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Subject: RE: Is the "Teslar Watch" for real? Your opinion.
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:32:36 -0500


Dear William,


I've heard of the watch, but have not done any examination of it, etc.


My own view is that, for medical effectiveness, a proposed treatment and/or device should go through the required scientific testing; e.g., animal tests -- such as the Priore device did in France, and under rigorous scientific protocols.


I also do not render opinions or advice on such devices.  Again, for medical therapy, one needs to secure the services of a licensed medical practitioner, which I most certainly am not.


That said, I do believe that medical research (in the universities and other scientific research laboratories) should be greatly expanded as to the phenomenology areas examined and researched.


One of the things I would very much like to see being deeply researched is a much better look at bio-electromagnetic effects, examined in higher group symmetry electrodynamics such as SU(2) or O(3), etc.  The standard old classical electrodynamics, when used for evaluation such, is highly archaic and totally incapable of showing the effects and their causes.


Every EM system (including the body) actually exists in a "supersystem" of interactions.  This supersystem consists of (1) the physical system and its dynamics, (2) the local active vacuum and its dynamics, and (3) the local curvatures of spacetime and their dynamics.  All three components of the supersystem interact with each other.  The standard, decrepit old classical Maxwell-Heaviside stuff (isn't even Maxwell's theory anymore!) assumes an inert vacuum and a flat spacetime. Hence it assumes away two of the three parts of the supersystem.  Accurate it isn't!  Much better and far more advanced systems of electrodynamics have been developed in particle physics, because the other stuff just does not accurately describe physical reality.


On the other hand, as you know science is largely bought and paid for.   The way science is controlled is by controlling the funding. Most of the funding comes with the specifications as to exactly what the research shall consist of.  The scientist (let's say a professor at a university) is under enormous pressure (e.g., from the university) to (1) bring in external research funds (the university gets the overhead part, which may be half of it, etc.), (2) bring in funding for his grad students, (3) get patents (many universities are quite greedy for patents; no inventor could possibly work with them), and (4) get his papers published in peer-reviewed literature (where often the norm is enforced, and one cannot deviate too far from it).


As a concrete example: Every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy comes from the associated source charge(s), NOT from cranking a generator or dissipating chemical energy in a battery.  All the EM energy in a circuit --- or in a living cell --- comes directly from the local vacuum, via the individual charges in that cell, or in other charges whose fields then impinge upon and interact with the cell. The classical EM more-or-less teaches that the fields and potentials and EM energy do come from the source charges, but it also implicitly assumes that the charges FREELY CREATE all that energy from nothing at all!


The classical stuff does not calculate "the potential", but the point intensity of the potential, as measured by a unit point STATIC charge.  It also does not calculate "the electric field", but the point intensity of the field, as measured by a unit point STATIC charge.  If the charged particle is placed in particle resonance, it now has a different reaction cross section, and the "point intensity" CHANGES.


Further, far more EM energy flow is discarded by the standard electrical engineering than is retained by the Poynting theory.  Poynting never considered anything but the EM energy flow component that is diverged into the conductors to power the Drude electrons. Remaining outside the conductors, and NOT diverged at all (usually!  One can make free energy systems that use it) is an astoundingly large nondiverged Heaviside circuital flow that usually does not interact with anything.  That is fortunate!  Because if it did strongly react, and one had a flashlight battery in New York City, it would literally fry and destroy the city.  For a battery powering a 100 watt load, imagine what 100 trillion watts of additional "strange energy" would do, if it DID interact.


Both Heaviside (the discoverer) and Lorentz were totally perplexed as to how on earth every generator and power source is actually outputting enormously more energy than we are inputting to it. So circa the 1890s, Lorentz --- unable to solve the problem -- eliminated it.  He reasoned that, well, it has no physical significance because it does not DO anything.  So he originated the little trick of integrating the energy flow vector around a closed surface assumed around every volume element of interest.  Voila!  That arbitrarily discards the giant Heaviside flow component, while retaining the Poynting smaller component -- the one that enters the circuit, gets collected, powers the circuit, and then gets dissipated.


