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Date:  24th March, 2003

(Slightly edited from original)

Well,  work  on inverted circuits  (adaptation of an old term used long ago in certain oscillator and semiconductor circuits) has surfaced some very new principles for some time now (some   going back over 20 years or more).  E.g., conventional circuit theory focuses on the electron flow in the conductors etc., and rather ignores the insulation, etc. on them.  Later work did also focus on those plus charges remaining on the ions (as on copper atoms in copper wires in the circuit), as lattice positrons.  And so they also track the migration of those lattice positrons, particularly in solid state components, where they use acceptors and donors etc. to keep everything balanced so the circuit designer doesn't worry about the lattice positrons.

However, in the dielectric insulation, there are also trapped electrons (and other charges) that vibrate and oscillate, etc., in response to the field coupling from the electrons inside the wire. It's actually all one big system, loaded with multicoupling and multidynamics.

Well, with "zero" conventional emf (field) on the conductor (and conventional net current of zero), the individual electrons in the copper are still going insane, hopping and colliding, and moving short distances with incredible speed and acceleration and deceleration.  If one takes the sheer raw kinetic energy of each of those electrons and sums all of it up, a piece of copper wire has enough raw energy going on to power a big city!  It's really enormous, but "zeroes out" on the average.  It is therefore the perfect example of rather complete entropy (disordering and loss of external control).

Ha!  If loss of control and the disordering are the problem, then to capture some of that energy as ordered, controlled energy and then utilize it, one must perform actions to (1) re-establish higher level ordering, by self-ordering means using only a little "trigger" signal power and adroit switching, and (2) this re-ordering must be at the macro level, which means that all three of those coupled dynamic areas must be not only self-ordering, but the multiple self-orderings itself must be coherent.

In that fashion, one converts entropy into negative entropy at the next higher level.  And we know that is possible, from Leyton's new object-orient geometry replacing the old Klein-Lie geometry, which is just a subset of Leyton's geometry.

And by Leyton's proofs, by "breaking symmetry" at the level where that entropy exists, one automatically generates a new symmetry at the next higher level.  So one can indeed consume microscopic disorder (entropy) and convert it to entropy at the next level.  Even a steam engine does it to some extent, in spite of present thermodynamics (which has an error in the first law, and whose second law is an oxymoron implicitly assuming that its own contradiction has first occurred).

So we know it can be done, from Prigogine's self-ordering work and especially from Leyton's phenomenal new change of the basic geometry and the basic group theoretic methods used.

Now that is the wonderful and almost unexploited opportunity that some previous "earth battery" and "earth energy" researchers stumbled across, with no understanding of the phenomena, way back in the 1880s and subsequently (and for some even earlier than 1880).  A few of them did find how to harness this "earth energy" (read: disordered energy in natural matter) effectively, with strange and unusual uses of circuitry which to modern circuit theory cannot even work. There are even a few old patents in the area. And the "earth energy" circuits don't work at all according to modern theory, but they do have a viable extended theory that applies (it's still being put together) and therefore they can work because of the existence and validity of new principles.  Specifically, they can work because of Leyton's marvelous work, which in my opinion has clearly established the missing negative entropy, that presently is the biggest problem in thermodynamics (the "asymmetry" problem).

Basically, because of the dynamics going on in a copper conductor even at zero emf, and also the dynamics going on in the insulator covering it, then those dynamics can in fact be exploited by induced self-ordering and mutual coupling, even though the greater macro consideration says "zero power" and "zero voltage" and "zero current" before the establishing of the self-ordering and negative entropy. 
This is negative entropy engineering, and one must think in terms of Leyton's orders of hierarchy to even understand it.

What one has to do is realize that all those different dynamics (three main ones; the positrons, the conductor electrons, and the insulator electrons) are very powerful on the microscopic level.  Further, they are all already coupled by the fields and potentials in mutual exchange and interaction with them.

So if one adjusts parameters (type of insulation, its construction, thickness, etc; type of conductor, its size, etc., and anything else one can think of to adjust), and uses the proper type of switching, it is possible to get things into such a condition that the clever insertion of tiny signals "pulses" a great number of dynamics that then go into something like  "entrained, synchronized resonance" to that pulse.  In short, one can get coupled "self-ordering", using Prigogine's terminology.

Notice that the "zero potential" is really a reference zero.  It may be as energetic and as "high" a potential, compared to a fictitious zero or absence of all motion and structure, as the greatest and most powerful power line potential (high voltage line) one can think of.  All our normal potentials at root are just changes to the most enormous "zero reference" potential in the universe: the ambient vacuum potential.  Indeed, a potential exists only as the difference between two other potentials.  The trick is to take a given free "reference zero" potential, understand its internal dynamics including the coupled dynamics with its environment both material and spatial, and then "trick" those internal dynamics (the positive entropy) into self-organization (a negative entropy change).  One thus consumes positive entropy at the micro level and produces negative entropy, resulting in the formation of ordered, controlled energy at the macro level.  All EM fields and potentials are formed this way anyway, and that is by what Kondepudi and Prigogine call "deterministic dissipative systems".  As Evans and Rondoni pointed out, such "deterministic dissipative systems" are nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) systems, and they can indeed produce negative entropy, further going more negative toward negative infinity as time passes.  Without Evans and Rondoni understanding it, the inverted circuit (earth energy) approach is to form and use that very kind of system or circuit.

So "earth energy", "earth batteries", "reversed circuits", etc. are by definition set up to extract the power from that "reference zero potential" in the circuit that we do not have to pay anything for!  Nature furnishes all that tremendous microscopically disorganized energy in the first place.

