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Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 08:33:48 -0600


Thanks Mike,


Glad to see you're interested in the new areas.  I believe the young grad students and post-docs will eventually make the difference.  Indeed, most of the great surges forward in physics have come from scientists in their youth.  Not yet so hard plated!


With respect to the weapons: Yes, it's a funny kind of situation.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union's economy, lots of things got available for lease or purchase that would never have been under the old system.  That happened in the resulting economic chaos.  The Russian Mafia rose to prominence, as did some wheeling and dealing entrepreneurs who played both ends against the middle.


In that atmosphere, and in the need for money, the KGB allowed leasing of the earlier longitudinal EM wave interferometers to a consortium of the Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo.  They did this only after they had tested and deployed their great new quantum potential weapons.  That class of weapon is the dominant weapon on earth.  Five nations now have it: Brazil, Russia (KGB), China, and two nations friendly to the U.S.  The deal to lease many of the earlier LWIs to the Japanese Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo was consummated at the end of 1989, with a down payment of $900 million in gold bullion as "up front" money.  I don't know what the lease per year was and is, but probably something like a billion dollars a year.  So the rogue Japanese acquired longitudinal EM weapons and that technical know-how.  In fact, the Yakuza is producing certain kinds of those in its own facilities in Japan now.


The Yakuza are a powerful force in Japan, penetrating the government and all large Japanese companies.  They ripped off the Japanese taxpayer to the tune of several hundred billion dollars in the infamous "land scandal".  The Japanese government dared not try to oppose the Yakuza; their favorite enforcement of their wishes is for four fellows to jump you suddenly with short Japanese daggers, and stab the victim very rapidly.  The body falls with perhaps 50 or 60 deep stab wounds in it, and is guaranteed not to survive.   They also have a small LWI type weapon used to kill at a distance.  The Yakuza have open offices in each district, with signs outside proclaiming it.  No one dares to molest them.  In Japan, if you have difficulties with one group of Yakuza, you go to your local Yakuza station and pay to have the difficulties erased.  The Yakuza consider themselves the last samurai, and still follow a version of the Bushido code.  When Kawai's company, invention, and fate were seized right here in Huntsville by the Yakuza in the presence of the CTEC board of directors, this is an indication of their power.  Kawai was backed by the second richest man in Japan, but they were helpless to resist the Yakuza.  The Yakuza have seized such control of several COP>1.0 power systems and engines, to keep them off the market.


The KGB is a hard-nosed bunch of chess players, and they do play both ends against the middle.  The "marriage" of the Yakuza and the Russian Mafia (which works for the KGB ultimately), is one of convenience.  The Yakuza in particular have never forgiven the U.S. for humiliating them in WW II, and for dropping the atom bomb on Japan.  One of their goals in life is to participate in the absolute destruction of the U.S.  This is useful to that arm of the KGB still dominated by the old communist diehards, which still adheres to the notion that all evil in the world is due to capitalism and that communism is the only answer.  The engineering of the weather over the U.S. was assumed by the Yakuza on site in KGB weapons sites in Russia, since early 1990.  Also, they have shot down several aircraft, including the TWA-800.  All this is under the watchful eyes of the KGB, who also initiate a deception plan and usually design the tests to be conducted (i.e., the aircraft or type and location to be killed, etc.).  They do place in phenomena for deception, take advantage of any opportunity such as U.S. naval forces on practice maneuvers, etc.  Always there is a deception plan implemented.  Also, the tests have a dual purpose of stimulating the U.S. scientific and governmental communities, to see if they realize what is going on.  By the woeful performance of our NTSB (uses ordinary EM model only, and doesn't even have a place on its check sheets for "shot down by LWI"), the lack of knowledge of our scientists, and the lack of knowledge of our government (though this is changing), they continue to assure themselves that they are ahead in these weapons.  Actually, at present they are not; one of the friendly nations having QP weapons is equal to them in firepower and capability.  We are speaking of weapons which, if fired, means the target nation essentially perishes within minutes.  Even the clean-up is accomplished in two hours or so.


Anyway, it's presently a "Mexican stand-off" with the various parties maneuvering with check and countercheck.  That is the real "balance of terror" that is held by such a fragile balance.


