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Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 11:14 AM

Dear Bernadette and Jean, 

Very much appreciated, and I thank you for the kind words and good wishes.

As you might imagine, we five inventors of the MEG also intensely share the deep frustration! We have worked many years on this device, tinkering and adjusting and very slowly developing and patenting it. It only requires about a year of hard work (and 10 to 12 million dollars) to finish its formal engineering development so that it could be put into mass production. The operation of the MEG is not even describable by standard electrical engineering (more on that in a moment), so the finishing "stabilization and control" work has to be performed by a team of specialists - one in the Aharonov-Bohm effect and geometric phase (both theory and experimental measurement), one in nonlinear oscillation theory and control including chaotic oscillation control and measurement, and a couple in higher group symmetry electrodynamics model development (we have to produce our own fitted highly nonlinear engineering model for the energy from the vacuum operation, since none exists in the literature), etc.  We have funded all the work to date ourselves, except for a couple small donations from interested persons (a very good time-sampling oscilloscope with all the probes, e.g.). For the five of us, this effort has consumed the greatest part of our available cash and personal time for more than a dozen years. Ironically, the Aharonov-Bohm effect that we freely apply, is proven and published in some 20,000 papers worldwide in physics. The effect does not exist in electrical power engineering.

The AB effect, however, allows one to localize all the normal curled magnetic energy (the B-field energy) and still use it, but also to have additional A-potential energy appear in the surrounding space from which the normal B-field was withdrawn. There remains a global connection between the confined B-field energy and the external free A-potential energy. By perturbing the confined B-field energy, one also simultaneously perturbs the external A-field energy, which results in sharp E-fields being generated (by dA/dt = - E) and radiating back into the MEG, adding excess free EM energy from the environment. That of course is an operation analogous to the standard home heat pump, where the environment is tricked into furnishing excess energy input. Once one has such an energy input from the environment, then the unit is absolutely permitted to perform COP >1.0, by approved thermodynamics and the conservation of energy law. The common home heat pump, e.g., will have perhaps only a 50% overall efficiency, and it will waste half of all its energy input. However, so much energy is input by the environment, that the heat pump can still output three to four times as much energy (work) as the energy input made by the operator and paid for by him. There is no viable reason whatsoever that an electrical power system cannot be made to operate in the same mode. The only reason they do not do so, is that the early pioneers loved symmetry, so the electrodynamicists insist on using a closed current loop circuit with the source of free potential energy flow wired into the circuit as a load to be continually destroyed. That way, the circuit self-enforces Lorentz symmetry (ah, beauty! As the mathematicians sigh.). In turn, that allows the use of Lorentz invariant equations to describe the operation of that system, and those equations are much easier to solve algebraically, thus avoiding the necessity of using numerical methods for most applications. However, that also arbitrarily selects only those Maxwellian systems which exhibit COP 1.0. That way, our inane scientific community guarantees the underunity COP performance of our power systems (except for such systems as solar cell array power systems, hydroelectric power systems, etc. which have COP = because the operator inputs none of the energy input at all.). But by insisting on algebraic solutions and "mathematical beauty", our electrodynamicists have betrayed us by denying us "heat pump" like systems which output more energy than the operator must input. That is perfectly permissible, so long as the external environment inputs the additional energy. But by this terrible and arbitrary slashing of Maxwellian systems, the power meter stays on one's home and office, the gas pump meter stays on the gas pump, and a number of extraordinarily large and powerful energy cartels stay firmly in business, burning the hydrocarbons, consuming the nuclear fuel cells, despoiling and poisoning the environment, etc. The Takahashi magnetic Wankel engine (see my book, Energy from the Vacuum), for example, can readily be built and made to work by any electrical engineering department. How many have been so built by our universities, the Department of Energy, etc.? Not one.

Anyway, we continue in our negotiations with potential investment groups for the funding necessary to complete the unit, which in its present form is a successful laboratory bench experiment device, not a multi-kilowatt device already finished and ready to roll off the assembly lines right now.

