The Tom Bearden

Developing the EM Cure for AIDS



    By now, how one goes about developing a electromagnetic cure for AIDS - and for cancer and other killer diseases - should be apparent. 
    One must set up a modern research laboratory and assemble as many of the "dirty dozen" together as is possible.  One then tackles the problem head-on, adding the necessary support staff and special consultants. 
    First the Kaznacheyev effect for AIDS must be isolated and determined.  Then it must be reversed, to yield the precise "curative" signal. 
     Transforms for these Kaznacheyev IR/UV "death photons" and their phase conjugated "healing photons" must be obtained for a lower electromagnetic frequency band - such as, say, 10 to 20 gigahertz. 
     A way must be found to irradiate the whole human body with the curative signal.  The ideal way is to utilize a scalar EM curative transform so that the atomic nuclei of the body - and hence its entire master cellular control system and immune control system - will be "charged up" with the correctly structured "AIDS cancellation message."
     The entire procedure and apparatus must be as simple and small as possible.  My colleagues have already achieved very promising - even remarkable - progress in this respect. 

     Reversing the Kaznacheyev Effect
The "Kaznacheyev effect" for AIDS virus condition must be stimulated between cell cultures, so that the disease condition is electromagnetically transferred from one to another.  The actual electromagnetic "delta" constituting the contribution of the AIDS infection must then be isolated electronically.  The best way to do this
is probably to subtract the normal cell radiation pattern from the "cell plus AIDS" radiation pattern.*
     With the "AIDS delta" determined, the delta is then fed into the appropriate phase conjugating mirror system, so that its time reversed replica is produced. 
     The new phase conjugated signal is then the required AIDS reversal signal to reverse the effects of the AIDS virus itself, inside the cell where it resides dormant.  This " time-reversed" signal will reverse the genetic change in the cell, not just kill the HIV virus. 
     In a crude way, one is making an electromagnetic anti-virus. 
     For ease of development and treatment, microwave technology is most attractive.  Obtaining transforms of the signals in the radar band is ideal, since a wide variety of techniques, instruments, and electronic parts are available for that region.  Millimeter waves would be most attractive, for the equipment could then be highly miniaturized. 
     One can regard it another way also:  energy forms (critters) are involved.  The action of the AIDS virus in its host cell, upon the DNA of the host, is underlaid by manipulation of energy critters.  If one makes the electromagnetic anti-virus form, one is also manipulating the energy critters in their virtual state substrata. 
     The net result is that essentially the virus pattern - even the virus itself - can be phase conjugated by the energy critters.  The result can be to turn the actual virus in the cell into a negative virus, accomplishing recombinant DNA procedures in reverse. 
     Remember that the signal we seek to use involves negative energy and negative time.  We are also engineering the virtual state directly.  The ordinary positive energy/positive time/ observable state rules and limitations do not necessarily apply.  And the "fixed form" first order physical reality as we normally conceive it need not

*Procedures along the lines of the extraordinary double-exposure holographic work of Dr.  Robert Powell will probably be necessary .  His work on biologically significant spatial frequency spectroscopy has blazed the trail as to how to obtain the specific delta patterns desired.  It is hoped that Powell will shortly publish the remarkable results of his 15 years' work. 

be so fixed at all. 
     Physical reality itself can be directly engineered. 
     The engineering we seek to accomplish is directly upon the probability states propagated by the Schroedinger equation, before observation and collapse of the wave function occurs.  We seek to engineer physical reality before it is born, while it is yet forming. 
     Only at such a level can the previous action of the AIDS virus - that in which it combined its genetic material with the genetic material of the host cell - be reversed and undone. 
     Only at such a level can we convert the infected human body from an "AIDS virus factory" back to an uninfected normal human body without AIDS. 