Against that backdrop, Putin has finally achieved enough power to limit and perhaps even control the KGB and Russian Mafia.  So he is embarked on replacing Saudi Arabia as the U.S.'s "staunch cheap oil partner".  It is Russia that has been limiting and checking OPEC's cuts and intentions of driving oil prices through the roof.  The Saudis are deeply into essentially paying "protection money" to the leading Muslim terrorists, to secure their own immunity.  So that is one way that terrorism is financed, right out of the oil revenues coming largely from the developed nations.  However, Putin is driving a wedge in there, and rapidly developing Russian oil.  Interesting development; Putin wishes the money to pump much-needed funds into the Russian economy, and he sees this as a pragmatic way to get that done in an assured and continuing manner. So a strange kind of accommodation or even "partnership" has arisen between the U.S. and Putin, at the same time that the KGB still supervises the Yakuza's massive weather engineering over the U.S.


Incidentally, our guys seem to be fighting that with the Big Flasher, which seems to be a negative energy EMP weapon adapted to very short pulse widths.  Note that positive and negative energy meet and just cancel or vanish (actually, 3-space cancellation moves the stress to the time domain).  There is no "pair annihilation" and so forth.  It's rather like simultaneous heating and cooling, which can indeed be tested with a calorimeter which will only see the "difference" between the two.  Anyway, our guys seem to have modified some radars to emit sudden peak bursts of negative energy.  The negative EM field energy induces negative energy fields and potentials in the struck violent weather front or system.  The energy of a huge storm evidences in the positive energy it has developed and soaked up, resulting in a great amount of excess electrical charge.  Hit with repeated peak flashes of negative energy, the energy of the charges is slowly cancelled by its continual absorption of negative energy.  Indeed, since negative EM energy consists of Dirac holes in the vacuum as their quanta, the excess charge of the storm is also eaten up.  Contrary to the popular view, prior to observation (the induction of d/dt operator to strip time away from an ongoing 4-space process LLLT, converting it to a momentary frozen 3-space snapshot LLL), both the electron and the positron are 4-spatial, not 3-spatial.   They have masstime, not mass  -- no observable persists in time or continuously exists; a priori an observation is an instantaneous single frozen 3-snapshot.  What happens is that, instead of continually existing, observables continually recur, much like seeing the frames of a motion picture.  Anyway, in the 4-state one is dealing with two opposing equal and opposite curvatures of spacetime when 4-positron and 4-electron meet.  In that case, the electron simply falls into the Dirac hole, and no radiation is emitted.  The "pair annihilation" radiation energy is absorbed in the local spacetime curvatures to make them both flat again.


So somebody or something connected with the Big Flasher seems to be "eating up" much of the Yakuza weather engineering.  I watched one violent and very sharp front, with tornadoes, approaching Alabama from Mississippi where the tornadoes were raging, and saw it "eaten up" in 15 minutes flat.  Next day, a correspondent sent photos of -- yep, the big flasher eating that strong sharp violent weather front and reducing it down to a whimper.  When it passed over Huntsville, it was just some rain and a little win, not really anything to write home about.


The same weapon with pulse width increased is a terrible all-purpose weapon of great power.  Such has long been held by the Russians (who tested it in Afghanistan during their Afghanistan War).  Last summer China deployed such weapons also. 


One wonders now how long it will be before the Yakuza also obtain or build negative EMP weapons.  These have been in Dirac's theory since 1930, if one but believed the model and did not twist it by only considering the positron after observation, so that one is really then dealing with a positron that has been time-reversed (reverses parity) and had its negative mass converted to positive mass by the inversion.  So there are two kinds of positrons: Those that are observed and act as lattice holes, and those that exist in the vacuum in space and act like Dirac fields in 4-space.  The latter have negative energy hence negative mass.  Eliminating the necessity to deal with negative mass has been one of the great concerns of scientists, who simply do not like the concept (they should; it's extraordinarily useful).


