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           Now let us look at some of the effects on humans, when radiated with a true scalar wave beam from a translator/transmitter.
           First, the human nervous system is highly nonlinear.  Essentially, across billions of synapses, sudden ion discharges -- analogous to spark discharges -- are continually or periodically occurring.  Brain waves, for example, are not waves along wires; instead, they are waves of avalanche discharges across tremendous numbers of nerve cell gaps.
           The central nervous system is thus highly nonlinear, and the gap firings of the nerve endings act as translators.
           These translators partially translate incident scalar waves, so that additional transverse matter waves -- or ordinary energy inputs -- occur in the ion discharges.
           Thus additional energy is being added to the nervous system by incident scalar waves.
           Many long-term effects of the environment on the body are gradually kindled in this fashion, even over a period of years.
           For a stronger dosage of scalar waves, the nervous system experiences "jamming" of its signals.  This leads to four basic "noise jamming" effects.
           If a small dose is absorbed, the interference is slight.  One feels as if one had taken a whiff of anaesthesia -- an unreal, dreamy feeling.
           If a slightly larger dose is absorbed, the interference is moderate.  Now the single channel system -- the motor system -- goes, and the individual is paralyzed.  Mentally he is barely conscious, in a sort of hypnogogic, waking dream state.  Any tendency toward epileptic seizure or other nervous disorder may surface here, as may heart palpitations or even heart failure.
           For a heavier dosage yet, the interference is now strong. Now the multiple systems start failing.  Consciousness is lost and the individual is in a deep coma.  In addition, seizures and convulsions, and loss of control of some body functions, may occur.  The autonomic nervous system is keeping the heart beating with difficulty and keeping the body gasping for breath.
           For a very strong dosage, the entire nervous system fails and death results almost immediately.  This is quite similar to the effects of nerve gas.
           These are the four major symptoms of scalar wave radiation of the body and translating absorption by the nervous system in an uncoordinated fashion.

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