That's all well and good, but in reality a little bit of the Heaviside energy flow is indeed diverged whenever spacetime is curved.  So there is a contribution from it --- totally neglected in present theory --- for curvatures of spacetime, which occur whenever energy density changes, velocity of something changes, oscillation frequency changes, etc.


No one, but no one has the foggiest notion of what role the long-neglected Heaviside component plays in living systems. No one has ever even tried to look at it. No one is even INTERESTED in looking at it.


Anyway, that is the sort of thing I mean.  For that reason, electromedicine is still in its very infancy, and there is still not any kind of solid scientific basis for it as a whole. Some effects, yes, but a science of it, no.


So that's the problem.  Hopefully one day science will shake loose its present "big pharmaceutical company" shackles, and get down to the real science of things.  The real healing in the body does NOT get done by the immune system, which heals nothing, not even its own damaged cells.  It is necessary, of course, for it has to fight the invading "bad guys" and win.  But once a big fight is won by the immune system and lots of damage to cells etc. has been done, the HEALING of those damaged cells is by the cellular regenerative system, still very poorly studied and even then only by that hopelessly obsolete M-H theory.


So we need the next 100 years of electromedical research right now.  We are likely to get it sometime after the next TWO HUNDRED years!


In an attempt to at least contribute toward such research, we just openly gave away our extension of Antoine Priore's method, including the provisional patent application we filed. We deliberately passed it into the public domain.  That way, if any of those sharp young grad students and post docs get a chance to research in that area, by all means they can start there and go much, much farther.  The only thing that has been done with that so far, is that Russia, China, and a couple other nations have weaponized it.  It can indeed be used to directly generate diseases (specific ones, as desired) in human bodies, as the Russians showed for several decades of microwave radiation of personnel in the U.S. Embassy (responsible for the deaths of three U.S. ambassadors).  China used it to generate cancer in most of the Russian intelligence operatives assigned to China, once the split between the two nations occurred.  It could also be used to greatly assist in healing, along the lines we show in our Porthole Briefing on the website (


But that isn't going to occur in my lifetime. So we just released it, and can only hope that others younger and more vigorous -- and with far better theoretical tools -- can pick it up, correct any errors, and then take it through to fruition.  A close colleague and I tried very, very hard in 1998 to get the U.S. government to mount a crash Manhattan type project to develop small, portable treatment units (based on extending Priore's PROVEN method), for treating mass casualties from weapons of mass destruction such as biological warfare agents that are going to be unleashed upon our populace (the terrorists, the BW agents, etc. are already in country, biding their time and waiting for the order to proceed.). Sadly, they did not even know what we were talking about, in spite of all the hard references we cited from the French scientific literature.  At NIH, we never got out of the "policy" section (translation: political spin control).  No better treatment from the DoD, the USAF, and several other laboratories. Not a single scientist even called to discuss it.  No one even gathered the cited references.


So now we are just waiting until the BW stuff is let loose in our cities.  The previous "anthrax in some letters" was just a little test, not the real strike!  A professional anthrax spray attack, by a major government study, in a large city such as Washington, D.C., will produce from 1 to 3 million casualties.  And that's without "spreading" of the immune systems, which has already been tested against the U.S. populace and will up the gain of that anthrax attack by a factor of from 3 to 5.  Our guys know nothing of "immune system spreading", and did not recognize its involvement in the Gulf War Disease.  They still are unaware of it.  And then there is smallpox.  If smallpox is professionally unleashed in a single major city on the planet, it will eventually kill some 2 billion persons --- nearly 1/3 the human population on earth.


Both anthrax and smallpox will be unleashed, and both will probably be unleashed in the U.S.  The probability is very high.


Anyway, we tried very hard, spent everything we had, furnished color briefings and papers etc., all to no avail whatsoever.