You can see the implications if such weapons fall into the hands of the radical terrorists.  Ordinary positive energy EMP shooters can be made fairly readily and cheaply from nearly just Radio Shack parts or surplus parts.  It just takes some know-how.  The positive energy EMP shooters are bad enough; think about what would happen to a big command and control center if hit with a number of such high peak power EMP shots.  Zingo goes the electronics.  But the negative energy EMP shooters, if obtained, will also kill people by the hundreds and thousands.  When and if the Yakuza gets those (and they will, it's just a question of time), you can begin to appreciate some of the turns this present terrorism and our war on it will take.  The terrorist teams from several nation sponsors are already in country.  Prior to the collapse of the former Soviet Union, the Soviets introduced nuclear weapons clandestinely into all our major cities, along with Spetznaz teams to operate them.  Read Lunev's book; he tells you several ways they brought them in here.  Piece of cake.  Castro alone introduced about 10,000 trained guerrillas from training camps he ran in southern Mexico for decades.  At least about 5, 000 or so are still viable and have not opted for the "good life" yet.  Some of the foreign terrorists have anthrax and smallpox agent for dispersal.  Sooner or later we will have something like an anthrax spray attack of one of our cities.  Say, a light plane flying around for a couple of hours, with a standard agriculture sprayer, two guys, and 100 kilograms of anthrax.  The OTA study of that scenario over Washington, D.C. showed that it would produce from 1 to 3 million casualties, most of whom would die.  And who in the name of the almighty can decontaminate an anthrax-contaminated city!  Presently harsh sprays are the only way known to do it or even come close.   Hence one would have to spray one's own populace then with harsh spray that will kill the anthrax, but will also harm or even kill some of the weaker members of society such as babies, those with lung problems, the aged, etc.


This is the terrible problem of terrorism.  It is targeted not against the combatants on some distant battlefield, but against the civilian populace right in our cities.  It's objective is to kill as many of them as quickly and as easily as possible.  The "front" of this kind of war is in our own streets and cities.  And we have been "seeded" in advance with weapons of mass destruction and the teams to use them.


We might take the view that the first phase of any great strategic strike is the delivery of the weapons of mass destruction on their intended distant targets.  We could say that the second phase is their detonation on target.


In the new war, the first phase of WW III has already been completed. Hence President Bush's recognition that this is a total war, and has to be taken to the enemy no matter where he may be hiding or in what sanctuary or in what foreign nation.   This is an entirely different war than anything the U.S. has ever fought in its history.  And before it is over, it is going to kill more Americans than have died in all the previous wars in our history.  The news media and the public have not yet recognized that awful situation and predicament.  Most are already thinking that, well, we won in Afghanistan so it's just about over.  Instead, it has only just begun.


Anyway, that's a brief uptake on some of the weapon situation today.  Some 10 nations or more now have LWIs, and five have the QPs.  I'm still working on how many have the appalling negative EMP weapons, but would estimate 6 or 7 nations have them in one stage or the other, either deployed or in at least advanced development.  And in my estimation, the Yakuza will have them within three to five years if they have to build them themselves, and quicker if they can buy them from the Russians, Chinese, or???


Thanks for the kind words, and I wish you the best of luck with your study and experiments.  The nation is going to need all the bright young unfettered minds it can get.


Tom Bearden

Subject: Admirable Work, Sir.
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2002 01:25:30 -0600

To Mr. Tom Bearden,

I have to congratulate you on your work and research in the difficult task of rewriting a great deal of what the world believes as the last words in scientific truth. Many people are often resistant to change, scientists especially so. Who can blame them, really? To spend a great deal of your life working in a specific field, learning its rules and postulates and theories by heart, is a huge emotional investment, and to have somebody come by one day saying "Boy, you guys are off track!" would probably cause more trauma than to be struck in the face with a baseball bat.

And as long as we're on the subject of physical injuries, I'd like to wish you a full and speedy recover from your heart attack. I'd also like to go further and wish that this will be your ONLY heart attack. I can't say I've ever had one, but I imagine it's not very comfortable.

Also, I've decided to take up the mantle of the experimental scientist/ inventor and start working in several of the new fields of scientific study your research has opened up. I predict a lot of interest in these new fields soon, and when the grad students from colleges and universities from around the world start coming up with amazing new theories, postulates, axioms and who knows what else, I think there had better be a lot of mechanics, welders, computer programmers, and so on, who should be ready to build the machines that apply these new scientific forces to everyday life.

On a final note, I'd like to ask your opinion on the "Invisible Threat" situation with the former KGB/USSR guys and their Japanese allies. As far as I can tell, there seem to be two main sides to this: Those allied with the Russians and those who aren't. With any luck, the weapons they have aimed at us (and the ones we have aimed at them, I presume; If we didn't have some sort of defenses set up we'd already be speaking Russian) will never have to be used, and we can resolve the situation without anybody getting killed (or worse).

But I've been thinking lately about a story I read when I was in Junior High School. The title and plot are long forgotten, but a few sentences remain to keep me awake at nights: "So far, Jacob had assumed that the game consisted of two sides, each playing to win. But... What if there was a third side, one that wanted both of the other sides to lose?"

In the meantime, Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, and keep your chin up. Or, if your chin can't rise to the occasion (no pun intended), at least keep your spirits up.