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Subject: RE: Approaching parity
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 11:09:11 -0500


Not counted but closing the last 100 yards, so to speak, is the U.S.  The sixth nation I was referring to appears to be France.  They actually got into the longitudinal interferometry business as a take-off from the Priore project, by about 1970.  They are one of the nations that later were "test-firing" into Western Australia for some years in the 1990s, right along with the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo.

The Brits seem to be in a cooperative effort with the U.S., but how far they are partners is still unclear.  They do have at least access to scalar interferometers and negative energy EMP weapons, and some stocks of their own, and I would suspect also they are probably a driving force in the QP weapons development  of the team.

Argentina and Peru seem to have at least some sort of small LWI programs, but I don't have any further details.  South Africa probably has scalar interferometers, but not much more, for the last decade and a half, at least as far as I'm able to find. That may just mean I just don't have the information.  Haven't gotten much info on them since the early days, so they could be farther along.

It's difficult to follow all that these days; it would really require a special team just to try to keep up with it.  And scanning tons and tons of information, to glean those precious scraps now and then, is largely beyond my capability anymore.

The Yakuza in Japan are also building smaller scalar interferometers, having carried the technology back to their own facilities in Japan after leasing the on-site interferometers in Russia.  It appears they are eying bringing some of these into the U.S. clandestinely, with a view toward being able to knock out communications centers, nuclear power plants, the controls of normal power plants, refineries, etc. at some little distance.  The Aum Shinrikyo has changed its name (to Aleph, I think it is), but seems to still be working with the Yakuza.  Apparently the Yakuza have installed some sort of devices on most of the major power lines, and have used them to kill some targets (such as politicians who get too energetic on opposing the Yakuza). I don't know whether any of this flurry of Japanese activity on the website is connected with that or not; probably with the free energy from the vacuum, I'm surmising.

As far as I am aware, only Russia and one other nation have the massless "engine robots" yet.

There are now a few serious indications (tests) of the next development beyond the robots, which is an area very difficult to explain.  One could call it "direct engineering of reality" or "crossing multiple realities". It is an extended (next logical stage) use of engines.  One could call it "n-dimensional engineering" or "use of n-dimensional engines".  When one has a 3-dimensional snapshot of a universe, that is the universe at a single point in time, frozen.  By adding the fourth dimension, one gets a "world-history" -- the set of all such 3-snapshots in the history of that specific 4-world from its inception to its end.  If one then adds a fifth dimension, one gets the "set of all possible world-histories".  God knows what one gets with the sixth dimension added, or the eighth, or the twentieth!  The 5-universe is like the multi-universe solution to QM, where every possible variant of every possible 4-world exists.  That is the arena some engineering is now being done in, at least in early starting stages. As you can see, it is also an area that is difficult even to clearly think about.  In that area, one simply cannot use 3-law logic, but must use 5-law logic.  We're working on it, but it's slow, slow, slow because of the agonizing opposition of the old 3-space head and 3-perception.  But this appears to be the new weapons technology for the 21st century.

The basis for that technology was actually laid down way back there, in developing the ability to use a portable unit and have a person (usually a high level assassin) "walk through walls" and also walk along the road in an invisible ("cloaked", if one prefers that term) state.  That has been here in elementary and difficult form since the early 1980s, in at least two nations.  I had a couple experiences with that end of it that were, to put it mildly, rather mind-blowing. One was actually for beneficial purposes, and the other was with a view toward my demise.  What prevented the latter is also another mind-blowing area as well, and happened by sheer fluke of fate or whatever.

The extension of those engines devoted to engineering the mind and mind-body connection is also underway into the n-dimensional business, but I've not been able to find any indicators directly relevant.  Still looking and watching.  It's there, and one can sense it, but it's still very well hidden.

The rising n-dimensional engine area is important enough that I've started thinking about a possible new book, condensing a summary of the special weapons to date and including the other exotic weapons we will have to deal with in the first half of this century.  The NEGEMP of course, and the QP weapons and the robots, but engine technology is extending dramatically into n-dimensional technology (including the robots).  Since technology is an amoral tool, it of course can be used for either good or evil purposes.  The morality --- or the lack thereof --- is in the hands of the user.  The more advanced and powerful the technology, the more advanced and powerful its use for both good and evil.  With humanity's usual aplomb, it appears n-dimensional engines will be used for ever more powerful weaponry first (and maybe even to the point of denying any beneficial use of it).  It's sad in a way, because if the engine technology were pursued for beneficial purposes, it could solve most of the material problems on Earth, including disease, old age, you name it.  Anyway, a book in the overall area might be useful, but it will be the very devil to write and prepare.  But we're at least thinking about it.  If I were ten years younger and had more vigor, I would definitely already be tackling it.  As it is, I have to sorta roll it around on the tip of my tongue for awhile, to see if I can stir up enough momentum to take something like that on.

So that's about where it is.  The Big Five are still the Big Five, with respect to the QP weapons, but others are working away and closing in.  The one cheerful point is that we ourselves are reaching solvency with where all this was at 2000.  But now we have two great leaps to make again: the robots and the n-dimensional engines.




I'm guessing that the sixth nation that is approaching parity with the other "big five" is located at the South End of Africa?