There is an interesting but sad thing one meets with in performing a standard Strategic Analysis, when one does it on the United States.  One area of a Strategic Analysis is called "National Style".  Part of our national style is that we do not react to slowly increasing threats.  We do not react to the boa constrictor, but we react to the rattlesnake and the cobra.  So we ignored (for decades) the slow insertion of terrorist teams and weaponry (such as biological warfare agents) into our national populace and in our cities.  It took 9/11 and a rattler's strike, to get through our thick skulls that, hey, some of these folks meant to destroy us. In fact, for much of our population, it has not yet sunk in that we have been in World War III for some time. It is a new kind of warfare, called asymmetric war.  Let me explain briefly.


You can do a Google search on "asymmetric war" and you will see just how confused the major military analysts and strategists really are, as to what the devil is actually going on.  It's rather like the blind men and the elephant; each has grasped a piece of the asymmetric war picture.  Few seem to have realized that, once an inferior opponent obtains sufficient weapons of mass destruction, he is then in a position to utterly defeat the United States, if he plays his cards right.  The two phases of strategic asymmetric war are (1) clandestine insertion of the weapons of mass destruction into the cities and population centers of the targeted nation, along with the teams to unleash them, and (2) the operational phase, when the order is given to the waiting teams and they unleash the weapons.


Read Lunev's book.  Before the fall of the former Soviet empire, the Russians clandestinely inserted nuclear weapons into most of our major cities, along with the Spetznaz teams to set them off on command.  They are still there.  It was called "dead man fuzing" in those days.  In other words, if your nuclear opponent were to suddenly hit you with an all-out nuclear missile and nuclear bomber attack, that would destroy you.  But meanwhile, if you had clandestine nuclear weapons and operational nuclear teams secreted in that attacking nation, then that would still destroy your opponent, even though he had already killed you.  Hence the term, "dead man fuzing".  Several antagonist nations did indeed dead man fuze each other.  That works when your opponent is rational; the Russians will not just haul off and commit suicide. Hence the "mutual assured destruction" (MAD) doctrine and "mutual deterrence" -- the so-called "balance of terror".


Now, however, MAD and the "balance of terror" does not work against an IRRATIONAL opponent who has nuclear weapons of other sufficient weapons of mass destruction, and has succeeded in dead-man fuzing you.  He will immediately seize the opportunity, once he has sufficient "dead man fuzing" WMD clandestinely inserted in your cities, to just set them off and destroy your cities.  In other words, one does not have the "symmetry" of the "balance of terror" where each opponent is self-restrained. Instead, we have the "asymmetric" situation where the irrational opponent is not logically restrained. And particularly if motivated by a very dogmatic religious interpretation and hatred, the irrational opponent will even deliberately commit suicide if by so doing he can kill you.


Several of the Islamic nations -- notably Iran --- are now going after nuclear weapons.  Russia is helping Iran build a nuclear power station, which will be on line and operating within about a year from now.  After it has been operating one year, it will have produced enough weapons grade plutonium for 50 bombs.  The next year, 50 more nuclear bombs.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  Syria is maneuvering to take the same route.  Several other nations are considering it.  North Korea has already restarted its reactor.  And so on.


For readers interested in more details of these programs, we urge that they read the following cogent reference: Bob Edwards, "A struggle for nuclear power," New Scientist, 22 March 2003, p. 8-10. This reference particularly summarizes the rather surprising ambition of the nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran. North Korea is also withdrawing from the Non Proliferation Treaty. So far, Iran remains a signatory.


In about 3 years from now, there will probably be enough nuclear weapons in Al Qaeda (and similar) hands, to clandestinely insert them into at least 20 American cities.  Certainly in no more than 5 years, that will be true for some 50 U.S. cities and major population centers.


Now suppose the order is then given to unleash them.  Twenty (or fifty) major U.S. cities get nuclear detonations, in the dirt and dirty.