We are still hopeful that we will obtain the funding, and that we can then get on full-bore with finishing the MEG development, and then with licensing it for production and mass marketing. Till then, we shall just grit our teeth and continue to do everything we can.

Note that we would also have placed on the world market a self-powering Kawai system, in 1997, but the Japanese Yakuza suppressed it right here in Huntsville Alabama in 1996, when we had just concluded our agreement with Kawai himself who was visiting us. Kawai already had a "self-powering" motor in Japan, which was totally powered by energy from the vacuum. The motor in his U.S. patent can be built and made to work from the patent, if one uses sophisticated and very efficient switching technology. Again, any EE department could do it. None have, and none are going to. Kawai's systems are never going to see the market, because very powerful forces are directly preventing it and are now controlling his very destiny. The same iron suppression is also true for several other legitimate Japanese systems developed in the past (I suggest you ignore present published activity in Japan; parts of it now are just a ruse).

Meanwhile, we are also sharing freely and worldwide the hard-won principles of energy-from-the-vacuum systems, gained in over 30 years of very hard work, to put such systems on a proper scientific basis. We are doing everything we can to focus the attention of the young doctoral candidates and young post doctoral scientists on these principles, as well as directing them to the experiments already known in physics which prove the principles. As an example, the standard "negative resonance absorption of the medium"  (NRAM) area of physics already uses a self-resonant reaction cross section increasing process that outputs some 18 times as much usable energy as the Poynting energy component input by the operator and paid for by him. One of the frequency ranges in which this NRAM process works is in the infrared - i.e., for heat. Now envision a practical application, where around a conventional steam boiler in an electrical power plant an "outer shell" with the active self-resonant particle medium is built. Suppose the COP achieved by this subsystem is COP = 10, rather than the ideal COP = 18 already shown and proven in the hard literature. Remember, we are now heating the outer NRAM shell, not the normal boiler inside. And we can heat the outer NRAM shell with only 10% as much heat input as was formerly furnished to the boiler, and the NRAM process will multiply our input, so that it outputs to the boiler the exact same heat input it always had. We have easily explained where the excess energy comes from, and what the mechanism is by which it is freely furnished from a very peculiar portion of the external environment.

So now you can heat the same boiler, to the same temperature, etc., and make the same steam, yet you need furnish and burn only one tenth of the coil or oil or gas (or use only one tenth of the nuclear fuel rods) that were previously required. This alone would rather quickly free the electrical power plant world from the tyranny of MidEast oil, Russian Oil, etc. as well as from natural gas shortages. Everything necessary to make this system is already proven in hard physics (though those scientists are nervous as a cat on a hot stove, trying desperately never to discuss the thermodynamics of their process. But it's been proven since 1967, and experiments every year prove it again and again. So where is our vaunted National Academy of Science, our National Science Foundation, our Department of Energy, our "great" national laboratories, and the universities? Why are they not just applying this already proven area? Sadly, they are all off grinding their own axes, and pursuing their own agendas.

And as an afterthought, now consider staging multiple stages of such "surrounding heat amplifiers" around the same boiler(s). Two stages each of COP = 10 would reduce the necessary heat energy input by the operator to one hundredth of its normal value! More likely is a decline in efficiency with staging, so perhaps the second stage would only have COP = 5. Even so, the necessary heat energy input by the operator is reduced to one fiftieth of its normal value. It might be that one could reach the one-hundredth mark by several stages, even so. This is the kind of thing that could rather readily be done by our own Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, if we had a scientific leadership that had any real comprehension of the electrical power industry implications and ramifications of NRAM technology already demonstrated and shown (and experimentally proven in physics) since 1967. No one seems to know it, and no one seems even interested in it.

