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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:28:38 -0600




The present situation is very complex. There are also some weapons in play I have not written very much about.


The quakes and the tsunamis were the work of the Yakuza, using the large scalar interferometers they leased on site in Russia at the end of 1989, and with which they have been engineering our weather since then. These are the “terrorist” weapons that SecDef Cohen in 1997 referred to when he stated:


"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."


[Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997].


The Yakuza are being used as the “front line troops” in the continuing asymmetric war being waged by the old die-hard communist faction of the FSB/KGB, which is the real power in Russia. Putin comes from the younger faction, which would very much like to reach an accommodation with the West, but they are not permitted to. The old communist faction always retained the superweapons under its personal and direct control; they design and build them, deploy them, and use them with their own FSB/KGB forces. The superweapons are not part of the regular Russian armed forces and never have been. Hence that old die-hard communist faction retains its personal power in Russia, regardless of who is in the front office. Just now, they are tightening the strings on Putin, so that he has re-instituted stronger controls over the populace, and so that the Western access to Russian oil has been diluted (a deal, e.g., has just been made with China in that respect, after the Russian state seized the oil companies, etc.).


And the FSB/KGB’s die-hard old communist faction is orchestrating the entire set of affairs today, worldwide, though very quietly. Use of the Yakuza for the forefront of asymmetric warfare against the U.S. bypassed most of our intelligence folks, who missed that part of it and who still think the Yakuza is just an ordinary Mafia interested in dope and prostitution etc. Cohen was well briefed on things when he was SecDef, but once he left the Department of Defense, the various entourages in Intel etc. shoved lots of the information and knowledge back into the shadows and even buried lots of it again. The present folks in power mostly have scant knowledge of these things, and that suits the entourages really fine, since they seek to maintain the status quo.


Nuclear weapons are deterrents only so long as aggressors don’t have quantum potential weapons. Once they have such weapons, or else are allied with someone who has and will clandestinely support them, then every nuclear weapon on the planet can be dudded in about 10 minutes flat, as will be nuclear propulsion systems (there go the nuclear subs etc.) and nuclear power plants (there goes the power grid). This sort of thing is why the QP weapon is the most powerful class of weapons on earth. But five nations have QP weapons, including China and Russia and Brazil. A sixth nation is closing fast on them, and of course I could always have missed someone.


Much of the radical Arab terrorism is also being quietly steered and coordinated by the same old FSB/KGB die-hard communists. The way that is being done is with psychoenergetics, which has long reached the point where the psychoenergetics can make a living human mind on the lab bench, and put it inside the Drude electron gas in an ashtray if desired. All mind operations are electromagnetic but over on the time-axis, and if one develops quantum field theory further, it already prescribes a time-polarized or “scalar” photon – in short, a set of electrodynamics and electrodynamics operations over on the time axis. Neither a scalar photon nor a longitudinal photon is individually observable, but the combination is observable as common voltage (scalar potential) spikes.


Hence the way the nervous system is built, with so many dendrite endings and spikes across them. That is the way that the mind operations, occurring on the time axis, are coupled into scalar photons and then become observable by the ordinary electrical and chemical aspects of the body, as part of those spikes. Etc. Somewhere on my website I have a brief explanation of the mind and body coupling, etc.


The bottom line is that a human mind with certain of its operations deliberately altered, or a fraction of that human mind with its operations deliberately altered, can be inserted in a selected human being at a great distance and can reside there. Then the “second mind” can just be switched in at will to replace the normal mind, thereby altering the behavior of that individual. That is called “conversion”. Then switch back the minds to normal, and that person is “back to normal”. When only a fraction of the mind is converted, that is called “fractional conversion”. These capabilities were dramatically tested in the incidents involving Captains Button, Svoboda, and Hess in the 1990s.


This conversion and fractional conversion, temporarily switched in and out, is being very selectively used in extremist leaders of both ends of a given societal polarization, i.e., gay vs. straight, democrat vs. republican, liberal vs. conservative, pro-abortion vs. con, etc. By gradually “touching up” the extremist end leaders, the effects are passed down to the followers, and so that societal polarization is gradually increased. Hence our own remarkable polarization after the election, and its continuance and growth today. The FSB/KGB intention is that our societal polarizations will grow so fiercely and intensify such that in two years they will be generating riots and chaos in the streets, and spilling blood in the streets as our society increasingly starts “eating itself”.


To bolster our coming problems, highly selected militant, radical Muslim leaders are also being “touched up” by conversions and partial conversions and switching, so that those ends of extremism also continue to grow.


This increase of polarization intensity will include all the stresses (polarizations) we are subject to, internationally as well. Trouble with China, trouble with North Korea, trouble with Iran and Syria, etc. are all being “touched up” as desired and needed to increase the polarizations, increase our commitments and involvements abroad and thus our severe economic bleeding until it’s hemorrhaging, etc.


This is a further psychoenergetics extension to the common theory of asymmetric warfare. Meanwhile, the Yakuza are the main “troops” to carry the battle inside our own nation, although Castro has at least 5,000 functioning and highly trained agents in here, as do many other factions (Muslim, Chinese, etc.).


So oddly, there is a hidden orchestration behind a great deal of our woes, and that orchestration is deliberately and slowly increasing them. The great dragon is being increasingly bled, and the economy is increasingly coming under relentless pressure. The Yakuza, e.g., will in about two years simply finish destroying our centralized electrical power grid, thereby initiating a catastrophic collapse of our economy, pulling down the European economies as well. Then with chaos, blood in the streets, and violent disorder the rule of the day, the Yakuza will extract its vengeance for their defeat in WW II, and for our dropping the atom bomb on Japan. They intend to kill off every living American – man, woman, and child, and destroy this nation utterly.


