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Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 12:04:36 -0500


A few days ago, I received a letter from Hubert G***** and Paul R******, who worked for some years directly with Priore.  R****** particularly worked on building the actual machines.  They have also rebuilt (probably a smaller) Priore machine, etc. and apparently are on excellent relations with Mrs. Priore, who is still alive, and with the Priore family (I think he had two sons also).

Will also mail you a hard copy of their letter, which came the regular post way.



Date: April 22, 2003

Subject: Re Antoine Prioré


I very much appreciate your letter, and am delighted to hear that you worked with Prioré for many years. I am also very happy to find that Mrs. Prioré is still living.

Also, I'm very sorry you have experienced so much difficulty with the French government and French scientific community. In my view, Prioré's work was one of the most important scientific accomplishments on this planet, and remains so.

In the 1980s when we formed the project here to try to get funding for redevelopment of the Prioré technology, the trip of the group to see Prioré and his associates was the high point. Our fellows came back from the meeting elated, and we had obtained pledges for $16 million from some wealthy doctors who had tired of watching so many of their cancer patients die. We were naïve, and we really thought we could do something at long last for suffering humanity, by getting funds for Prioré and team to restore his unit(s) and resume work.

Alas! We did not understand the depth to which medical science is controlled, nor did we understand the depth of the suppression that comes upon anything really innovative and fundamental, such as Prioré's work. "Mysterious" people called each of the doctors and simply informed him that, if he put a single penny into the project, his entire family—the entire living family line—would be killed and wiped out. In the space of a few weeks, one by one every doctor had to withdraw from his pledge if he was to save his family.

Bob Whitney, whose brother Drew was dying of leukemia, also came under extreme attack. All Bob's businesses save one were destroyed, and in trying to save the last one, he failed. His brother died of the disease. Bob fled from the U.S. for his life. Years later, he was allowed to come back to the U.S., but still keeps his location hidden and is very, very quiet, and is not allowed to even be in contact with me.

This terrible show of brute Mafia-like force enraged me, and I determined to eventually solve the nature of the mechanism utilized by the Prioré effect (if I might use that term). Certainly it was not describable in terms of ordinary electrodynamics as used in electrical engineering. 14 years later, I finally did begin to crack the mechanism, after very much work on it for all those years. I wrote a few papers, crude at first, but increasing in the depth to which they carried the mechanism. We also found that the same mechanism was known to Soviet scientists, and had already been highly weaponized by them, as opposed to use in healing. E.g., the decades-long "microwave radiation" of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow induced all sorts of health changes and diseases in U.S. Embassy personnel, being responsible for the deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors. All effects were induced in field-free potentials areas of the Embassy, and none were induced in areas where the fields were also present. This of course was the key to that mechanism also, which I deciphered and passed to the U.S. Government. The Russian induction of the diseases was just a probe to see if the U.S. recognized the technology and had it.

There is good evidence that the French government also weaponized part of Prioré's work, using it to stumble onto what is called "scalar interferometry" using scalar (time-polarized) and longitudinally polarized photons and similarly polarized EM wavepairs. The scalar and longitudinal photons are known in quantum field theory, but neither is individually observable. However, the combination of the two is observed as the instantaneous scalar potential—common instantaneous voltage, in simple terms.

The Prioré process uses one of the major characteristics of many plasmas: Inputting normal transverse waves, the plasma (certain kinds) will transform them to longitudinal waves (which, unknown to the theorists, are also always accompanied by time-polarized or "scalar" EM waves on the time axis as well, so the two comprise a phase conjugate wavepair). Common voltage is simply a harmonic set of such phase conjugate longitudinal EM wavepairs.

In 1903 Whittaker showed that the scalar potential decomposes into a harmonic set of bidirectional phase conjugate EM wavepairs. In 1904, he showed that any EM field or wave can be decomposed into differential functions of two such scalar potentials. Note that, if one further decomposes each of those "base" potentials via his 1903 paper, then all EM fields, potentials, and waves decompose into a far more fundamental phase conjugate longitudinal wavepairs and their impressed dynamics.

To this day, in the West this far more fundamental electrodynamics—inside the normal electrodynamics and in fact creating the normal stuff—is rather resoundingly ignored. Russia, however, weaponized it not long after World War II.

Here is an important thing: A longitudinal EM wave is a rhythmic wave of the local energy density, with the energy "bunching" and "unbunching" along the line of travel. Any change in energy density is a general relativistic curvature of spacetime, a priori. Hence the more fundamental longitudinal wave EM is actually a unified field theory subject. In short, by engineering the longitudinal waves internal to and comprising ordinary EM fields and potentials and waves, one can directly engineer general relativity but by "electromagnetic" means.

Since all normal EM waves, whether electric or magnetic or both, are envelopes comprised of the more fundamental internal longitudinal and scalar wavepairs, then the internal structure of "normal" waves can also be "conditioned" by adding desired extra internal longitudinal waves with dynamic (differential) functions impressed. We accent the general relativity aspect of that statement: By adroitly inserting longitudinal EM waves into the internal EM structure, one is inserting "spacetime curvature engines" that will directly produce sets of forces (at any and all levels) in a mass with which the carrier EM signal interacts.

Prioré accomplished this "formation of engines" by using ordinary signals fed to the plasma tube to create extra longitudinal waves effectively inserted into the innards of the magnetic fields created by his large coils surrounding his tube. We accent that any EM wave, whether electrical or magnetic or both, is comprised of a set of longitudinal EM wavepairs and their differential functions. So longitudinal EM waves produced in the tube will easily penetrate and add into a normal magnetic field and magnetic waves.

Reiterating: When one looks at a longitudinal EM wave (LW) relativistically, it is a 'bunching" and "unbunching" of energy density—hence it is a rhythmic formation and oscillation of spacetime curvatures. By inserting extra LW components inside a normal field, one thus inserts "engines" of spacetime curvature which can and do use pure general relativity to directly engineer any matter which the conditioned fields subsequently react with. The interacted matter can be "engineered", at least in theory, in any fashion whatsoever, and at any level whatsoever, given the development of the technology to properly condition the carrier EM.

Magnetic waves such as from Prioré's coil are well-known to deeply penetrate the entire body, down to every cell including in the bone marrow, to all the stem cells, and also will penetrate INSIDE every cell down to every part inside it. So Prioré utilized a "carrier magnetic wave" for transport of his inserted longitudinal waves, and that carrier guaranteed that all parts of the entire body of the animal (or person) were reached by the transported rhythmic squeezes of curved spacetime oscillations (those inner longitudinal waves that were the "conditioning" and therefore were the "engines").

Now we refer to methods of nonlinear phase conjugate optics, which were only being born about the time that Prioré was suppressed in the mid 1970s. An interesting thing happens when a living system is "squeezed" (in technical terms, pumped) by longitudinal EM waves.

In general relativity, the local curvatures of spacetime interact with mass (at even the tiniest level) to generate any and all forces (even at the tiniest level). Any "state" and structuring of matter thus consists of otherwise inert matter (mass) in enforced motion and dynamics by these forces—being created on it and present at every part—generated by the local spacetime curvature "engines". The dynamics of the interactions are captured by the dynamics of the engines.

If one extracts the idea of just those spacetime curvatures and their dynamics as a "specific active agent" for generating a specific material state and condition, then those curvatures and their dynamics can be considered a very special kind of "engine" for that exact material state and condition (and dynamics).

Thus a living cell has an exact and very specific associated "engine" with its dynamics, for the cell's exact and very specific condition and dynamics—which includes its states and actions ongoing at every part of the cell, even inside the atomic nuclei.

When a cell has an induced physical or chemical or other change, it is because its fundamental "engine" has changed, thus acting a bit differently on the cell and physically changing it.

