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Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:45:43 -0600


Dear Mickey,


We continue to try to obtain funding to get on with finishing the last year of Engineering Development for the MEG. And we are still hopeful that we will eventually succeed. We have been very, very close on two occasions, only to watch things fall apart at the last minute. We are in other promising negotiations right now.


Inventors such as the five of us who invented the MEG did not make the system that inventors and researchers have to work under. The only thing of value that an inventor has is his intellectual property rights, under our system. So we obtained the U.S. patent, and have since then obtained several other foreign patents to insure these rights.  These rights are all that the inventor has that is of financial worth. He must carefully trade some of this potential financial worth for some actual finances to get on with it and finish it.


Unless the inventor is a fool or backed by a large company, he cannot deal with most of the conventional funding channels for research. Look at it this way. In the U.S. government, its own agencies (national labs etc.) file patents! So if funding comes from or through one of them, you have just taken your own competitors into your confidence. You can imagine what happens from there. Just ask Larry Fullerton what happened to him. Universities also place great pressure on their professors etc. to bring in extra money and to file and obtain patents. So if you try to work with a university, it is very difficult. The professors themselves are often very willing and even eager to do it, and would sign not only a nondisclosure agreement but a noncircumvention agreement. Usually the legal staff of the university will not permit a noncircumvention agreement at all. So if you try to work with the university anyway, there is a serious risk that some things will be changed a bit and other patents filed around one by the university. The Japanese in the last 20 years have been notorious for “cluster patenting”. That is, you get a patent that looks promising, and Japanese companies put 50 engineers on that situation, who then file all sorts of complimentary patents on every conceivable derivative of it. Suddenly the inventor finds that his own invention is “boxed in” by the necessity to use something out of one of more of these “cluster patents”. Even if the Japanese patents cannot be used unless agreements are consummated with you, that is not the problem. Historically, Japanese companies would just wait until one’s patent expired, then with still quite a few years on the bulk of their clusters, they would go ahead with the unit in all its glory.


One or more of our major prestigious Department of Defense research groups actually has an infamous habit of affixing a clause in one’s contract, stating that the “government retains its march-in rights”. That silly phrase means that a single bureaucrat can one day just write one letter or directive, declaring that you are not “getting the device to development and marketing quickly enough to meet the government’s needs”, and so the government “exercises its march-in rights”. This means it simply seizes the patent and rights, assigns them to one of its “big favored contractors” to do it around you, and the nonplussed inventor watches his invention get rapidly developed and marketed right around him. Supposedly one can get some kind of “compensation” for such, but usually that really means nothing at all unless you are a big company and hire your lawyers by the year.


Several other inventors also have legitimate COP>1.0 energy-from-the-vacuum systems. But all of them have the same problem: Lack of the substantial funds required to finish a laboratory demonstration process and take it into a developed technology for mass production and sales. And just about total exclusion from the normal research funding channels, unless one is just anxious to give away all his hard years of work, etc.


The legitimate venture capital comes in mixed types. About half of the venture capitalists are just looking to make a killing, and the wish to just displace you and your development team, and just take over your invention totally. In this case that is foredoomed to failure, because they will assign it to electrical engineers, and not use the necessary sophisticated team of Aharonov-Bohm specialists (both theory and measurement), nonlinear oscillation control expert (Russian system, not the U.S. system, is required), a modeling expert skilled in modeling in a higher group symmetry electrodynamics -- such are very rare, a theoretician skilled in higher group theory electrodynamics, etc.


Most venture capitalists just wish to find and acquire control of a system already developed and ready for full production and quick marketing.


Even the foundations who specialize in seeking out innovations, are also insistent that the system must already be in full completed prototype for formal production.


In short, nobody wishes to fund the necessary final phase of Engineering Development, but only the production engineering and production phase.


And if the development is placed under electrical engineers, it is lost anyway, because electrical engineering specifically prohibits such COP>1.0 electrical power systems taking their excess energy from the vacuum. The EE models excludes any active vacuum – and thus any energy from the vacuum – from the getgo. So electrical engineers will likely build a good COP<1.0 transformer, fully complying with ordinary electrical engineering theory and modeling. They will not build a MEG, which violates both electromagnetic theory and conventional EM modeling.


