The Tom Bearden



       If thought constructs are actual operational mechanisms, then there should be other evidence besides psychosomatic illness and the demonstrated ability of the mind to cure certain illnesses. In fact, the Hieronymus device can be used to demonstrate this point.
       John Campbell, former noted editor of Analog Magazine, once built an Hieronymus device and tested it successfully. Campbell immediately recognized that present physics could not explain the functioning of the device. In an exchange with Arthur Young, Young suggested to Campbell that it was the mind of the operator that made the device function, and that it was the symbolic form of the device that dynamically functioned to make it work. This appeared particularly significant to Campbell since he had discovered he could make the device work even though disconnected from its power supply.
      So Campbell decided to test this thesis. He carefully drew on paper in black India ink a schematic diagram of the amplifier, removed the actual amplifier hardware, and substituted the schematic drawing. To his absolute amazement, the device worked as well for him this way as it had previously. But from our standpoint, such a result is not unexpected and can be readily explained.
      First, I should point out quite strongly that Campbell not only was well-qualified technically, but even more important, he had an open and unbiased mind. This of course is quite necessary; the negative psi effect is well known, and the negative person is most certainly not going to allow his mind to operate the Hieronymus machine, just as he will not allow himself to succeed at dowsing, and so on.
     Furthermore, in constructing the electrical schema of the amplifier, Campbell was strongly impressing stable thought constructs in his own unconscious, which was fully aware of the function of each part of the drawing. And when he connected that drawing to the rest of the hardware, he understood the function of the connection. He thus built in a thought connection from his thought-form amplifier to the hardware in a cyborg device. It then functioned as well for him as had the actual device. Campbell had proved that mind and matter may be cyborged into operational devices.
     Psychic use of a pendulum, a ouija board, a dowsing rod, a crystal ball, and a crystal skull are other examples of the use of inceptive cyborg psychotronic devices, as is the use of radionics equipment of all types. And of course the most outstanding example of an inceptive cyborg where mind and matter are linked into one functional device is a living biological system.
     Frances Farrelly, working with Arthur Young, took part in an experiment using an ancient Mexican figurine with a fluted neck. She succeeded in inducing fluted ears in a laboratory mouse. The mouse was exposed to the figurine about three feet away, arid the cage or the mouse was connected to the figurine with a wire. Physical objects, such as mice bodies and fluted figurines, are three-dimensional channel tuners for orthorotating mind energies. Given firm initiation by a talented person such as Ms. Farrelly, a selected grouping of tuners can be resonated to collect bioenergy, and kindle it into ordinary energy and then into physical effects.