The terribly powerful Big Nuclear Fusion cartel in science will ruthless destroy any such attempts to dramatically reduce the dependence on primary heat energy input, including exactly what it did to destroy cold fusion. The real principle that enables cold fusion is long since working in thermodynamics, and it is long since experimentally demonstrated and proven by the thermodynamicists, without recognizing its application to cold fusion. The mechanism is provided by known and measured statistical fluctuation of reactions in fluids, where under the proper circumstances the reactions in a volume of up to one cubic micron in size are reversed temporarily, in a negative entropy operation known, demonstrated, and accepted to violate the second law of thermodynamics. E.g., in water a cubic micron contains about 30 billion ions or molecules, and in such a statistical fluctuation these can now have reversed reactions. It has been experimentally shown that some of these fluctuations can and do last for up to two seconds. But here's the part that is never discussed in relation to proof that reactions can be and are reversed: The only thing preventing cold fusion in ordinary chemical solutions, is the Coulomb barrier - i.e., the mutual repulsion of like charges and like ions. By whatever means, if one can get two D+ ions close enough together so that each enters the strong force region of the other, then a quasi-nucleus will be formed and the two will be held together by the strong force.

In hot fusion where the reactions are not reversed by novel external factors intervening, the only way to get this quasi-nucleus formed is to add great energy and momentum to one (or both) of the D+ ions so that each penetrates to the strong force region of the other D+ ion before it can be deflected fully aside by the Coulomb force. If the two ions get close enough together before deflection aside, then the strong force overcomes the electromagnetic force and those two ions will indeed form a real nucleus, by nuclear transformation. Nuclear transformation has nothing to do with any total requirement for high energy! It has to do with forming those quasi-nuclei, by whatever means and at whatever energy possible. In any case, once the strong force overcomes the Coulomb force, some quasi nuclei will be born, and so one gets transmutation to He4++ ions which are alpha particles.

The entire hot fusion community seems not to read forefront thermodynamics, and simply has not recognized or will not accept any simple means of reversing the common nuclear reactions. The community has no consideration of, or use for, novel thermodynamic mechanisms already shown to be capable of reversing the so-called "Coulomb barrier" that is the only thing preventing cold fusion in the first place. It does not require high energy to obtain fusion; it requires high energy to overcome the normal Coulomb barrier so that fusion can automatically occur once the approaching ions intertwine in their strong force regions. But how convenient it all becomes if the Coulomb barrier itself suddenly reverses and becomes the Coulomb attractor! The entire hot fusion community and the big nuclear power plant cartel has apoplexy at the mere thought of such a monstrosity, because it would dramatically reduce or even eliminate the need for all those big accelerators, billions of dollars, prestigious positions, prestigious publications, etc. In short, it would displace high energy hot fusion to a very weak and mild supporting role.

In certain deuterated nuclear solutions, statistical fluctuations can be augmented (by certain palladium lattices etc.) so that the reaction-reversing fluctuation occurs more frequently and for longer periods of time - up to two seconds.  And during one of those transient fluctuations lasting for up to two seconds, the normal law of attraction of unlike charges and repulsion of like charges can reverse.  When this happens, the two D+ ions will strongly attract each other, and many such attracting pairs will result in formation of quasi nuclei. As the reaction then reverses back to normal (as the fluctuation reverses and disappears), the quasi nucleus just formed is stable, and so it results in the formation of excess He4++ ions, which explains the well-known surplus of alpha particles produced in so many successful cold fusion experiments (hundreds). This type of information is going to be continually suppressed, however, by the entourages of both (1) the hot fusion cartel, and (2) the "big nuclear power plants cartel". The hot fusion cartel is going to get its "blood money" of many more billions from the U.S. taxpayer, to build more big accelerators for ever higher energy, and never place a single extra watt on the commercial power line. The even more powerful (and even more evil around its entourage edges) cartel consisting of a consortium of powerful industries and powerful scientific groups, that plans to extract a trillion dollars or more from the U.S. taxpayer to build hordes of new pebble bed reactor nuclear powerplants worldwide, will absolutely not tolerate any overunity system or project or process that would put them out of business. The entourage (evil 9% of the third level down from the top) in the big nuclear power plant consortium is almost certainly to blame for the murder of Gene Mallove, the main proponent and activist for cold fusion. The pebble bed reactors comprising the basis for the new nuclear power plants need lots of helium, for that is their medium of heat exchange. That entourage intends to appropriate and hide one of the reactions from cold fusion, to provide the needed helium supply, while simultaneously continuing to ruthlessly suppress cold fusion itself. Helium is in short supply in the nuclear community, and He4 or alpha particles is one of the standard byproducts of deuterated cold fusion reactions.  I wrote the exact reaction equation for that process  in my book, Energy from the Vacuum, in the chapter on Cold Fusion.