There is also a formidable array of powerful cartels which do not wish such systems to be produced, and some of these cartels have been suppressing such systems since Nikola Tesla (actually since Stubblefield, even before Tesla). Some of these cartels are in industry (particularly in the big nuclear reactor power plant business), some in Science (some very powerful ones, as in the hot fusion and big accelerators community), some  in the financial community, etc. At about the third level down from the top in such powerful organizations, that is the level at which the actions for the organization are actually implemented. Call that “actual implementation” level the “entourage level”. By the bell-shaped curve, some 11 % or so of the entourage level leaders have no morals at all, are totally greedy and grasping and self-serving, and would kill their own grandmother to “get ahead” or gain personal control, influence, and money. That 11% is playing the “big monkey game” (primate dominance) with a vengeance. This faction of the entourage establishes lateral relations with all sorts of other groups and outside groups, even with mafias, etc. Murder and assassination thus become a tool sometimes used, as are all sorts of character assassinations, “gamings”, etc. You really have not lived until you experience what comes down on you from these entourages that are “sour” and evil. It isn’t like it’s advertised in the newspaper. All large and powerful organizations have their entourages, and they also develop that 11% evil faction. And that is where all the games and gaming occurs. It’s a total way of life, involved and hidden in all large organizations of government, religion, industry, science, and any large element of society.


Machiavelli is not dead, but very much alive and well, and functioning on a massive scale, though quite well hidden.


Further, our scientific leadership – and here we directly refer to the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, etc. – is also adamantly opposed to the very notion of COP>1.0 electrical power systems, taking their excess energy from the vacuum. If our scientific community really was devoted to science, and could rid itself of that bad 11% of its entourages, all one would have to do is point out the terrible flaws being propagated (now for more than a century) in electrical engineering and classical Maxwell-Heaviside electrodynamics, and there would be an immediate scientific move to correct such terrible errors. There isn’t, and there won’t be. The scientific entourages in cushy relations with “outside money”, prestige, and influence and control from upholding the status quo, will see that it doesn’t happen.


There is also a professional “skeptical” scientific community, vicious but extraordinarily naďve. The skeptical community is still not even aware that the standard CEM/EE model assumes that every EM field, potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created from nothing at all, by their associated source charges, in total violation of the conservation of energy law. The real mission of the entourages in the skeptical community is to serve the bad entourages in the scientific community, by being attack dogs and attacking like a pack of converted dogs gone wild. It is not about science at all, but about the big monkey game. That is why for a hundred years they have spouted the falsity that perpetual motion (Newton’s first law of motion) requires a system continually doing work without any energy input, and that is impossible so the perpetual motion machine is impossible. To the contrary, every solid state physics student in a good university will do perpetual motion machine experiments in his laboratory work, at the sophomore or junior level. A superconducting current initiated in a superconducting ring will essentially circulate forever. The best measurements and statistical estimates are that its half life is some 10exp23 years – many orders of magnitude longer than the present age of the observable universe. You can buy a little kit to do your own successful perpetual motion experiment, from several supply houses, for a few hundred dollars. Also, apparently not one of these vaunted skeptics who has so spouted perpetual motion was even capable of performing a simple sophomore-level logic analysis of the common statement on the “perpetual motion machine means a continuously working system without any energy input”.. That statement advances a false thesis and a true thesis, then erroneously equates the two as being identically the same thing, and claims therefore that the false thesis is proven by the true thesis. This is simply an elementary logical non sequitur, which any sophomore student having had one course in symbolic logic can easily show. But in more than a century, it seems, the entire skeptical community has been incapable of such a simple logical analysis. Ironically, if their own “definition” is applied to their own belief system, then they already accept that every charge is indeed just such a perpetual motion machine that they are so protesting.


We bring that up because one of the major mechanisms used to suppress the overunity EFTV system research effort is to vehemently proclaim that a COP>1.0 EFTV electrical power system is a dirty old perpetual motion machine, and that this means it would be a system violating the first law of thermodynamics (conservation of energy) because it would require a system doing continuous work without any energy input. It’s a cosmic joke! Every charge in the universe already physically demonstrates COP = infinity, and it continuously produces negative entropy, totally falsifying the present emasculated second half- law of thermodynamics and requiring its revision. Yet it continuously obeys the conservation of energy law, since it receives all that energy it then outputs, but just receives it in virtual state form and converts it. It actually is a steady state nonequilibrium system continuously receiving energy and continuously doing “work” (changing the form of its received energy, from the virtual state to the observable state).


E.g., start with an electrical power system in equilibrium – the state of maximum entropy. To get it to do anything, it must be moved away from equilibrium into a state of nonequilibrium (an “excited” state or “potentialized” state, with additional potential energy), and that movement represents a negative entropy operation. If you put the extra energy in, in a different form, it has to be converted to potentialize the system, and so that will cost you some work for that conversion. But if the energy is input from a free flow and in the same form, it will not cost you any work at all for that excess energy that the system takes on. Mere transfer of energy in the same form is not work; work is rigorously the change of form of energy. So the present second law assumes that a previous negative entropy operation has already occurred, to excite the system and move it out of equilibrium, but it does not account for it. Instead, it accounts for the subsequent entropic decay of that nonequilibrium system back to the equilibrium state, increasing its entropy as it does so. Simply put, it only applies to the “decay” of excited systems, never to their excitation process. And even then, it only applies where no additional negative entropy operation occurs to void or reverse the entropic decay. Hence it is only a “half-law” at best. It was never a full law of nature.


The question then is, can a system be freely “excited”, or must one “pay for the excitation”? The resounding answer is that it can freely be excited – the potential energy of any EM system can be freely changed at will, and that is covered by the gauge freedom axiom of gauge field theory. As a physical example, freeze the charges q in a system so that dq/dt = 0. And then change the voltage, say by a hundredfold. Voltage amplification alone is not work or power. And so by merely increasing the voltage while suppressing the current, one has just increased the potential energy collected in that system (on its pinned charges q) by a factor of 100, without doing any work at all. That is simple “asymmetrical regauging” – increasing a single potential of the system so that its collected potential energy is freely increased at no cost to the operator.  (In the real world, you will have to pay for a little judicious switching energy, but nothing like the excess free potential energy collected in that system). When the charges q are then subsequently released in the now-potentialized system, that system will discharge its excess potential energy under the present second half-law, which covers just such decay situations only. So that system will permissibly do free work for you, powering real loads. Instead of that simple thing, we are all taught that two potentials – both A and phi – should be changed, and they should be changed just so that the two new force fields that also freely occur are equal and opposite. In short, we are taught to arbitrarily uphold Lorentz invariance of the descriptive equations and Lorentz symmetry of the circuit, as if such were absolutely required by nature.


It isn’t.


It’s required by dogma and arbitrary custom, and by rigorous suppression of any deviation from the “party line”.


There is even a part of the environmental community which, under the commendable purpose of sustainability, nevertheless actually wishes to eliminate about three-quarters of the living people on the planet. This is a very powerful faction of the community, confusing what should be a good purpose with a very detrimental implementation. It’s rather like the solution Hitler advanced for solving the “Jewish Problem”. The entourages of that part of the community are going to see that this intention is maintained. And the last thing those entourages wish to see, is the advent of self-powering fuel-free EFTV electrical power systems.


Those cartels that also reap vast sums of money from the present highly centralized electrical power system’s way of doing business, and from all the oil sales and pipelines and distribution lines and the big power plants etc., possess long-standing entourages that are also absolutely determined not to change, but to give you “more of the same”. The last thing these entourages wish is the development of decentralized electrical power systems that are fuel-free, self-powering, taking their input energy directly from the local vacuum.


Meanwhile, in the asymmetric terrorist war on the U.S. which has been ongoing for about 20 years, the war has just moved from the 20-year-long insertion phase to the final 2 to 3 year operations phase. In about two years or so, the organized terrorists are going to “lay down” the totally vulnerable centralized electrical power system, and it isn’t going to be viable ever again.  So unless we do develop these vehemently opposed EFTV fuel-free self-powering electrical power systems, there will then occur the most catastrophic economic collapse of the economy in history.  That can guarantee the subsequent destruction of the U.S. by the terrorists, using anthrax and other BW weapons etc, just as surely as would a strike with 100 large nuclear-tipped ICBMs.


EM energy from the vacuum universally occurs and flows and is actually absolutely free . Every EM field and potential is already a set of such steady and ongoing real EM energy flows, as shown by E.T. Whittaker in 1903 and 1904. Every EM circuit and system is already filled with gobs of charges q, all pouring out real usable EM energy that the charges directly extract from the local vacuum. The energy in every EM field or potential is already a set of such Whittaker EM energy flows extracted directly from the seething vacuum by their associated source charges. Real EM energy in nature occurs in steady energy flows, not in so many chunks like ears of corn piled in a corn crib. Collection of the flowing energy on charges q, by the interaction of the ongoing free energy flows (the fields and potentials) does produce “steady states” of deviation in the flows. Those are called “energy collection”.


You see, we do not have to discover how to extract the useful  EM energy from the seething disordered vacuum!  We only have to recognize and teach that it is already ubiquitously done by every charge!  And then we must search out and change what we are doing wrong in our circuits so that they cannot use some of the free energy to give us some free work. The reason our scientists have never discovered how the energy was being extracted from the vacuum by the source charges, until we solved it circa 1999 and published it in 2000, was that this long-vexing  “source charge problem”, wasn’t solvable by the old fellows, so they just scrubbed it out of all the textbooks and ignored it. Even today, most electrical power engineering students (and even many of the professors) have never even heard of the source charge problem.


We do not have to discover how to absorb the totally disordered virtual (subquantal) fluctuation energy from the vacuum, then how to reorder it (still virtual but ordered), how to then coherently integrate it to quantum (observable) level, and then how to re-emit it as ordered real EM energy (real photons), spreading at light speed in all directions. Every charge in the universe already freely does that for us. We just have to understand that they do it, and then we have to work out how to properly “catch” and use energy from those free energy flows from every source charge. Presently we have been taught to do it wrong.


The sad part is that here we are, despoiling the planet and the biosphere, worrying about providing energy by beating nature massively and in a brute force manner, when nature has always provided us with such an incredible amount of ongoing free EM energy flow that it boggles the human mind. But the problem is that, long before scientists even knew there was an active vacuum, or an electron, or a nucleus of an atom, they produced and “froze” electrical power engineering theory. And they did it in such a way as to produce only Lorentz-symmetrical systems described by Lorentz-invariant mathematics.  After awhile, they then simply proclaimed that mess as based on “irreducible laws of nature”. At that point, it became dogma rather than science.


The adherence to Lorentz symmetry and to Lorentz invariant equations makes the mathematics and the systems simpler, and therefore much easier to solve, but it also produces and describes only COP< 1.0 electrical power systems taking their energy from the vacuum. And even then it totally conceals and assumes away (1) the active vacuum, and (2) the production of all that observable EM energy from virtual (subquantal) energy. So it means that our electrical power engineers have been taught a highly restrained electrodynamics, riddled with errors and omissions, that guarantee the present horrendous mess, the terrible destruction of the biosphere, etc. Ironically, the very first thing one must do, to develop and work in and with legitimate COP>1.0 EFTV systems, is to learn how to build EM systems that deliberately violate Lorentz symmetry and whose descriptive equations therefore violate Lorentz invariance. But to even mention such is almost to evoke a tirade of scientific dogma and vehemence reminiscent of the dark ages. Most mathematicians have so long worshiped symmetry as “beauty” that such a suggestion is considered to be ugly and nightmarish beyond human description. Yes, a small and determined group of physicists are pushing to try to break through the “Lorentz invariance barrier”, but they have a very hard row to hoe and they also take a real professional beating (or undergo a lack of advancement, etc.). But they are trying.


So the experiences one encounters in trying to get legitimate funding for an overunity EM power system development are very “interesting”, if one uses the Chinese definition of “interesting”. One day perhaps one should write a book on the experiences one actually meets and the things that actually happen. The problem is, no one would believe such a book if it were written!


The only way one can proceed in such an environment is to try to continue within the prescribed intellectual property system, not promoting stock sales etc., until finally such a proper financial arrangement can be consummated.


So that is what we are continuing to do. The five of us have invested a substantial portion of our lives, and a great deal of our own personal money, in just getting this far. This effort is the estate I do not have. It’s the house that has not been paid for. It’s driving a 1990 automobile rather than a shiny new one (hey, I like my old 1990 Sedan de Ville, bought it second hand, and wouldn’t trade it for a new car anyway). It’s continuing after a heart attack and hypoxia, and the deterioration of one’s aerobic system by the BW-modified mycoplasma caught while stationed in Canada in the U.S. Army. It’s continuing in snatches and grabs after one’s beloved wife has a stroke, then a serious and massive blood clot in the heart, so one is caring for her 24/7.  It’s thinking about what kind of world we must try to leave to our children, and our neighbor’s children, and their children’s children, as best we can. It has not been easy, and it has not been cheap.  It will not get easy, and it will not get cheap. And it has not been without – from time to time – very substantial physical risk. Those who have been part of it, know exactly what I’m talking about.


