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Subject: RE: MEG Funding
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 10:44:21 -0600

Dear Cailen,

It will take about $11 million ($12 million would be a bit easier budget) and a hard year of work to finish the engineering development of the MEG. Due to the peculiar nature of the Aharonov-Bohm effect that generates the excess energy inputs to the MEG from its immediately adjacent space, we are dealing with multiple energy inputs and signals to every coil and every wire in that internal MEG core area, plus iterative re-radiations between all coils, etc. Hence we have to build a math model (higher group symmetry EM is required, since ordinary electrical engineering does not model such inputs at all), fit it to experiment sufficiently for engineering purposes, and then apply nonlinear control theory for controlling of multisignal multiphase inputs. All very doable, of course, but definitely not an ordinary EE electrical power engineering problem. It's one requiring certain specialists on a special team, which we must assemble etc. Some special instrumentation and measurement techniques is also required.

Once that research and development is completed, then at that point we are in direct position to scale-up and design MEG units at a variety of power levels, etc. and go into production engineering for producing real MEG power systems and marketing them widely.

In aerospace such nonlinear problems are well known and the procedures for solving them are well-known also. It's just not conventional electrical power engineering, and there are no Aharonov-Bohm specialists in the electrical engineering departments! They are over in physics, and so the work we must do is in the electrical physics area, not electrical power engineering.

All matters concerning the MEG are handled by Dr. Lee Kenny, CEO of Magnetic Energy Ltd. to which the rights to the MEG are assigned. We also have filed and secured quite a few foreign patent coverages on the MEG as well.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden