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Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 12:19:44 -0500


I suspect most of our storms from now on will have appreciable weather engineering added, to cause more damage.

We have entered the operational phase of asymmetrical war against us, and – as Secretary of Defense Cohen confirmed in 1997 – the “terrorists” are using “electromagnetic” weapons to stimulate volcanoes into eruption, cause earthquakes, and control our climate and weather.

This hurricane already made a right angle turn West to move across the tip of Florida, and into the Gulf, where the warm Gulf waters will increase its intensity and the damage it does. Some 40% or so of U.S. oil comes from that Gulf, hence the strategic importance of the targeting. The most lucrative damage path would be through the oil rigs and platforms, and then hit shore centered on New Orleans. We’ll just have to see if that is the path generated.

Another practice or demonstration “shot” seems to have been the very recent large sun eruption, apparently deliberately steered at Indonesia, which knocked out the entire electrical power system of Indonesia, leaving some 100 million persons without power. At this point there is something like a 70% probability that it was an artificial shot. It’s a standard practice of our foes to do such a “dress rehearsal” shot to show that the major variables are under control, before assembling and unleashing the actual “shot on the real target – the United States”.

So SecDef Cohen’s warning was right on, and now we are into it. The hostile plan also calls for gradually increasing the intensity of the damage done to the United States by each incident, since Americans do not react to slowly increasing threats (that is one of our grave strategic vulnerabilities, as shown by a standard Strategic Analysis routinely done by military folks). So our geologists and scientists just blithely state that “we have entered a geologically active period”, and everybody thinks these incidents are just flukes of nature.  That way, our national reaction characteristics are used to our own grave disadvantage.

Our own centralized national electrical power system is also in grave danger and is deadly vulnerable. The system was never intended – or built – as a proper multi-loop servo control system, and every principle for such is violated by the system. So just a few good surges here and there can generate self-resonance and necessitate abrupt shutdowns of great sections of it or even all of it. A single scalar interferometer do that easily, and it can put the entire U.S. electrical power system down and keep it down from now on, with ridiculous ease – while its Yakuza operator is just sipping his sake and watching TV. So somewhere about a year to a year and a half from now, I expect that to occur.  Scalar interferometers can produce not only positive energy EMP, but also negative energy EMP. So complete destruction of targeted control systems in huge areas of the grid are simply accomplished, particularly if negative energy is used.

As you can see, the major intent of our foes is to bring about a catastrophic economic collapse of the entire U.S. economy, something like two years from now, so there will result great chaos and disorder in all our cities, paralyzing our entire society. And all by adroitly engineered “acts of nature”, with never a nuclear weapon fired.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2005 8:18 AM
To: Tom Bearden
Subject: Southeast U.S. Satellite Weather Forecasts on Yahoo! Weather
Importance: High

Dear Dr. Bearden,

Weather EMP weapons at work - have you reviewed the path of this one-looks like the oil fields in the gulf are going to be hit hard-any input would be great.