Anyway, that’s about all I can tell you. We will continue. We do not “hustle stock” onto a gullible public to cut into the savings of hard working folks on what is still a risk venture. We have not taken and will not knowingly take “laundered” money from nefarious enterprises. Etc. We are trying to do it right up the middle. We’ve freely explained  – on the net, in books, in papers, etc. – exactly how the MEG gets its extra energy from the altered local spacetime/vacuum. And how many other legitimate overunity EFTV systems do it. We’ve cited the hard physics references that prove the Aharonov-Bohm effect, and thus prove that such can indeed be done and that such has been experimentally demonstrated innumerable times (some 20,000 papers in the hard physics literature, even though the AB effect is not in electrical power engineering).


We continue to point out that the COP> 1.0 Takahashi Magnetic Wankel engine can be successfully replicated by any technical university’s electrical engineering department. So far, not a single one has been built, to our knowledge. We point out that the “negative resonance absorption” from the medium, known and experimentally verified in physics since 1967, has a thermodynamic COP = 18 in the IR and in the UV, for optimized experiments.


We point out that electrical engineers do not at all calculate the force-free EM field as it occurs in space, but only the point intensity of the interaction of that “actual EM field in space” with static charged matter. In short, they only calculate the point intensity of the effect in charged static matter of the ongoing interaction of the real force-free field in space with that matter.


We point out that the present flawed form of the Second Law of thermodynamics is an oxymoron implicitly assuming its own contradiction first has occurred, but has not been and is not accounted. Along with many others, we have pointed out that the Second Law already has quite a few known and accepted violations. Any equilibrium system merely moving out of equilibrium lowers its entropy, in violation of the second law. And every statistical fluctuation in a many-particle system violates the second law while the excursion is occurring. As do sharp gradients, memory of materials, etc. Those are all known and recognized violations, accepted by the leading thermodynamicists themselves. The new Second Law we advanced gathers all of those in, and now includes all those areas in its prescription. It includes systems that generate continuous negative entropy (every charge in the universe does it), which thus totally falsify the present hoary old form of the second “half-law”. The new second law includes such continuous negative entropy systems. Evans and Rondoni theoretically demonstrated that such systems are indeed permitted by thermodynamics, but despaired of any real system doing so. To the contrary, we proposed the first physical system that does it and that can easily be experimentally shown to do it: the common charged particle. But to see that, one had to first solve the long-vexing source charge problem itself. And one had to thus extend the first law of thermodynamics (energy conservation) to include conservation between virtual state and observable state.


So we will continue. In the world climate and the events now rushing toward us, there is shortly going to arrive a time when the economy is collapsing around us and all the legitimate free energy inventors will be avidly sought, in a desperate attempt to develop EFTV overunity electrical power systems and prevent or soften the total economic collapse of the Western world. It would be far better if that effort were started right now, with all possible speed – but meanwhile one does what one can.


Let us hope that the scientific positions and the cartels “soften” very soon. And we are not just speaking of the MEG and this group of five inventors, but of all the other overunity inventors struggling with their systems, within the same hostile environment, with a lack of legitimate funding and usually the lack of the sophisticated scientific team that should be working the problem.


For comic relief, one realizes that the Creator must have a great sense of humor, for the job definitely requires it. Here the creation has provided us with available, free, unlimited electrical energy flowing freely from every charge in the universe. Everywhere. In every EM system ever built or that ever will be built. And in the midst of such incredible riches of available energy for the taking, our scientists have botched it for more than a century, despoiling the planet and savagely fighting and tearing nature itself, ripping out and consuming vast quantities of hydrocarbons, nuclear fuel rods, etc., killing of species and poisoning the biosphere, and all the while proclaiming how advanced our science is and that we can do no better in our efforts to keep up with the rapidly escalating demands for energy and transportation.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden

I am interested in the corporate use of the MEG patent for further research and development funded by manufacturing of units similar to, or in the spirit of, the device described in the patent. What are the inventors' positions on this? >From what I have seen on the Tom Bearden website, it seems as though the inventors are already beginning to work toward this goal. I have no interest in infringing on the interests of the inventors, but I believe this technology should reach the private sector in the swiftest manner possible in order to induce as much change in the environmentally un-friendly energy utilization methods currently swamping the market. Any information on this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so very much.