[Here we must insert the following remark: The ordinary EM theory omits this process entirely, because it still assumes a material ether (the equations were never changed from material ether force field equations, after the notion of the material ether was falsified by the Michelson-Morley experiments in the 1880s). It is well-known that there do not exist any force fields E and B in empty space, but only the curvature engine for the E and B fields, if charged mass is interacted with by those engines. But electrical engineering has never been changed from its totally false notion of force fields in space. Hence electrical engineering is completely unable to even capture of deal with Prioré's method, which involved the deliberate construction and use of spacetime curvature engines. The standard electrical engineering still assumes a flat spacetime, the material ether, and an inactive vacuum. Prioré's method involves a curved spacetime before the matter is encountered, then the interaction of that curved spacetime with matter, all with deterministic dynamics.]

In short, for a normal cell, there is an exact "normal" engine acting on the mass and all its internal structures at even the finest levels. The mass-energy and its dynamics of course interacts back upon the curvatures of spacetime (the engine), per general relativity, and when equilibrium is reached, the cell in that condition has a very exact engine, whose the dynamics etc. are in equilibrium and "functioning normally".

For a damaged or diseased cell, consider it as an exactly modified cell. There is also an exact modified engine for that cell and its exact condition, again down to the finest level including even the atomic nuclei. The damaged cell is in equilibrium with that "modified engine", hence its stable "damaged state".

Since force vectors add, engines add vectorially. Thus the "disease engine" is actually the vector sum of a completely normal cellular engine with an added "delta" engine added , representing the exact "bad condition" or "disease condition".

We emphasize: If one creates an exact "delta anti-engine" and adds it into that disease or damage engine, it zeros out the delta component, leaving a normal cellular engine. Then gradually as the normal engine acts on the cell, it will gradually reverse the cell back to normal condition and functioning.

So we must find out how to generate that delta engine.

Let us turn to nonlinear phase conjugate optics to see what can be done about a specific cellular disease engine.

The cell itself together with all its parts is very highly nonlinear. Hence it will react in a highly nonlinear fashion prescribed by nonlinear phase conjugate optics theory, even at other than optical frequencies.

One can pump (rhythmically squeeze) that damaged cell with longitudinal EM waves (recall: they are accompanied by scalar or time-polarized EM waves also), and one actually is "pumping" in 4-space, including in the time domain as well as in 3-space. Now we can simply treat the cell as a pumped phase conjugate mirror (PPCM), but in 4-space rather than just 3-space. The "input signal" or "signal wave" aspect to the PPCM mirror is the engine that is already directly present with the cell and acting upon it. By nonlinear optics theory, our LW pumping of that cell and its engine, produces an amplified "time-reversal" of the input signal—in short, one produces the direct anti-engine for the specific engine in the cell, and one amplifies that anti-engine. This anti-engine is amplified by the energy contained in the "squeeze waves" or "pump waves", just as is prescribed in nonlinear phase conjugate optics. This is particularly true of the time-domain, since the time-polarized EM wave has the same energy density as mass, being c2 times as energetic as a 3-spatial wave.

So we can forget the 3-space aspects, and concentrate on the time-domain squeezing and aspects. When we powerfully squeeze that damaged cell (thinking in 4-space now, not 3-space) with longitudinal EM waves, we mostly "pump" it in the time domain.

And that time-reverses the entire mass of the stricken cell, back along its time-line where it was developing that damage or disease. Mass is simply mass-energy in relativity, so we are really just time-reversing the cell's mass-energy, but including its structuring and dynamics as well.

In biology, this is known as "dedifferentiation" (return of the cell to an earlier state), but the biologists have not the foggiest notion of what mechanism actually does it. We have just specified the actual mechanism, which was unwittingly discovered and used by Antoine Prioré. Time energy is so much denser than matter energy, that even with a highly inefficient pumping (very little pumping in the time domain), the resulting energy in the effects is much greater than the normal spatial energy aspects.