     The Proof:  Priore's Work
Antoine Priore's pioneering work largely proves that it can be done.  Cancers, leukemias, and many other virulent diseases yielded to his phase conjugated signals passed down through a powerful magnetic field to totally penetrate every cell in the treated patient's body. 
     And Royal R. Rife's work proved that a virus and a bacterium are not at all the "rigidly fixed" physical forms that our normal science has led us to believe they are.  Instead, both the organisms and their biochemical and genetic actions can be addressed - and changed - on a much finer level of reality. 
     Of course, it would be enormously helpful if one had a working Rife microscope. 
     My colleagues are attempting to rebuild one of the original Rife microscopes, which has parts that were missing from it.  They have every hope of having the microscope in action in the future. 
     Another angle of attack is also possible. 
     One of my colleagues has discovered a very peculiar, weak electromagnetic signal that will kill viruses, harmful bacteria, toxic protozoa, etc. but not harm living human cells.  Only a few volts and a few milliamps are used. 
     However, there exists a major problem in getting any such very weak signal into every cell in the body -which is required if one is to heal blood diseases such as AIDS and leukemia.  After all, that was the reason that Priore utilized a powerful magnetic field of thou sands of gauss.  The magnetic field penetrated every cell in the body - even those in the bone marrow where all the blood cells are manufactured.  By using the all-penetrating field as the carrier, the phase conjugated healing signal pattern could thus be introduced into every cell in the body, bathing it completely, inside and out, with the restorative signal. 
     Remember, one must not just get the signal into the cells themselves - instead, one must get the restorative signals directly into, and absorbed in, the atomic nuclei. 
    Again, that is why Antoine Priore found it necessary to employ a "rippling" magnetic field.  The "ripple" was actually a magnetic wave, and nuclear resonance then provided the magic mechanism to penetrate all the atomic nuclei. 

     So the initial problem is, how does one provide a mechanism to carry the desired signals into and through each and every cell of the body and into each and every atomic nucleus of the matter of the body?
     Obviously one can utilize nuclear magnetic resonance, after the fashion of Priore.  If so, the resulting apparatus is going to be extremely large and expensive.  It would be highly desirable to do it a different, simpler, much cheaper way. 
   . After many hundreds of back-breaking experiments, one of my colleagues appears to have discovered a completely unique and direct way of introducing the desired EM restorative signals into and completely through every cell of the body, and into every atomic nucleus.  Though much additional work to confirm this still remains, the initial results are marvelously encouraging. 
     Another colleague has succeeded in developing a peculiar sort of detector that should prove adaptable to detecting the actual "biopotential structural patterns" themselves, directly in and out of the atomic nuclei.  Though obviously much more work is necessary before the final instrumentation is ready, the preliminary results
are again most encouraging. 
    As I write these words on paper, this work is proceeding, but very, very slowly due to lack of the necessary funds to attack the research problems in force. 

     What is Needed
Time is running out - most conventional science appears to be driven by special interest groups/drug Manufacturers who are unable and/or unwilling to counter the AIDS epidemic with anything other than extensive "Addict Style" symptom-reducing drugs that generate dollars, not cures.  Though this is not universal, it is the conventional norm. 
     Unconventional disorders or diseases require unconventional science for unconventional cures. 
     Immediate funding is required if this awesome threat to humanity is to be stopped.  An American public alerted in time to this desperate situation can demand that the government and/or private business immediately address and act on this life-threatening issue in a different, unconventional manner. 

