The Tom Bearden


Defense Department Briefing on Priore Treatment to counter Biological Warfare


          Solutions to Mass Casualties Treatment Problem

          Threat and Current Status

  1. Title Page
  2. Key Points in the New Technology
  3. Title Page
  4. Title Page
  5. The Terrorist Threat
  6. The Superpower Paradox: Asymmetric Cheap WMD Strategic Strike and Destruction
  7. Mass Casualty Problem: Aerial Anthrax Spray on Washington, D.C.
  8. Present Status of the WMD Threat to the United States
  9. Some Present Problems in the WMD Defense Capabilities

    Historical Solution: Priore Treatment Therapy

  10. Title Page
  11. Priore's laboratory device for treating small animals
  12. Antoine Priore with the Mayor of Bordeaux
  13. Raymond Pautrizel, eminent French parasitologist, who worked with Priore
  14. 12-Foot plasma tube in Priore's large device
  15. Priore's 3 1/2 stories high device for whole body treatment of humans
  16. Mechanism of the Priore therapy
  17. Priore's therapeutic methodology:  using infolded longitudinal EM waves as NLO pump waves, to pump in the time domain
  18. Drastically reduced cumulative deterioration after Priore therapy

    Extended Physics and Background

  19. Title Page
  20. Founders of Scalar Electromagnetics
  21. Subdivisions of Soviet Energetics
  22. Bunge on the Status of Classical and Quantum Physics
  23. Einstein on Reviewing Foundations
  24. Fields and Potentials have been "defined" only in and on matter
  25. Maxwell's Equations are Matter-To-Matter Transforms
  26. Electrodynamicists' Reaction to Removal of the Material Ether
  27. The Missing Infolded Electrodynamics
  28. Nonlinear Optics Distortion Correction Theorem
  29. Infolded longitudinal EM biwave composition of a scalar potential
  30. The Zero-Vector Axiom Destroys "Topologies Within Topologies"
  31. Stoney-Whittaker Bidirectional Longitudinal EM Wave-Pair
  32. Undistorted Progressive Waves (UPWs)
  33. Velocity modulating a longitudinal EM wave oscillates rate of flow of time
  34. The Graviton is a Coupled Photon/Antiphoton Pair
  35. Mechanism for Physical Change and the Flow of Time
  36. Any EM Field or Wave Pattern is Produced by interference of Two Scalar Potential Functions (E.T. Whittaker, 1904)
  37. Mass is transparent to longitudinal EM waves, which move through the infolded interiors of internal waves, potentials, and fields in the mass
  38. Deep penetration of weak signals in a dense signal environment, by nonlinear retroreflection
  39. The Immune System
  40. Popp's master cellular control system
  41. Cancer: characteristics
  42. The evolutionary path of multicellular organisms
  43. Effect of fluid contamination on hemoglobin's oxygen transport
  44. First step in Self-Promotion of Cancer due to Hypoxia
  45. Becker's Cellular Growth Control
  46. Becker's dc treatment of bone fractures
  47. Becker's theoretical DC control system involved with responses to injury
  48. Becker's theoretical control system governing regeneration
  49. Link Between Standing DC Potentials and the Nervous System
  50. Becker's Findings on Cellular Injury and Regeneration
  51. Corrections For the Present EM Bioeffects Model
  52. R&R System - Regeneration Example
  53. Kaznacheyev's Cytopathogenic Mirror Effect
  54. Microwave Radiation of U.S. Embassy in Moscow
  55. Self-Targeting in Inner EM Channel Can Produce a Quantum Potential
  56. Quantum potential and hidden variable theory
  57. Participants in a quantum potential share a common multiply-connected spacetime (MCST)
  58. Gulf War Syndrome and Typical Comparative Disease Curves
  59. Force Fields and Symmetry
  60. Aspects of Strong Local Asymmetry
  61. Other Aspects of Strong Local Asymmetry
  62. Small Entities Emit Powerful S-Flows
  63. What is the "magnitude" of a potential?
  64. Table A1.  The Vacuum Energetically Interacts With Every Particle, Continually
  65. Extended Superpotential Theory (Adding Vacuum Engines)
  66. Vacuum Engine: Jillions of Working ST Demons
  67. Active Spacetime and a Specific Vacuum Engine (A General Relativistic Concept and Analogy)
  68. Extension of Wheeler's general relativity principle
  69. Signal versus Vacuum Engine
  70. Electronuclear Interactions by Vacuum Engines
  71. Vacuum Engineering
  72. Impact of Vacuum Engineering
  73. A Dramatic Extension to Nonlinear Optical Pumping
  74. Time Conservation and Some Properties (Energy and time are canonical)
  75. A Dramatic Extension to Nonlinear Optical Pumping
  76. Key Points in the New Technology

    Modern WMD Solution: Portable Treatment Systems

  77. Title Page
  78. Portable Priore-Type Treatment System
  79. Portable System Block Diagram
  80. Portable Priore Technology Unit
  81. Saving the Stricken Civilians

    Conclusions:  Technology Practical, Proven

  82. Title Page
  83. Summary and Conclusions

    Recommendation:  Crash Development Program

  84. Title Page
  85. Recommend implementing:
  86. Final Thoughts