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Subject: RE: Mystery Over Death of Australia's First Cloned Sheep
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 11:21:36 -0600




At the cellular level itself, the cloning process is quite violent.  Basically they rupture the cell and tamper with its innards, by forcible means.


Now at that level, the "cellular universe" one is starting with is just that cell.  So its inner potentials have certain inside "engines" or systems of longitudinal EM wave dynamics.  Suddenly one disrupts that entire ensemble quite violently, and with foreign matter having different engines.  All the potentials involved in the force fields that were brought to bear, have inner "engines".  And when potentials superpose, as they do at light speed, their innards (engines) intermingle (diffuse one into the other).


So one gets a diffusion of a cellular engine plus a great violence (disruption) engine plus a foreign matter engine.


The natural method of fertilization has a long adaptation behind it (millions and millions of years).  So evolution has led to all the normal engines involved already "tolerant to" or "adapted to" the type of engine change expected in normal fertilization.  Hence those fertilized cells go with a tolerant disruption only, already "planned for" in the component engines themselves by evolutionary adaptation.


The cloning method, however, is quite different and much of the engine content is outside the "evolutionary developed tolerance".  There has been no evolutionary development of tolerance to, or adaptation to, that process in the mammal.


So those violently fertilized and damaged cells with their harshly modified engines produce a birth, but one with serious "engine" defects in it.


The cloned creature then has to deal with its environment and its continuous exchange of engines with that environment.  And it's dealing with it from a standpoint of flawed internal engines already.


So comes along some certain engine from the environmental interaction, where this engine interacts a bit stronger, and that clone is in difficulty somewhere in its system (could be most anywhere, and to do with most anything).  Particularly sensitive systems such as the immune system and cellular control system are particularly vulnerable; they have a big task even with well-honed and well-adapted engine tools.


The result is that the clone sickens and dies, sooner or later, with high probability.  Or it may suffer some debilitating disorder.


Unfortunately physics doesn't do anything with the engines (internal bidirectional EM wavepair dynamics) inside of, and comprising, all the normal EM field and potential envelopes.


The cloners have no notion that the insertion of a needle into the cell and disruption of the contents (and injection of new material) has already done great violence to the future fetus.  They simply think that, since the physical damage heals, that's the end of it.  It isn't.


Medical science doesn't even have the concept, because the physicists have ignored it and so have most of the electrodynamicists.  The only place the medical scientists approach some of this is vaguely through some of the physical "switches" (genes).


If they really wish to play God and do better and nonviolent cloning with excellent long term results, they must first develop the science of engines, the initiation of which has been sitting there on the shelf for 100 years since Whittaker's first paper on the marvelous internal longitudinal EM wavepair electrodynamics inside and comprising all our crude "envelope" EM fields, potentials, and waves.