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Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 12:11:01 -0500


Dear Gary,


The five inventors of the MEG are as frustrated as anyone else! We’ve sunk our money and enormous time in this effort for some 10 to 12 years. So we have our own money and sweat and work where our mouth is. It hasn’t been funded by selling stock to the naïve public etc.


We are not out of engineering development of the MEG yet, and to get through it and into full production engineering would require about $10 to $12 million – money we personally do not have. So far, we’ve not obtained the necessary financing. We did sign one financial deal, only to have our last working demonstrator promptly destroyed by the new folks in three days, against all our instructions. So we had to legally declare that agreement null and void.


Engineering the MEG, it should be clear, IS NOT JUST NORMAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. We’ve made that point many times, and specified exactly how the machine works. Yet the biggest problem is that almost all of the venture capitalists are either EEs themselves, or employ as their second or third in command an EE, often with a Ph.D. in EE. And there the problem is that one cannot get across to the EEs that the MEG is not just a transformer, and that E-field radiations really do arise freely from the space just outside the core, re-radiating back into the core with a multitude of absorbed and reradiated signals of all sorts of phases. Unless this dense signal environment and its phasing is carefully adjusted so that the phases are generally additive, COP > 1.0 is not possible, obviously, since it means no effective NET energy input occurs from the activated external environment, even though LOTS of excess energy is being radiated back into the MEG. One doesn’t seek and cannot use just a “noise” energy input from that external environment! One must have some coherence, so that the external environment inputs some usable free EM energy.


So to go from the business of slow, painful hand adjustment of the phasing to automatic optimization is certainly a “doable”, but it is not a simple EE problem. In aerospace, our team (who are all aerospace engineers with substantial and lengthy experience in nonlinear systems) has worked for several decades on such problems, and we do know how to solve it and finish the product so that it’s ready for full production engineering. Bluntly, electrical engineers do not know how to solve the problem and finish the unit, unless they’ve studied and worked well beyond electrical power engineering. The MEG’s operation cannot even be modeled in the standard CEM/EE model.


But the EEs with venture capitalists (and some of our major national laboratories also, by the way) don’t seem to be able to comprehend something that is already well-known in aerospace, in chaotic systems work, and in dense signal environments work.


Let me speak very plainly. That lack of understanding of such systems, and the use of a horribly fouled old electrical engineering model in our power engineering, is why nationally we have a horribly vulnerable centralized electrical power distribution and “control” system that violates almost every principle of multiloop servomechanism control theory in the book. It isn’t just an EE problem; it’s a multiloop servomechanism control problem. Our national centralized electrical power system is so fragile and so vulnerable that even a small portable EMP weapon (a “shooter”, as commonly known in the trade), really good hackers, and many other simple things can keep it surging out of control and collapsing indefinitely with ridiculous ease.


If one wishes a more accurate grasp of the energy situation, see Matt Simmons’ presentations downloadable from the Simmons International website. There you get the truth, not political fiction, and by one of the firms that widely funds energy projects worldwide. Further, a single scalar interferometer can lay the entire system down at will, and keep it down forever. Since even the Japanese Yakuza have such interferometers and have been using them since early 1990 to engineer the weather over our heads (see Scott Stevens’ website for a meteorologist’s beautiful presentation of the resulting weather engineering phenomena), obviously somewhere along the line they are going to devote one of those interferometers to downing the entire U.S. electrical power system and keeping it down. And when that happens, there isn’t going to be any functioning centralized electric power in the U.S. from then on, period. Easy to surmise the catastrophic economic collapse that then will ensue, paralyzing and defeating the United States without a single missile, nuclear bomber, nuclear submarine, etc.


Our fellows do know about scalar interferometers, weather engineering, and the works – but they keep it so closely locked up that most of our decision makers are not aware of it, even though Secretary of Defense Cohen was briefed on it and publicly confirmed such weapons in April 1997. Meanwhile, our present national power system and national energy policy are just a great disaster waiting to happen.


We do continue in our search for the necessary funding, with a financial arrangement we can tolerate, and with a financial partner who can understand that he cannot just run in some good EEs and build a MEG and turn them out like pretzels. Or in fact that cannot be done with any other legitimate COP>1.0 system, without the proper completion of Engineering Development and then Production Engineering.


We think we are again getting close to obtaining the necessary capitalization for the MEG, but will just have to wait and see how it turns out this time around.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden