, before the collapse of the former Soviet Empire, along with the Spetznaz teams to detonate them on call.  These are 20 KT to 40 KT weapons, a little bigger than what hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Read Lunev's book; he tells you how they brought them in (piece of cake).  Those weapons are still here, waiting and ready.  Al Qaeda has also just announced that it has seven nuclear weapons hidden in U.S. cities.  Some are 100 KT, the others are 10 KT, according to them.  I suspect that may be true.  Then there are all sorts of hostile terrorist teams in here, with anthrax, smallpox, the works. In the "new" warfare, a great strategic strike --- consisting of delivery of mass destruction weapons onto their distant strategic targets and detonating or unleashing them --- is divided into two phases.  Phase I is the preparation phase, accomplished in "peacetime'" (something which no longer even exists anymore, and never will again), and consists of clandestinely inserting the weapons of mass destruction into the targeted nation and its cities, along with the terrorist teams to unleash the weapons on command. Phase II is the operational phase, when the weapons are detonated or unleashed.

The first phase of WW III has already been completed, particularly inside the U.S. and in our cities.  We have been in WW III for some time, whether we like it or not.  As Cheney said:

"The war on terrorism will not be over in our lifetime.  It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end. At least not in our lifetime.  The way I think of it is, it's a new normalcy." Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001.

We are now entering the second (operational) phase of WW III.

So the problem is: What can be done that affects all the facets of this complex of problems?   The answer is the rapid development of peaceful uses of the higher group symmetry EM stuff already secretly weaponized by at least 10 nations, with the number steadily increasing.

(1) Develop cheap clean energy from the vacuum, both from the positive energy standpoint and the negative energy viewpoint simultaneously.  All 3-space EM energy comes from the time domain and returns to it anyway; that should be intensely pursued.  In a relativity sense, we are burning time as the fuel anyway, not really the coal and oil etc. Those are just the "initiation processes" (the "switching", for example).  And we are more than a hundred years behind in examining the switching and control mechanisms themselves.  However, we have a great cartel that depends upon the lucrative energy business as it is presently conducted, for their enormous profits and income, power, and control (including of science).  So we have an enormously powerful cartel dedicated to stopping any such development, and they have been very successful in suppressing it for many decades.  Note that I am including in this Problem

(1) the development of practical and cheap, clean transportation and antigravity, as outlined in my book.  Since we use energy to provide transport, then one can include the transport problem as part of the overall energy problem.  I also include in the proposed solution the development of both positive and negative energy, so that --- e.g. --- a balance can be achieved readily between use of positive energy contributing to global warming etc., and use of negative energy tending to reduce global warming, etc.  It must be balanced; we do not wish either a new "icecaps melting" age or a new ice age!

(2) Develop cheap, clean, effective medical healing technology and science by augmenting the higher group symmetry EM process used by the cellular regenerative system in the body and the cellular control system in the body. All life, whether viral, bacterial, whatever is and can be controlled that way.  Instead of developing this emerging science to kill people, develop it to save them.  Again, we have one of the greatest cartels of all time, perhaps the greatest, devoted to seeing that such a thing is not allowed to happen.  They have been very successful in suppressing it for decades.  We also strongly believe that the present hell-for-leather scientific direction --- do the epigenetic programming by cloning, genetic engineering, and other seriously flawed techniques where class of infolded EM environments occurs and serious detriment to life forms also emerges --- must be corrected by using not only the Waddington valleys presently considered but both the Waddington valleys and the specific outfolded and infolded EM environment of each one.  That would and will allow true genetic engineering without posing such a terrible threat to species and generations yet unborn.  As it is, at the present time biology is playing with fire in a giant ammunition magazine, likely to erupt into a huge planetary explosion of mutating, crippling, and destroying species.  Science is risking massively unleashing a whole new giant class of serious biological changes and terminal illnesses, in an area previously confined to quirks of mutation of individual genes etc. in individuals, slowly and over the great long run affecting species.  Now they are building a rocket engine to dramatically accelerate that detrimental process worldwide, in all species.   Species do exchange genes and genetic expressions!  Really mess with the genes of a few species, and one is messing with the genes of all species.  Do it on a big scale, and one is messing with dramatic and uncontrolled, unforeseeable generation of mutations in many species worldwide, at a highly accelerated pace.

(3) And here is the really tricky one.   The one which evokes the question, "Who can be trusted to bell the cat?"  Instead of using the emerging secret mind engineering (just now more harshly used as mind influence and mind control weapons) for detriment to human beings, develop and use it for beneficial purposes.  There are sicknesses of the mind as well as of the body, and most of those sicknesses are not just in the "serial processor" conscious mind, but in the "massively parallel processor" unconscious mind. Here the problem is that the secret weaponization has already long been underway including attempts to reach down to the collective species unconscious and engineer the mind there directly also.  If that attempt (to engineer the collective human species mind directly)  succeeds, we will get something like turning the human species into a completely controlled ant society, with every individual totally controlled both mentally and physically from before birth onward. What the West has not realized is that mind functions and operations are indeed "electromagnetic", but they are not described in, and can't be modeled in, the usual seriously flawed and limited hoary old U(1) electrodynamics.  They can indeed be modeled in higher group symmetry electrodynamics, such as O(3), quaternions, etc.  But the question remains: considering our present rather terrible human (or inhuman) situation and the appalling "big monkey" games so rampant and controlling, how in the dickens can one get a benevolent development in this area, the ultimate human control area?  I really do not know the answer to that question.  Presently, neither does anyone else, so far as I'm aware. So here we need some work on the problem by the best minds available, and NOT the usual posturing and garbage of who's going to emerge as the new guru or big monkey in that area!  That's the problem anyway, not the solution. So this one is still one in which I know of no present solution.

(4) The problem of rapidly increasing sheer human numbers.  Regardless of all the "proposed" solutions (sterilization, rigid imposition of quotas for children, the more drastic proposal of eliminating three-quarters of the peoples of the Earth  by war, famine, and disease and keeping it that way, etc.), I know of no reasonable and humanly kind solution here.  A possible solution does arise from item #3, which means doing the "bare bones management needed" and doing it directly in the collective human unconscious.  But then that evokes the problem that is yet unsolved: How does one bell that cat and who can be trusted to do it?  How does one keep it humane, instead of inhumane? Where are those "perfect" humans who could even be trusted with such power over the entire human race?  So this main problem number (4) is also --- in my view -- unsolved (and maybe even unsolvable) because all presently proposed "solutions" are humanitarianly unacceptable, let alone being religiously unacceptable to a great many religions.

There are many other lesser problems, of course, but hopefully they can fairly readily be tackled if one gets solutions to these four.  So far, we can see possible solutions to problems one and two.  We haven't seen dependable solutions to problems 3 and 4 yet.

The above is just to place in perspective all the lesser problems of global heating, biospheric poisoning and polluting, etc.  If those four primary areas can be solved (assuming that somewhere and somehow there really are humane and godly solutions to items (3) and (4) that are yet undiscovered), then the lesser problems can be handled and solved much more expeditiously.

Whether or not humanity is able to achieve that solution in spite of the terrible damage it is preparing to inflict on itself, or will destroy itself, is still very much in question.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Sunday, December 08, 2002 1:47 AM
Subject: Blacklight's patent problem

Hi Tom;

Just received my latest Infinite Energy magazine, issue 46. A report comes that Blacklight lost at the federal appeals level last june 28. Obviously we know who the enemy is:BIG OIL. But in re to MEG they see the same threat (no business helps its competitor put IT out of business) but there is a further threat : global warming. If you give every one of 6 billion people a virtually FREE KW of energy with a MEG device, where does all that heat go?  Then of course, 6 billion people being ignorant and selfish in the aggregate, will want a free megawatt, then a free gigawatt, where does all THAT waste heat go? This is the very question the anti CF/BLP/MEG futurists are asking. You mentioned "shorting out the Sweet Device" to dump heat/energy back into the vacuum state, ie, a refrigerator. So, producing MEG units is and must be) only 1/2 of the story. For each and every KWH pumped out of the vacuum state an equal KWH has to be pumped back into it...or we all COOK! W=P