The regular macrocircuit uses macroscopically ordered and controlled energy as an input, then dissipates it to perform useful work, producing positive entropy in the macroscopic realm by doing so.  So we then have to pay for some more input of ordered and controlled macroenergy.

The inverted circuit uses dissipated or uncontrolled microscopic energy as a perfectly free input, then gently stimulates it very adroitly so as to cause it to reorganize itself via negative entropy interactions, forming free (or nearly free) available macroscopic controlled and ordered energy as the required input energy to the system or circuit.  This part generating the self-ordering at the coupled microlevels is a negative entropy interaction and involves negentropy engineering.  Then the now-macroenergized (for free or nearly for free) circuit performs the normal circuit function of dissipating this macroenergy input to perform useful work, producing positive entropy at that macrolevel.

This is not possible in the present thermodynamics using Klein geometry and his Erlanger program, which have driven physics for more than a century (since 1872 or so), with some help from Lie.

It is possible in an altered and corrected (and dramatically extended) thermodynamics based on the new object-oriented geometry by Leyton.  The previous Klein geometry is just a subset, and the present thermodynamics is therefore just a subset of a new thermodynamics that will be born from Leyton's net geometry.  His geometry is already applied in areas such as robotics and pattern recognition, and in many cases it produces results where the Klein geometry predicts impossibility.  In short, it applies to many areas where the Klein geometry and Erlanger program fail and give the wrong results.  In short, the basis is already experimentally proven.

One approach would be to extract extra macroscopic power from the reference zero potential's plenum of incredible but disorganized microenergy.  Leyton's hierarchy of symmetries already tells us that, with the proper "broken symmetry" introduced in that combined micro level energy and dynamics, one does indeed produce symmetry and ordering at the next higher level.  One can consume positive entropy and produce negative entropy, and nearly for free, paying only for some switching and timing energy.  Plenty of energy there to be had there, and endless.  But the rules for applying the new procedures and techniques are all changed and gone crazy.   So a great deal of experimental work to understand the phenomenology is still required.  Nonetheless, this is the way to go for solving the energy crisis forever.   Consume positive entropy to produce negative entropy, nearly freely.  Notice that the conservation of energy law is obeyed, since just as much energy goes into the reordering process as comes out of it. It's just that the second law of thermodynamics is permissibly violated since this is a negative entropy process. Every charge in the universe already does it, so experimentally the second law is already falsified by every charge, whether magnetic or electrical. 

Voila!  By such techniques, one can suddenly get real power out of the earth and ordinary materials in certain structuring, and plenty of it is available as one gradually learns to manipulate those self-orderings. One can power a house, etc. -- and in very peculiar fashion.  The WALLS can be made to emit light, e.g., and so can the earth outside the earth itself. One of the pioneers, Stubblefield (before Tesla; we have a photo of folks watching a Stubblefield demo, where Tesla is in the onlookers) powered and lit his cabin this way, and he often stimulated the surrounding hills so the earth in them emitted light and lit up the entire area.  He also produced electrical power for his cabin this way.

As could be predicted, Stubblefield died in poverty in his little cabin.  At his death, some mysterious folks appeared and removed all electrical stuff from it, and dug up his insertions of wires etc. in the earth to make "earth batteries" (using the earth in this triple-stimulated and triple-self-ordering fashion to produce electrical power output in wires connected to some simple plates etc. in the ground.

This is one of the areas that has been thoroughly suppressed now for more than a century.  The High Cabal (Churchill's term) regards any practical knowledge in this area as extraordinarily threatening to the empire, and to their income from their control of the great energy cartels of the world.  About a trillion dollars a year flows into their coffers as profit from the world energy arrangement.  They have no intention of allowing any change to the status quo; fuel cells have been approved as the official way to drive everything, thus guaranteeing the continued "pay through the nose' for fuel and power.

Certain inventors long (for years) have
been able to build successful earth batteries, accomplish long distance absolutely clear communication through the earth, transmit power through it that way, etc.

So working with them, one has
gained a little appreciation for what happens when there is a coupling between the "insulator" and the "conductor" dynamics at those micro levels.  One gets that self-ordering and amplification to produce negative entropy (self-organization), and so one produces free or nearly free macroscopically organized EM energy at the macrolevel. 

So for the Columbia problem, I just factored in the conditions existing in re-entry (from my old re-entry work at CTL, on re-entry heat shielding), the damage allowing ablation and production of aluminum particles as well as the ablating insulator particles, tossed in the known Bohren experiment results (negative resonance absorption of the medium, which is energy amplification and gain by another name, and there it was.  Felt confident in it also, after the detection by the CAIB of such surprising extra heating and melting and ignition of the aluminum.  Hey, once the aluminum is in the full fire of re-entry and ablation, those little ablated resonant aluminum particles have lots of surface area, so get tremendous increase in energy absorbed from their coupling with those resonating insulator particles.  The resonating insulator particles are already resonating in the IR, and the aluminum particles will resonate in the UV.  So one gets a whale of a lot of amplification of the IR and the UV, and also of the difference frequency bandwidth, which is just the visual spectrum, now amplified.

Note also that the IR frequencies can be slid under the UV frequencies, so that a perfect UV/IR frequency match of 2:1 occurs.  In short, that makes the UV the first harmonic of the IR, and greatly assists the negative entropy production and therefore the gain of the heat amplification. 

And that seems to be the phenomena whose results are exactly what the Columbia Accident Investigation Board uncovered.

We have a lot to thank Stubblefield for, way back there in the latter 1800s.