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Essential Prioré Points

1.        The Universe functions in at least five dimensions x, y, z, time and interchanges with the active vacuum.

2.        We must take into account the interactions between 3-space, spacetime, and the active vacuum.

3.        Mass moving in time has a different form: masstime.

4.        Anything observed in three dimensions is static at the moment of observation and not moving in time.

5.        The observation process itself destroys the time component and converts masstime to mass, for a single frozen snapshot.  We thus do not "see" time, but must infer it from a series of such "snapshots".

6.        Observed mass does not continuously "exist in" (flow through) time, but continually recurs at successive points in time.

7.        Time has a structure that we don’t see using a 3-D view; using better math allows the additional structures to be seen.

8.        For a given mass, time can be made to reverse and to go forward in its local frame of reference.

9.        Energy comes from the time domain into 3-space.

10.     Energy from 3-space can be moved into the time domain moving forward or in reverse.

11.     Cells use the process of moving back in a local time frame to heal themselves.

12.     Antoine Prioré found a method to generate these internal healing effects using high magnetic fields and  mixed frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. This method was scientifically verified in France during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

13.     We can generate these internal healing fields much more efficiently based on a newly discovered theoretical framework, which no one in Prioré’s day understood.  Part of the framework was not yet born.

14.     Using this information, we can develop compact computer-controlled machines which can reverse the effects of disease, including that induced by bio-terror attacks.

15.     We need to get going with the development of these systems to cope with the anticipated more devastating attacks yet to come.

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