In this plan, recently the shift has been made from the decades of “insertion phase” into the final “operations phase”. The scalar interferometry registration on the Yellowstone caldera preceded the Indonesia action, and both were the Yakuza. By deliberately erupting Yellowstone (the largest supervolcano on earth), it will destroy about 60% to 70% of North America, and thereby destroy the United States rather completely (18 inches to two meters of ash just about all over; kills off all higher forms of life, the crops, etc. and engenders nuclear winter, etc.  Presently the geologists are doing a pretty good job of specifying the damage that would ensue).


So the Asian tsunamis were the first opening shot, deliberately set elsewhere to further get the UN and the US stretched out, and to place further demands on our troop dispositions and use. It also was a great stimulus to allow the FSB/KGB to assess the state of knowledge recognition in Washington, D.C. about this plan. Now they know that the entourages there have done their dirty work, and once again the U.S. decision makers are not very well informed on what is really coming down and going on.


Remember, at any one time in the intelligence game, there is far more gathered raw intelligence available than could be totally analyzed in years. Also, so long as most of the EM analysts are just standard electrical engineers and electronic engineers, they will not recognize energetics weapons even when we are being hit on the head with them. There is a massive void in U.S. intelligence as to knowledge and analysts for higher group symmetry electrodynamics, quantum field theory, etc. There is also just such a void in our open scientific community, which is determined NOT to fix the problem.


So all these factors (and others) combine to place us in an increasingly tough situation. For more details, just read my strategic threat paper, hanging on my website.


By the long asymmetric war having entered its final operations phase, we can also expect things to begin to heat up a bit more here in heartland U.S. There are already nukes in all our major cities, not just the suitcase nukes, but larger ones as well. The terrorists who wished it all got plenty of the highest grade anthrax ever produced, by just getting it from Voz island for peanuts. The anthrax and the agents to spray or otherwise disperse it are already here inside the U.S., waiting for the coordination orders from the FSB/KGB (via their own terrorist channels) to unleash them.


We have arrived at possibly the most dangerous time in all our history, and the sad part is that our own scientific community has essentially failed us. It now has very strong and entrenched cartels, which determine what science is taught and practiced, what is published in our journals, and what our young grad students and post docs are allowed to work on or even address.  Science has now been “shaped” to continue the status quo and the entourages in power, and those entourages have 9% to 11 % evil fractions who do engage in murder, even mass murder as witnessed by the Tuskeegee affair and the 30 years of deliberate whole-body nuclear radiation of patients – including some retarded children – by industrial, university, and government scientists. Not one of those mass murderers has ever been indicted or tried and sentenced, and none ever will be. Instead, the head of the Executive Branch (and thus law enforcement), one each Bill Clinton, went on national TV and publicly apologized!


So much for justice against mass murderers, if they are SCIENTISTS in ORGANIZED SCIENCE. No one can sweep that foul thing under the rug, nor can they deny we tried and executed such mass murderers at Nuremberg. But no prosecution or justice for those innocent victims (over 100 blacks were allowed to rot with syphilis deliberately, while the cold-blooded scientists supposedly treating them were instead just methodically measuring and observing and recording how their brains and bodies rotted and decayed away. Those poor retarded children and other patients that were subjected to whole body radiation, saw many of them also dead from the destruction and damage and decay of their poor bodies.)


So long as those 30-year long incidents (and others) continue to be ignored by the scientific community itself, and so long as those mass murderers are not brought to justice, just so long will the U.S. scientific community have shown the true colors of its entourages in power.  It makes a mockery of the very phrase, “scientific ethics”. What is ethical for individual scientists is no longer deemed necessary for organized science.


The end result of all these factors pulling against our society, and now being exacerbated, together with the coming and increasing terrorist actions inside our population centers and cities, are intended to quite simply destroy us, beginning with our catastrophic economic collapse about two years hence.


Once again, it seems, our survival may well depend on the actions and capabilities of a friendly little foreign nation that has saved us several times in the past, beginning in the 1970s.


But I assure you we are going to see some incredible times. The tsunamis, quakes, and volcano eruptions are just begun; watch for the “predictions” of Russian scientists, etc. Once such prediction has already been for South American tsunamis in the future.


But at this point I’m just a rider in the boat, like everyone else. I believe we are in for a very fearful ride, and perhaps even the sinking of the boat itself.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden


Hello Tom, I have been a reader since long before email was prevalent.  I have letters in which you hand wrote responses (thanks).
A website;   claims the Tsunami was caused by solar disturbances.  I disagreed.  When the tsunami occurred my first thought was some type of EM weapon, that was possibly diverted by a slowly awakening USA, or our friendly little country.  Somebody is correct.
My big question has to do with the terrorists planted suitcase nukes.  Considering the fact that we just overhauled two of their countries, why would they hesitate to use the weapons?  As time goes on they risk discovery, and require maintenance to keep the weapons operational.  What is the hold up?  About a year ago I formed my own theory, which has since seen beltway gossip repeat, that is, the US has told the terrorists we will use Mecca and Medina as targets in a new form of MAD.  No Mecca or Medina equals no Islam.  Since the terrorists have not been able to successfully make any major attack on US soil (not from lack of desire or efforts) post 9-11, do you think this idea has any credence?  What stops Israel from getting all of the problem handled for us?  Why not a scalar attack on Iran?
Michael J