That destroys the United States, once the prompt casualties and delayed casualties later from fallout etc. are tallied.  Perhaps 100 million casualties, or even up to 150 million, if the number is 50 bombs detonated.


In short, presently the United States only has from 3 to 5 years to survive, unless we reduce the most fundamentalist terrorist-sponsoring nations and also root out and destroy the terrorists themselves and their clandestine material already inserted in the United States.


This is the real state of affairs, and unfortunately our civilian population has not been informed of the full gravity of the situation, by either our government or by our news media.


The option of "mutual assured deterrence" is gone, and it will never exist again on this planet.  That is effective only against a rational, chess-playing foe such as the Russians.  It is not effective at all against a fanatic, a madman, or a harsh regime led by a madman dictator.  Diplomacy and negotiation are gone, because there is no longer any "peace" and there will not ever again be peace until we either win this war we are in or we lose it and are utterly destroyed.  "Peace" now is merely phase one (the insertion phase) of the great strategic strike that will destroy us.  There is no longer any "peace", and there never will be again in our lifetimes.  The first phase of WW III has mostly been completed already, and as soon as the remainder is completed, Phase two (our destruction) will be initiated immediately.  Cessation of hostilities now only marks return to Phase I --- preparation of the great strategic strike with weapons of mass destruction.


So full military action is now required in what we used to call "peace" and "war".  It's required against terrorist-client states and an adaptation is required here in our own nation (the real "front" of this asymmetric war) which is euphemistically called "homeland defense", to root out and rid ourselves of the WMD and terrorist teams and assets already inserted.  A major part of the "New War" --- this new World War III --- is going to be fought right here in the U.S., and that has already started. 


The only alternative we have --- if we wish to have any chance of survival --  is to be absolutely destroyed, in no less than five years from right now.  Confronted with high level briefings on this dire situation, a little over a month after 9/11, Vice President Cheney morosely and sadly stated:


“The war on terrorism will not be over in our lifetime.  It is different than the Gulf War was in the sense that it may never end. At least not in our lifetime.  The way I think of it is, it’s a new normalcy.”

Vice President Dick Cheney, October 21, 2001].


Without fanfare, a giant network of nuclear detectors has been built and rushed into place across America.  Those are so sensitive that even some cancer patients have been "detected" by the radiation given off from their bodies, after receiving radiation therapy.  A few were even stopped and strip-searched.  Under protest, the net of sensors has been toned down a bit.  But they are deadly serious about trying to ferret out that nuclear material and/or weapons clandestinely introduced into this country.


And so the war goes.


Anyway, that sheds some light, perhaps, on the tremendous importance of "out of the box" research in electromedicine, specifically using higher group symmetry electrodynamics.


Sadly, the leaders of our scientific community -- such as the National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation -- show little or no signs of even understanding what is going on in this new World War we are engaged in, or the strategic importance that a much more advanced electromedicine could play.


 Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Subject: Is the "Teslar Watch" for real? Your opinion.

 Dear Dr. Bearden,

 First of all, I hope that your recovery is continuing and that your conditions are improving. It is very depressing to see so many people becoming ill with various problems. But hopefully with the research into scalar electromagnetic waves disease will one day be virtually eliminated.

 Now, I just found something on the internet that seems fairly interesting. A company is selling something called the Teslar Watch. They claim that it cancels out electromagnetic noise in the human body by sending a signal carried on the back of a scalar or longitudinal wave.

 They also claim that it can help increase the effectiveness of the immune system and has other benefits.

 Their website is at the following URL:

 Apparently, they have had some research done on their watches. One paper they site is as follows:

 "Effect of Non-Hertzian Scalar Waves On the Immune System  By Dr. Glen Rein

Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California - ELF Cocoon International, St. Francisville, Illinois"

So my question is as follows:

Do you think that this watch is at all valid? Have you heard about it before? Do you think that a simple longitudinal wave could have such beneficial effects?

Thank you for reading this email and your time.

Take care and God Bless,