The evil entourage of that huge nuclear power plant cartel intends to quietly appropriate that little cold fusion reaction, hide it as something else, and use it. But the cartel must simultaneously and ruthlessly suppress cold fusion to prevent the cat of "simple reaction reversal by augmented statistical fluctuations"  from getting out of the bag and obsolete their entire program. Since Mallove was increasingly successful in his attempts to make cold fusion accepted by the scientific community at large, and since he was particularly into thermodynamics as well, then obviously Mallove was an unacceptable threat and he had to go.  Or else he would spoil a trillion dollar deal and frustrate that entire vast movement now sweeping science and government before it.

At the entourage level, they "took care of the problem". No one in his right mind would have believed that Gene would ever commit suicide, so the hit could not be camouflaged to make it appear that he had "met with a sudden suicide" on his way to the supermarket. Instead, it had to be by a simple and easily understandable method that was (1) guaranteed and failproof, and (2) made to look like a common criminal act.  And so it was. A severe beating was sufficient to guarantee death, and that was made to look like a common burglar surprised in his work.

Meanwhile, back to releasing and publicizing the principles of EFTV. Slowly the young future scientists are beginning to get the real picture. We have the best crop of oncoming young scientists and engineers we've ever had at our universities. They are still being "sat on" and restrained by the orthodox establishment and the universities, but one way or another it is only a matter of time before these young scientists burst from their chains and get all this done. Indeed, a few of the universities are beginning to experience what can only be called "free energy activism" in its student body. May they experience even more!

Surprisingly, a part of the environmental activist community also is adamantly opposed to EFTV free energy systems. The last thing they wish is that, by their own statements. These are the folks who corrupt the otherwise legitimate meaning of "sustainment" to mean reduction of the human population by two-thirds at least, a returning to the primitive human lifestyle, having all forests and streams pristine pure again, with humans confined only to a few little villages or enclaves widely scattered here and there (in short, like it was here in North America with the Indians before the European explorers came).  So a family would have an oil lamp, and one heater. If you wished to go somewhere, you would either walk or ride a bicycle. Very quietly one does not hear much discussion about the two-thirds of humanity that would be "removed". One hears the echo here of the Nazi gas chambers and of the burning of the Jews to solve the "Jewish problem". Don't laugh, it could happen again, in our lifetime.  The stage has long been set for this kind of activism by, e.g., early proponents like Bertrand Russell. Quoting Russell:

"At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued throughout each of the world wars... War has hitherto been disappointing in this respect... but perhaps bacteriological war may prove effective. If a Black Death could spread through the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. The state of affairs might be unpleasant, but what of it?" [Bertrand Russell, philosophical spokesman for a group of Westerners, in his Impact of Science on Society.]

Now realize that all kinds of biological warfare toxins and agents are already in the hands of terrorists and inserted right here in the U.S., and one suddenly awakens to the fact of what is imminent. Smallpox, e.g., is going to be released on earth, and if released in any major city it will eventually kill about two-thirds of the human population. Anyone who wished the most advanced smallpox agents and the most experienced BW scientists, could easily get them when the Soviet empire crumbled economically. All the major international terrorist groups that wanted smallpox got it, or some of the Soviet BW scientists, or both. Also, any terrorist group that wished a copious supply of the highest grade anthrax spores ever produced, got it from the infamous "Voz" island where the Russians simply dumped it by tons and tons. Simply google search on Voz Island and Anthrax, to see what I'm talking about. All such weapons of mass destruction stuff is already inserted into the United States - and into Canada, Australia, France Germany, the UK, etc. That includes hostile nuclear weapons. It's only a matter of time until all that mess is unleashed.

It turns out that one of the means to be used in destroying us is to destroy the present centralized electrical power system. So to survive when that happens, we desperately need cheap clean energy from the vacuum as quickly as we can get it done, in production, and deployed in quantity. We must have dependable decentralized energy that is fuel-free, pipeline-free, etc., or else in the coming debacle our present centralized electrical energy system will not survive and we shall be economically destroyed very quickly.

It wouldn't take very much (relatively speaking) for the scientific community to very quickly provide permanent solutions to the energy crisis forever. Simply get the staid old scientific establishment to unleash a few of these sharp young grad students and post docs for two or three years in this area, with just a little funding, and very shortly there will never again be an energy crisis anywhere on earth. The problem here lies with our top agencies such as the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, the national labs, the universities, etc. The prevailing body of our science is still completely determined that the sad and terribly flawed electrical engineering model shall not be tampered with or corrected, precisely so that such energy-from-the-vacuum systems cannot be developed. The CEM/EE model maintains Lorentz symmetry and thus uses equations that are Lorentz invariant. That already destroys any modeling of excess usable EM energy from the active vacuum or curved spacetime. But it makes the equations much easier to solve, provides closed solutions, and this avoids the necessity for near-total use of numerical methods. It also is worshipped by mathematicians, who love "beauty" (symmetry) and abhor "asymmetry". And real energy from the vacuum systems are asymmetrical systems a priori, so that they violate Lorentz symmetry and thus the Lorentz invariant standard equations cannot and does not describe the functioning of such systems.

With my own deteriorated physical condition and that of my beloved wife, my own personal race is just about run. So these days I first take care of my wife, and in the little time remaining I concentrate on doing whatever I can to help with the MEG, and to help some other inventor colleagues who independently have overunity systems, some even further along than our own MEG.

The sad thing is that EM energy is free and it always has been free. Once one pays for a little switching and control (e.g., to assemble some charge or to separate charges and make a dipole), then from that charge collection or from that dipole there will continuously flow a steady stream of real observable photons - real EM energy - in all directions. That steady flow of absolutely free and real, usable EM energy extracted directly from the seething subquantal vacuum fluctuations, will continue forever, with no further work required by the operator. Instead of deliberately building power systems that use half their energy to destroy the dipolarity (and thereby kill the flow of free energy from the local vacuum), we should long ago have been building only power systems that intercept and collect and use the outflowing free energy, without using any of that collected energy to touch or tamper with or destroy the free source of potential energy flow.

Wryly, Whittaker already showed in 1903 and 1904 that every EM field and EM potential decomposes into a set of EM energy flows. Modern important scientists such as Ziolkowski and Cornille have even advanced a bit further along that same line. The original Whittaker paper of 1903 was essentially ignored (until scientists such as Ziolkowski and Cornille came along), but the paper in 1904 originated and established an entire little branch of electrodynamics known as superpotential theory.

I really don't care who gets it done and out there on the market worldwide, just so long as it's done. We all need it, and we need it very quickly, else shortly what we presently know as Western civilization will not survive at all.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 8:18 AM
Subject: Happy New Year

Dear Mr Bearden

Wishing you a wonderful New Year, with much success in your area of work and especially a very good health, for you and your family.

We are yet waiting for the MEG's marketing...

Also in France, people (we know many of them) who are interested for the release of any O-U device  they are waiting for , are very disappointed.

What a wonderful day, if this year could bring us (to all people on this earth) even a small O-U generator !

We still are hoping for !

With best wishes


Bernadette et Jean