    Encouraging Preliminary Work
One of my associates, already familiar with scalar EM devices, has exerted every effort to try to reduce the scope of the problem.  In literally hundreds of experiments, he has been able to narrow down the search, and obtain at least some very promising results. 
     He has obtained an initial candidate phase conjugated signal for further test and trial. 
     He may well have succeeded in discovering a new and unique method to communicate signals directly into the atomic nuclei inside the matter - in the human body.  This signal presently appears to directly interact with the cellular biopotential and with the body's master cellular communication system. 
     Remember, however, these are preliminary results.  They still must be fully substantiated in a great many more tests.  Undoubtedly a great deal more research, analysis, and adaptation is necessary.  We certainly cannot presently say we have any sort of "cure" - for the AIDS virus or anything else - or that these results are to be considered as proven in any fashion. 
     But what we can say is that my colleague has been able to derive a very complicated phase-conjugated signal, which produces negative energy and negative time of the general sort required.  And he may just have made a most marvelous discovery that will point the way to eventual equipment much, much smaller than the 4-stories high machine with which Priore intended to treat terminal human cancer patients. 
     The initial signal discovered by my colleague, when applied to the body at miniscule voltage, seems to zap all sorts of "bad things" - viruses, harmful bacteria, dangerous protozoa, microworms, you name it - without harming the blood cells, the normal body cells, or the hosted friendly bacteria. 
     The signal does this at miniscule voltage and amperage. 
     It can be applied directly to the body through special electrodes.  Through a special feature, my colleague has been able to get the signal to reverberate the entire body, all cells, all parts, and even penetrate the atomic nuclei and establish scalar resonance therein. 
     There turned out to be some extremely strange things that have to be done to the phase conjugated signal before it will accomplish what is being sought.  At least some of these "strange things" have been uncovered by my colleague. 
     One of the peculiarities is that the entire electrical apparatus is part of the input "form" (that conditions the potential wave structure) being phase conjugated and sent to the organism.  If a lead-acid battery is included in the apparatus to power it, one will inject the electromagnetic form for the battery acid directly into the organism,* destroying it.  This includes destroying the host's cells.  In this case the signal is lethal, not curative.  Substitution of a dry cell battery with no liquid electrolyte eliminates the problem.  Exactly why a liquid electrolyte has a toxic effect and a "sludge" or solid electrolyte does not, is not understood at this time. 
     Other such anomalies in the tentative process have been discovered and compensated for. 
     However, the way ahead is exciting.  It suggests that the body
(atomic nuclei)  

*Via a mechanism similar to that found by Reid and Barsamian. 

can literally be "charged up" (i.e., the living biopotentials can be "charged up" with the signal structure) so that the "disease-proofing" is very lasting, possibly for many years or even for a lifetime.
     At least my colleague has pressed this to the point of demonstrating a long-lasting charge being acquired by the body.
     For example, at one time his body became so "charged" from his lengthy experiments that a one-inch blue spark often leaped from his fingers when he reached out for something metallic.  The discharge was cool, negative energy - living energy, if you will.  It should be negentropic, not entropic.  It was definitely not the type of energy the orthodox scientific community is accustomed to.  And normal electricity will definitely not charge up the body in such a continuing fashion, so far as is known.
     Let me clearly state again that we have not yet produced the specific anti-pattern per se.  What my colleagues have discovered appears to be a broad-band signal that appears to act hyperspatially, analogous to the manner in which a broad-band drug such as penicillin acts biochemically.  Even this much remains to be clearly established.
     However, it is a most encouraging and promising first step.
     Much more work, and a great deal of experiments to substantiate or adapt these tentative results, still need to be done.  Now there is no substitute for rigor and thoroughness - and there is no substitute for clearly and scientifically demonstrating the proof of the concept in the laboratory .
     It is not just good intentions that we seek, but solid, concrete, proven results substantiated by proper scientific procedures.  Much work remains to be done.
     But the preliminary results are very encouraging indeed.
     Let me briefly share with you some of the things we foresee, if this present line of successful development continues.
     We foresee being able to eventually develop and set up - legally and under proper medical auspices, of course - tested and proven devices that can easily treat up to two or three hundred persons at once.  A treatment of about 45 minutes to one hour is all that would be required.  Several repetitive treatments a week or so apart, might prove advisory . 
     In addition, once the entire gamut of the treatment process is validated and proven, and shown to be completely harmless and safe in accordance with legal medical requirements, if need arises we foresee simply adding the signal to ordinary radio and television transmitters - perhaps as simply as modulating the electrical ground.  If so, a "maintenance" signal could be established to negate the AIDS virus (or other disease such as cancer and leukemia) in an entire area, and keep out other diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness, etc. 
    Another advantage of such machines would be their portability in time of conflict.  Also, they would be most useful indeed as defensive measures against biological warfare.  For example, the inhalation of only a relative minor amount of anthrax agent is sufficient for 100 percent certain death unless treatment begins promptly.  With the portable machines, however, this would be easily negated in any troops exposed to the agent, even before the lethal disease is evidenced.  For a totally new agent, a "phase-conjugate delta signal" could be rather quickly ascertained and developed, and the proper settings made on the machines for immediate treatment and immunizing. 
    And even later, when we proceed to the direct engineering of the living energy form strata themselves, we shall see remarkable cures and remissions of diseases for which medical science offers little hope today.  Arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and other such debilitating diseases come readily to mind.  Even reversal of the aging process should be possible.*