So by pumping the cell with longitudinal EM waves that are stronger than the cell itself produces, an very special amplified anti-engine for the cell is produced. Further, this engine does most of its action in the time domain. Hence differentiation and re-differentiation are easily achieved, and controlled. The body's own cellular regenerative system uses this, but that has not been recognized in biology because biophysicists still use a higher inferior electrodynamics, very outmoded and archaic. To understand it, they must adapt techniques from general relativity and nonlinear phase conjugate optics, because the body uses unified field theory, not silly old electrical engineering. To even address the issue, the biologists will have to utilize higher group symmetry electrodynamics, such as the marvelous O(3) electrodynamics pioneered by Vigier and Evans. Or electrodynamics embedded in Clifford algebra, etc. Even so, they will also have to separate force from the fields in mass-free space.

Note again that the resident engine of the cell is comprised of a normal engine and the delta engine. It follows that the total anti-engine is comprised of a reversed normal engine and a reversed delta engine. However, the time-domain aspects of the reversed normal engine is the same as for the nonreversed normal engine. Hence the only real "time-reversing" action of the anti-engine created by LW pumping is to overpower the delta engine function and reverse the physical change of the cell back along the exact time path it took when the damage was being done. In short, pure cellular dedifferentiation, from its present diseased or damaged condition back to its earlier healthy condition.

For a "normal" cell in the body that is being pumped, one just time-reverses that normal cell back to a previous healthy state, so there is little or no effect except that a healthy cell may get a little younger and a little more vigorous, if it has aged and slowed down a bit.

The eventual ability to completely rejuvenate the body—and even make it younger again—is obvious. That is also one of the reasons that the "High Cabal" (Churchill's term for those who own much of the financial power of the world) so steadfastly suppresses such medical innovation. The last thing they wish to see happen is for the aging process itself to be overcome and reversible. If that were to happen, more than half their entire lucrative medical practice would disappear.

But now suppose there is some damage to the cell, e.g., as caused by a diseased state.

The "input signal" (resident engine) contains—to the most extreme fineness and most exact detail—the exact "delta" engine for that exact malcondition.

The amplified anti-engine contains—to the most extreme fineness and most exact detail --- the exact "anti-delta" engine for time-reversing that exact malcondition back to the normal healthy condition, since almost all the action is going to occur in the time reversal effect, with the physics of the cell changing back to normal in accordance.

Now suppose the entire body (all the cells) are pumped. Groups of cells also have additional functions and alterations of engines, etc. including for the entire body. The "disease" or bad condition in one part of the body (in one grouping of cells) also applies to the entire body (specifically, the potentials of the body superpose, so any "inside" engine pattern in one potential in one part of the body is in every other potential in the body (and also in the master potential surrounding the body). The body's "engine" is changed by a change in any "sub-engine" in any part of the body.

All the normal functioning of the body is unaffected. Time-reversing the normal functioning a bit, just moves it back to "normal functioning". The damaged or disordered part of the functioning, however, is steadily eliminated (reduced back to zero) all over the body by the pumping. It does not matter if the disease is physically evident in the bone marrow, as damage to the immune cells, as an induced genetic change, or whatever. It does not matter if the disease has progressed to what is normally considered the "terminal phase".

The whole-body pumping will reverse it, in the most general ideal case. In real life, because of frequency band width limitations of the machine, etc., such a pumping machine would require "tuning" it a bit for optimizing on the particular class of disease or disorder.

By pumping the entire body (all the cells) all at once, by specific extra LW waves transported inside his magnetic field waves, Prioré thus created an amplified exact anti-engine at every body level—particularly in the time-reversal domain—from the specific cell to specific groups of cells, to the entire body, etc.

Prioré had in fact stumbled on the total healing and rejuvenation process utilized (although weakly, within its energy capability ranges) by the cellular regenerative system of the body (poorly studied, mostly by Becker et al.) and also by the master cellular control system.

