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Subject: RE: Tom Beardens PhD...
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:11:07 -0600




Yes, I was awarded the Ph.D. for life experience and for life accomplishment (from Trinity College - Ed.), and I make no attempt to conceal it.  I was awarded the Legion of Merit in Vietnam for similar reasons.  If that makes it "bogus", so be it.  I was also listed in Who's Who in Aviation and Aerospace, 1983, National Aeronautical Institute.  I don't know what others may have done, but to obtain the doctorate for experience, I first was required to prepare a formal Ph.D. thesis, as is normal, and do several months of additional work for it.  As might be expected, my thesis advanced the first legitimate theory of COP>1.0 EM systems, freely extracting energy from the vacuum.  It also contained the first formal correction to Aristotelian logic since Aristotle advanced it.  My M.S. in nuclear engineering was awarded by Georgia Tech under full rigor, as was my B.S. in mathematics from what is today Northeast Louisiana University. Those are the credentials, and one can take it or leave it.


One might point out that Heaviside --- whose equations are studied in university as "Maxwell's equations", and who originated some powerful mathematical methods as well --- never even attended university but was totally self-taught.  Today, a very great many people for more than a century have happily used Heaviside's work, not really caring whether he had a Ph.D. or not.


The real judge is what a fellow does and the worth or non-worth of it.  My book, Energy from the Vacuum, speaks for itself.  My years of work in scalar interferometry --- trying desperately to get this nation to develop adequate defenses ---  has in fact now been verified, both experimentally and theoretically, and scalar interferometry was the basis for Secretary of Defense Cohen's public statement in 1997 at a conference in Athens, Georgia --- the first confirmation of those weapons by a high U.S. government official.  We do have adequate defenses today, at least a little bit as a result of some of my own hard work in convincing the system.  Unfortunately the energetics weapons have now spread to even more powerful quantum potential weapons and negative energy EMP, so my weapons efforts are still continuing in that respect.  Defending this nation comes first; after that comes the rest.


I'm quite willing to let that be the final arbiter.


Best wishes,