*Two other promising approaches have recently been discovered.  First, an electrolyte
compound has recently been approved by the FDA for clinical testing.  This compound has the remarkable property of raising the cellular electrical potential back to that of a strong, healthy cell.  In several years of lab animal testing, this alone was indicated to be over 80% effective against cancer.  It may also prove effective against diseases such as arthritis, where the body's immune system attacks body tissue with lowered cellular potentials, since it fails to recognize the weakened cells as those of the body.  Second, Baylor University researchers have found that treating blood with certain laser EM radiation kills the AIDS virus, but does not harm the blood cells.  This means that it will be possible to assure that blood used in transfusions will be AIDS-free, eliminating one source of AIDS transmission. 

We have now come to the end of our road, literally and figuratively. 

     All of us have been struck a mortal blow by the Soviet AIDS first strike. 
     Make no mistake, this is real.  We and our children are already as good as dead unless we move as we have never moved before. 

    We have a chance.  A slim chance. 

    Americans have always come through when the chips are down.  We can conquer this thing.  We can overcome this mighty death blow that has been launched against us.  We can defeat the others yet to come. 

     But we've got to move.  Now. 

     Remember, Pandora's box has already been spilled.  Even without the Soviet biological warfare strike, hosts of new viruses and different strains of old ones are going to be, and are now being, dumped into the biosphere by our own culture.  It is also only a matter of time before terrorists and megalomaniacs turn to the use of this potent weapon against a wide-open society such as ours. 
     Both our Armed Forces and our civilian populace are totally defenseless against electromagnetic biological war- fare.  Now.  At this moment. 
     Even without the Soviet BW strike implication, it is only a matter of time until we perish, unless we develop electromagnetic healing and electromagnetic biological warfare countermeasures. 
     We've come to one of those profound momentary pauses in history that determine the fate of the entire world henceforth. 

     It's like the parable of the lady or the tiger. 

     We're facing, so to speak, two doors. 

     Behind one is the most fearsome and hungry tiger of all time.  If we delay, that door will open and we'll get the tiger full upon us.  We shall be utterly destroyed.  That mighty tiger will consume half the world in his roaring frenzy. Our children, and our children's children - what few of them will be left - will wear the hammer and sickle yoke for eons. 
     Those few future survivors will be taught strange things.  How you and I were the real enemy.  How we were absolutely destroyed for the good of all mankind.  How glorious and necessary it was to unleash the great plagues upon us.  And how heroic were those who performed the "noble deed. "
     Our own distant children will curse us and revile us, and they will be taught to worship at the throne of a false prophet. 
     The world will descend into a new "Dark Ages" far more frightful than George Orwell ever envisioned. 
     On the other hand, behind the second door is the most beautiful lady of all history.  Literally all of humanity's dreams of health, beauty, and vitality lie behind that door . 
     If we open it, we achieve a freedom from disease and a measure of bountiful health for all mankind that has heretofore only been dreamed of.  Even reversal of the aging process itself lies beyond the second door.  Health and youth - the dream of the ages - can be ours. 
But we have only a moment to open the second door.  It is firmly shut, and we must exert ourselves to the fullest if we are to open it at all. 
     On the human stage, the first door is already slowly opening, inexorably.  In only a few moments it will be open and the tiger will be upon us. 
     We must move quickly. 
     Which will it be for mankind, the lady or the tiger?
     The next few moments in the human play will most assuredly tell.