Becker showed, e.g., that DC or pulsing potentials placed across intractable bone fractures that other wise would not heal, would in fact heal. We now know that the potential zone was actually a "pumping" zone to reduce delta engines to zero. Becker found that the red blood cells entering the zone would shuck their hemoglobin shells, and grow a cellular nucleus—dedifferentiating back to an early form before they had been made into red cells, to make a new start. But that cell type is not what is needed; bone cells are what is needed. So there exists a "delta engine" between that dedifferentiated earlier cell and the normal "bone cell" of the area engine. The pumping is to directly remove the delta, regardless of whether that means differentiation (time-backward) or dedifferentiation (time-forward). So these new cells would then redifferentiate into the types of cells that make cartilage, but of course there is still a delta. So they would redifferentiate again, into the type of cell that makes bone. These new bone-making cells would then be added to the bone fracture site, healing the fracture.

Not only had Prioré inadvertently stumbled onto that master healing mechanism (as did Becker), but he had intuitively seen how to amplify it and apply it to the body from without. That is why his work is probably the greatest single discovery that has ever been made in medical science. Regardless of how he himself conceived it, he actually discovered the master healing mechanism itself, and also discovered how to amplify it to greatly speed the healing process.

And that is what took me some 14 years to decipher initially, and then a few more years to polish it.


With the mechanism finally deciphered and polished for a few years, then I thought to write a book, putting the Prioré background in there, putting in Prioré's doctoral thesis (Pautrizel sent it to Chris Bird, who transferred it to me before he died) in both French and English, adding my explanation of the wonderful mechanism discovered by Prioré, and then adding a eulogy to Prioré in the front of the book and recognizing the tremendous importance to all humanity of his work.

Alas! I have no idea what happened over there in France, but I was advised by my French contacts that there were still serious problems in France, etc. and that I could not publish such a book, since Prioré's thesis etc. are certainly not my work or property but belong to his heirs. So sadly I put the idea aside, though I would still dearly love to write it, include a little of Becker's work to show the significance, etc. That would have guaranteed that Prioré's work and its full technical meaning is not lost. But I will either have to get permission to do it soon, or I will not have the opportunity to write it. Quite simply, my physical condition (more on that in a moment) is that I could die at any time, or I can possibly live for a few more years. And, short of restoration of the Prioré machines and technology, there is nothing in present medical science that can be done about it. One must keep one's sense of humor! Here I've been deeply pondering and studying the Prioré work for years, and suddenly I find I have a condition that nothing else on the planet could possibly cure. I think the Creator does have a very proper sense of humor, and a twinkle in his eye!


Meanwhile, I had also seen a way to advance or vary Prioré's discovery, so that one could also utilize very special mixes of ordinary transverse EM waves to make the body generate its own longitudinal pump waves directly inside the body. Just to note it, I filed a provisional patent application on that improvement, since Prioré's patents had expired. Not long ago, I freely gave this patent application to the public domain, to everyone in the world. Anyone who wishes, can apply it and use it.


Meanwhile, nature does have its irony. In 1968 while on active duty in the U.S. Army, I was stationed in French Canada. I contacted a "mysterious, unknown disease" which nearly killed me, having symptoms of a very rapid onset of chronic fatigue syndrome, but so bad that one could eventually not lift one's head, or even sit erect in a chair, without Herculean effort. While in French Canada I studied French and strived to at least speak a little of the beautiful French language, and I got along well with the French people (marvelous food in every restaurant, marvelous wine and culture). The French doctors were determined not to lose this American patient if at all possible; indeed, the head of the hospital himself took a personal interest in my case. And I owe my life to their heroic efforts and refusal to quit and just let me die. They had discovered that, in the patients they had with this puzzling unknown ailment, if the chest and abdomen were opened, and all the organs were just moved around for about 3 hours so they would be thoroughly aerated, then half the patients so treated would live. If that treatment were not used, all would die—it was 100% fatal. So they did that procedure on me as the last resort, and fortunately I did survive. But it left me with a permanent loss of physical endurance, so that I had to give up aikido and martial arts, etc. Because of my Army rank which led to service on high level staffs, I was able to finish out my Army career in spite of my permanent loss of physical endurance.

