The Tom Bearden


Slide Index
  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction
  3. Einstein on Review of Foundation
  4. Some Problems in Electromagnetic Foundations
  5. Notions in the Concept of the Potential
  6. Foundations of Scalar Electromagnetics
  7. Inner EM Waves of a Scalar Potential
  8. Graviton/Whittaker Lattice Structure of the Scalar Potential
  9. Internal Wave Structure of the Scalar Potential
  10. Lattice and Nonlattice Gravitons
  11. Scalar EM Potential Interferometry
  12. Scalar Potential Interferometry
  13. Some Problems in Foundations of General Relativity
  14. Some Problems in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  15. Physics Disciplines are Presently Inconsistent
  16. The Present EM, GR and QM are Subsets, each omits the Whittaker Internal EM
  17. Unified Field Secret: Apply Whittaker Theory
  18. Present Definition of "Energy" is Erroneous
  19. Some New Definitions
  20. Definitions (Continued)
  21. Definitions (Continued)
  22. Electric Charge, Open System
  23. Graviton as a Coupled Photon/Antiphoton Pair
  24. Photon Interaction is usually Graviton Interaction
  25. Photon Interaction with the Material Atom
  26. Photon Phase Conjugate interaction with an Atom
  27. Nonlinear Material and Time-Domain Resonance
  28. Subharmonic Oscillation
  29. The Quantum Potential
  30. Quantum Potential Characteristics
  31. Self-Targeting creates a Quantum Potential
  32. Approach applied to correct present EM bioeffects experimental model
  33. Two Stages of Cancer Production
  34. More on Promoters
  35. EM Biological Effects:  Some Changes Demonstrated
  36. EM Biological Effects:  Inhibition of Melatonin
  37. Other EM Biological Effects
  38. Becker's Bone-Healing Application of Tiny DC Currents to Fractures
  39. Questions on Carcinogens and EM Radiation
  40. Direct and Delayed EM Bioeffects
  41. Cumulative Feedback Reaction Loop for Induction of Long-Term Effects
  42. Species Reactive Adaptation
  43. Inheritance of Acquired Traits
  44. Anomalous EM Jamming Mechanism
  45. Anomalous Depth Penetration
  46. The Evolutionary Path of Multicellular Organisms
  47. Development of Multi-Celled Organisms
  48. Effect of Fluid Contamination on Hemoglobin's Oxygen Transport
  49. First Step in Oxygen-Deficiency Dedifferentiation
  50. Cumulative Growth of Dedifferentiation Signals
  51. Cumulative Emergence of Cancer into the Physical State
  52. Precancer State Condition determines Treatment Success
  53. Starting From the Scalar EM View:  A New Definition of Cancer
  54. The Immune System
  55. Kaznacheyev's Apparatus
  56. Death and Disease Transmission via Graviton Templates
  57. Microwave Radiation of U.S. Embassy in Moscow
  58. John Hopkins Study of Embassy Microwave Radiation
  59. Priore's Laboratory
  60. Mechanism of the Priore Therapy
  61. Drastically Reduced Deterioration with Priore Therapy
  62. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle
  63. Summary and Conclusion