The Tom Bearden



Some Characteristics of the Phase Conjugate Wave

by Lt. Col. T.E. Bearden (retd.), 1990

7. The phase conjugate wave was apparently discovered by Nikola Tesla.

This was the secret of his wireless transmission of energy at a distance without losses. Transmitting time-reversed waves resulted in transmission of convergent, hence energy-conserving, beams. Tesla described it as if he had an invisible wire through the vacuum, and transmitted all the energy down this wire.

Phase conjugation was also the secret of his magnifying transmitter. The earth is a nonlinear medium, and provides a very good phase conjugate mirror in the range of 0.001 Hz through 1 megahertz. That is, the highly pressurized internal portions of the earth are already "trembling,' electro magnetically at those frequencies, but in scalar EM resonance due to combined EM waves and their phase conjugate replicas. If a powerful EM wave of resonant frequency is then transmitted into the earth, with a large elevated capacitance so that a resonant system is established, then a strong resonant standing scalar EM wave can be established into and through the earth's fiery core. The core then acts as a giant, self-powered cathode, and continually feeds scalar energy into the established standing scalar EM wave. Equilibrium is established with highly amplified, enormous scalar EM energy in the earth at that transmitted frequency.

In other words, the earth has now been converted to a giant pumped phase conjugate mirror tuned to the transmitter frequency. Most of the energy in the "pump wave" comes from the fiery core (cathode).

Now if another transmitter/receiver station somewhere else on the earth transmits a weak signal into the earth at the pump wave frequency, a response phase conjugate replica wave—highly amplified—will emerge from the earth at that point, and be received in the receiver. This is straightforward pumped phase conjugate mirror theory, and hundreds of scientific papers already show the basic effect (over 100 even show that it is possible to produce self-pumping, which is the case here).

The energy received will be negative energy. The visible spectrum, e.g., will be reversed to the external observer, and it will appear a brilliant—even blinding —white.

Tesla's magnifying transmitter, then, would have powered the entire world—just as he stated.

In May 1985, with a proprietary detection system, Frank Golden showed signals from a massive Soviet exercise of the entire Soviet strategic scalar EM weapon complex. The earth was in captured (forced) scalar resonance of 54 frequencies: 27 pairs, with the members of each pair separated by 12 kilohertz. Enormous energy was being extracted from earth, and used to power giant scalar EM interferometers and phase conjugate beam weapons of enormous power. The earth and oceans were also alive with Soviet scalar EM transmissions to Soviet underwater submarines and distant forces. These exercises appear to have been completely undetected by Western intelligence, since it has no knowledge of scalar EM techniques and possesses no scalar EM detectors.