What that disease was, is now known (I found out what it was, in 2001 after my heart attack). In the late 40s and early 50s, the U.S. and Canada had discovered a Soviet attack plan, which called for the Soviets launching a massive full nuclear strike, accepting whatever we could launch back in retaliation as we died, then finishing off all remaining life in the U.S. and Canada with continued biological warfare strikes. The Russians on three occasions almost implemented that strike plan, and these preparations were detected, causing great consternation at very high levels because it would have worked. One of the odd things in the Russian biological warfare plans was the use of modified mycoplasma. Desperate to try to develop vaccines against this little-known mycoplasma, and very stupid about BW in those days (the late 40s and early 50s), our fellows hastily made the modified mycoplasma that had been made by the Soviets, primarily by stripping off the outer covering of a brucellosis bacterium and eventually getting the thing to grow and reproduce in that eerie form where it has to burrow inside host cells to live. And stupidly, our guys then weakened it and sprayed it in Canada (several cities) and in Florida, to determine spray dispersal characteristics, coverage, etc. (thinking that by thinning it they had reduced it to harmlessness; might give a person a small cold, etc. That of course was a false assumption). And that introduced the "mysterious unknown disease" in several Canadian cities and some parts of the Southern United States. It was a disease that was lethal and debilitating, and it simply was the modified BW mycoplasma (it got into some mosquitoes also, so is also now in the mosquito population, which enhances its transmission to humans). All that got forced out in some U.S. Senate hearings in the 70s, but the Canadian government will not discuss it at all, even today.

During my tour in Canada, I was in several of those Canadian cities that were sprayed a decade earlier, and that is how I caught the mycoplasma. Possibly by being bitten by the wrong mosquitoes!

The modified BW mycoplasma burrow up in one's red blood cells, drawing nutrients from the hemoglobin and hardening it so that the red cells can no longer take on sufficient oxygen. Hence the chronic fatigue and permanent loss of endurance; one's aerobic system is greatly reduced, and one quickly draws out one's anaerobic system and is then very weak and exhausted.

When one somehow survives the initial onslaught (that usually kills the patient), the mycoplasma already burrowed in the red cells are not killed by antibiotics or anything else, but remain quietly dormant for some years (20 or 30). As one ages, then one day the mycoplasma disease resurges, causing sudden severe hypoxia and runaway heart fibrillation. This gives one heart attacks, strokes, etc., and also usually results in death at that point. That is what engendered my heart attack in Spring of 2001.

After a heart attack, one then passes to the heart clinic for treatment if one lives—still not knowing what is wrong or anything about the mycoplasma. The heart clinic treatment is guaranteed to kill you if your problem is BW-modified mycoplasma. They know nothing at all about mycoplasma, and will not hear of it. To control the fibrillation (life-threatening in 48 hours, otherwise), one is forced to take daily medication, of course, and it does stop and control the heart fibrillation. But it also reduces the volume of the heart's pumping, so it puts one right back into hypoxia—which generates heart attacks, strokes, etc. So that heart clinic treatment guarantees one's death before too long a time passes.

Fortunately (as I said, the Creator does have a sense of humor and a sense of timing), an old friend with "special spooky knowledge" (and the equivalent of a Ph.D. in biology) called to check on me, and when he found my condition and heard my Canadian experience, he informed me exactly what I had, and where to find the information proving it. He knew all about the mycoplasma program, the spraying, the results, the disease, etc. I then finally found a place to have a proper test for the disease in December 2001, and the test confirmed that was indeed what I had, and what I had unknowingly had for some 33 years.

Knowing exactly what I had, and by obtaining medical oxygen in spite of the system, I managed to survive the resurgence of the mycoplasma. In addition to the oxygen (which I still take), the prescribed treatment was a year on antibiotics, which I finished about three months ago. The only way to kill the mycoplasma is to have the antibiotics in one's bloodstream constantly. Then when an infected red cell dies, the mycoplasma comes out to re-infect the replacement red cell—and the antibiotic kills it at that time. I still have the hypoxia a bit, and I take a little medical oxygen daily, which keeps me just out of the hypoxia enough to go on living, and to get out all the technical information I can before I cash in my chips.

After the heart attack, I simply took the provisional patent application and publicly put it on my website and intentionally passed it into the public domain, giving it freely to all the peoples of the earth. I will never be allowed funds to do anything with it, and with the health problems I can expire at any time, or perhaps if lucky I will still live a few more years.

The "Porthole Briefing" on my website is the modification or extension of the Prioré process, and the full provisional patent application (now released to public domain) is also on the website, freely downloadable by anyone and freely usable by anyone.


In 1998, some three years before the heart attack and resurgence of the mycoplasma, I was concerned about the war on terrorists and the coming unleashing of weapons of mass destruction. With enormous effort, a colleague and I prepared extensive presentations to the U.S. government (to several agencies such as DoD, NIH, USAF, CDC, etc.) and strongly urged a crash national program to develop a portable version of the modified Prioré process, in a device about the size of a large suitcase, for very prompt treatment of mass casualties (description and artist's conception is shown in my Port Hole Briefing). We gave them a complete package, with an abbreviated history of the Prioré project, citations of the scientific papers in the French scientific literature where the results of the Prior— work were reported, etc. We also gave them a complete explanation of how the Prioré process worked, the engines, the anti-engines, how the anti-engines were amplified, etc.

No one in the entire government understood a thing we were saying. Not a single scientist called me to discuss it. At the NIH, we never got out of the "policy" section, which is where hot political potatoes are handled. At that time, the people in the Clinton administration and the NIH were not concerned with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, except just to give it lip service. The attitude was, oh yes, that is indeed the official threat, but that will not happen on our watch—maybe in 50 years.

Tony Craddock, who runs my website, has continued to try to interest large medical funding groups, etc. in such a project, to no avail. Here in the United States we have received precisely the same treatment you have received there in France, at least from any funding sources.

I'm very glad that, together with a group of Bordeaux physicists, you have reproduced the Prioré device again and are having some results. Anything I can do to be of any help, I will certainly do, although I am now severely limited. I just want to see it done; and I want to see Prioré recognized for his magnificent achievement (and also some long deserved credit to Pautrizel, Courrier, and others such as yourselves, who have worked so long and so hard on what could be a great revolution in medical science, for the benefit of all humanity.). That was my intent in trying to propose the book.

Call me an idiot, but I owe my very life to those determined and dedicated French doctors in Quebec. In return, I owe the French people a great debt of gratitude which I can never repay. Anything I can do to help get the Prioré process out there and applied, I will do as my personal way of attempting some small repayment to the French people for saving my life. But mostly because it ought to be done, from humanitarian considerations alone. I can vividly visualize those millions of poor sick persons worldwide who die every year, and who could be cured by Prioré's technology and adaptations of it. Any thinking, feeling human being has got to be deeply saddened when such desperately needed technology is suppressed and withheld, and those millions keep dying needlessly.


Today, of course, circumstances for the world are increasingly gloomy. With the growing spread of weapons of mass destruction, no country is safe any longer. Smallpox, e.g., is definitely going to be released; many of the terrorist organizations have it already. Release of smallpox in any major city on the planet will eventually result in the deaths of some 2 billion persons—nearly one third the human population.

With portable Prioré devices available and perfected, most of those coming future casualties could be saved.

Meanwhile, I don't know what I can personally do to assist the development. If I live long enough, I still would dearly love to do that book I spoke about, at least preserving what Prioré and his associates did and showing its overwhelming importance. Presently I fear there will not be an opportunity to do that. I can of course just do a book on the subject anyway, which is better than nothing. But I really wanted to do it properly; include Prioré's thesis (and perhaps Dr. Courrier's address to the Academy), along with my explanation of the process, and also include a Eulogy to Antoine Prioré.

But we have little time left. If you are interested in what is going on in the world vis a vis this war on terrorism, I can send you a very blunt paper on the real situation, and why the war on terrorism will continue, until we win it or until we are totally destroyed. The world little appreciates it, but—using my own country as an example—the United States has no more than five years remaining until our total destruction, unless we stay in this thing and win it. The two billion people who are going to die from smallpox alone are just one part of it.

So I'm in the same situation here, as you are there; no funds, and little or no prospect of ever obtaining any funds, although Tony is trying very hard. The large medical cartel, as you know, does not intend to let this happen if they can help it. The only exception I could see, would be if a very wealthy patron funded it personally, simply because he or she realized its extreme importance and the necessity of it. So far, that does not appear to interest those having that kind of personal financial power—either in the medical field or in the "energy from the vacuum" field I work in also. In the energy field, I did succeed in getting out my book late last year: Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, Cheniere Press, Santa Barbara, CA, 2002 (available through my website So that mostly nails the energy part of it, and gets the necessary information available to the sharp young graduate students and post doctoral scientists.

Anyway, I do wish you gentlemen the best of luck in your noble efforts and I do hope a rich patron is forthcoming for you (the scientific community is not going to allow it from their funding channels, either there or here). The fact that you already know how to build the Prioré system is of immense importance, as is your long experience directly with Prioré himself directly in his work. You simply must not let that knowledge fade away; please do whatever you have to do in order to insure it remains, should anything happen to you.

The only thing of direct use I can directly suggest is to the Bordeaux physicists you are working with. The operation of the Prioré mechanism cannot be described in the standard U(1) model and the standard electrodynamics. It requires a higher group symmetry EM capable of handling unified field theory. The present EM assumes a flat spacetime and an inactive vacuum—both are required in order to model the "engines" and "anti-engines". The present EM also completely omits the more fundamental internal longitudinal EM, which is what is utilized by the Prioré effect. This means that the present biophysics that can usually be brought to bear is totally incapable of modeling or even describing the effect.

You also have a problem in that France is one of the nations that did build scalar interferometers, and they still have all that stuff highly classified.

Please think in terms of the "supersystem" comprised of (1) the physical system, (2) the local active vacuum and its dynamics, and (3) the local curvatures of spacetime and their dynamics. All three components of the supersystem continuously interact with each other, and that must be modeled in order to properly understand the Prioré mechanism. One must use something such as quaternion electrodynamics, Clifford algebra, SU(2)XSU(2), or—what is probably the very best—the new O(3) electrodynamics pioneered by Vigier and Evans. That latter one has already been combined by Evans with Sachs' unified field theory, so that finally one has an electrodynamics that can be directly used to engineer "engines" and "anti-engines", and that captures both the active vacuum effects and the local curvature of spacetime effects, thereby offering a good technical model for Prioré's magnificent discovery. The model still requires special application and development, of course, for the engines and anti-engines. But it is capable of providing a very rigorous theoretical basis for Prioré's exact mechanism.


Finally, please give my sincere greetings and admiration to Mrs. Francoise Prioré and her sons. I am deeply sorry I was unable to come to France with the other three, so I could have had the privilege of meeting Prioré in person. I can only assure her from the bottom of my heart that Prioré's work is one of the most magnificent achievements in all the annals of science. With the grace of God, hopefully that fact will yet be recognized by the scientific community and by everybody else as well. Also, hopefully there will yet be Prioré machines in all our hospitals, quickly and cheaply curing all sorts of diseases and disorders, to the benefit of everyone on this planet.

May God bless you and keep you, and see to your success.

Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden