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Dead Man Fuzing



Soviet Foreign Minister spokesman, Gennadi Gerasimov, following failure of the Iceland Summit, said in a radio interview that SDI (U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative), as presently designed, is of no concern to the Soviet Union.  The real Soviet concern, he indicated, is that the U.S. would make a great technical breakthrough and deploy new devices in space as a modification to SDI presenting an unacceptable threat to the Soviet Union.

                    Peter Jennings' ABC News Show, Los Angeles, CA 13 October 1986.

     Gerasimov let the cat out of the bag!

*The term "Dead Man Fuzing," means that, even though your opponent kills you, a weapon or effect of your own will inevitably result which will then kill your opponent.

     With their deployed scalar electromagnetic weapons, the Soviets would immediately hold the winning hand - if these weapons could be unrestrainedly brought to bear .
     As pointed out in Fer-de-Lance: A Briefing On Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons, Tesla Book, Co., 1986, the use of massive Soviet scalar EM weapons can only be gingerly applied. A ctivation and use of the Soviet scalar EM weapons is fraught with grave danger to the entire earth and to the whole human species because of the presence of nuclear facilities in the desired target area, and because of the "backlash" potential against the Soviet Union's own nuclear weapons and facilities.
     The explosion at Chernobyl was apparently caused by the accidental failure of a nearby scalar EM transmitter, and the eventual impulsive loss of part of the electrogravitational potential built up by the transmitter before it failed.  The resulting electrogravitational pulse (EGP) in the earth "pulsed" the nearest nuclear material... fuel rods in the reactor at Chernobyl.
    Had the EGP not been depleted prior to its escape, all four reactors at Chernobyl would have exploded with the same intensity as if  they had been "triggered" by a fission explosion.
      In short, if unrestrainedly used, the EGPs from the Soviet scalar EM weapons would initiate most of the nuclear weapons where they are in the targeted area - in storage, in silos, in aircraft, etc.  Target area nuclear reactors and nuclear wastes would also be violently initiated into nuclear explosion.  The resulting vast megatonnage of nuclear explosions, much of them "in the dirt," would provide an unthinkable holocaust.  The effects of these giant explosions, deadly fallout and dense clouds of smoke and dirt, would blanket the earth with nuclear effects greater than is presently expected from an all out nuclear war, in which many of the weapons are expected to be destroyed or lost without being exploded nuclearly.  Deadly nuclear radiation would blanket the globe, contaminating it for thousands of years.  From the covering of the earth by dense smoke and dirt clouds, a new and deeply bitter global ice age - not just a "nuclear winter" - would almost certainly be initiated.  In 1960 Khrushchev appropriately characterized these fantastic weapons by stating that they could wipe out all life on earth if unrestrainedly used.
     A country's nuclear weapons and facilities, then, become its inadvertent "dead man fuzing" to prevent any substantial employment of large scalar EM weapons against it.  So long as nuclear "dead man fuzing" is in place in a country, its adversary can only utilize scalar EM superweapons against it with great difficulty, and then only sparingly.  At present, both the U .S. and its NATO allies are "dead man fuzed" by the presence of Western nuclear weapons - and to some extent, by the presence of nuclear reactors and stored nuclear wastes.
     Obviously the Soviet Union's task of world domination - and the mind-rending risks it must take in employing large scalar EM weapons - would be greatly expedited if the obstacle of "deployed U.S. and NATO nuclear weapons and facilities" could be eliminated or minimized.
     Also, Gorbachev must be acutely aware that the U.S. is finally beginning to look at the possibility of scalar EM weaponry.  He would assume that either the U.S. is already on the way to acquiring scalar EM weaponry of its own, or else the time is imminent when it will do so.  If this happened, and the U.S. then were to deploy SDI scalar EM lasers in space, the effects of each laser would be enormously increased by the electrogravitational amplification factor.  Reasonable gain increases of the yield of each laser shot might approach, for example, on the order of 10
20.  In that case, each laser could suddenly devastate a whole state or region with one or two shots, instead of just being able to destroy one little missile.  The Soviets know that Reagan's Star Wars weapons - if modified to the "improved" kind and deployed in space - could deliver a surprise first strike in seconds, and devastate Russia before all the Star Wars space weapons could be knocked out by Soviet ground-based scalar EM beams.
     The Soviets also know that it is not too difficult to modify lasers to become such powerful scalar EM lasers.
     This means that Gorbachev needs to insure that the Star Wars weaponry is not actually tested in space.  Testing in space requires developing at least prototype "space deployment" SDI weapons, to get them up in space to test them from there in the first place.  And even such "prototype" SDI weapons would be sufficient to devastate the Soviet Union, given that the prototypes employed the technological breakthrough represented by scalar EM weapons.  This is what Gerasimov was really referring to!
     Thus Gorbachev simply cannot allow such space testing of SDI weapons, if he hopes to be able to safely seize the opportunity to employ his own already-deployed, massive scalar EM weapons during the "window of time" that would be provided by dismantling of U.S., NATO, and Soviet nuclear weapons.
     And - given that he gets agreement and implementation of the "zero option" - Gorbachev knows he will only have a narrow "window" of time in which he can hope to achieve world domination.  It can be only a short time until the U.S. produces results in scalar EM weapons, and promptly develops such weapons of its own.  Faced with that eventuality, Gorbachev would then have no choice but to turn away from the Communist dream of world domination, and reach a mutually agreed accommodation with the West.  Both the West and the Soviets then would have to take immediate and drastic measures to prevent the rapid development and spread of the relatively cheap scalar EM weaponry throughout other nations, particularly those motivated from fanatical beliefs and quite capable of "blowing up the earth" deliberately.
      Thus, before the U.S. becomes aware of scalar EM weapons and builds its own, Gorbachev desperately needs to get rid of the "dead man fuzing" problem posed by the nuclear weapons and facilities possessed by the U.S. and its Nato allies, so that he can utilize his superweapons to dominate the world without destroying it.
     And he needs to block any chance that the U .S. would be able to have space-tested high energy laser prototypes which could be quickly modified to scalar EM weapons, fired into space, and used to counter Soviet aggression or even destroy the Soviet Union in retaliation.
     In short, today the paramount and almost desperate need of the Soviet Union is to reduce American dead-man fuzing and keep the SDI space laser genie bottled up in the lab on the ground.
     Accordingly, in Iceland, in what appeared to be a stunning concession on nuclear arms, Gorbachev suddenly offered Reagan a complete dismantling of all nuclear weapons - Reagan's "zero option."  Actually this move had been planned by Gorbachev from the beginning; it was not a spur-of-the-moment offer.  The reason was simple:  If the U.S. could only be persuaded to quickly get rid of its nuclear weaponry, the Soviets would hold an absolutely winning hand.  Their massive, deployed, operational scalar EM weapons could then be unleashed with minimal restraint.  The extremely delicate and incredibly dangerous problem of bringing the large scalar EM "continent-buster" weapons to bear, without inadvertently causing world destruction, would be vastly eased if only the ordinary U.S. nuclear facilities such as nuclear power plants and radioactive wastes had to be reckoned with.
     Fortunately, Ronald Reagan fervently believes in defense .
     He made the right decision, whether or not it was for the right reasons.
     Indeed, he probably knew in advance that SDI was to be targeted in Iceland by the Soviets, and that sweeping concessions might be offered by them for that purpose.  According to one report (" 'Blinded' Satellites," Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, Washington Post, Oct. 29, 1986), just before Reykjavik the CIA sent a report to Reagan with the warning that "the sole reason for Gorbachev's wanting the Iceland summit was to offer unprecedented inducements for Reagan to drop SDI."
     Fortunately, Reagan rejected Gorbachev's proposal, because he does not wish to give up what he truly regards as a potential defense against incoming Soviet missiles.
    Apparently neither Reagan nor his advisors were aware of the real reason for Gorbachev's unexpected and breathtaking proposal for what would essentially be near-total nuclear disarmament.
    The Soviet ground-based scalar EM lasers could sweep the
heavens of the presently conceived SDI weapons, as Gerasimov obliquely implied.  However, this would not change the barrier represented by U.S. nuclear dead man fuzing, unless the nuclear weapons had been removed.
     Meanwhile, Gorbachev's chess game to remove the dead man fuzing is certainly not over.  The Soviets have mounted an intense propaganda campaign urging nuclear disarmament and cancellation or restraint of SDI.  With a Democratic Senate now in, and with the approaching end of Reagan's term in office, the Soviet effort to clear the U.S. nukes - and the dead man fuzing - out of the way for Soviet deployed superweapons, while keeping the SDI genie in its laboratory bottle, can only be intensified.  Already the Soviets are beating every drum to get substantial antinuclear segments of the U.S. scientific, congressional, political, and pacifist communities aroused to oppose SDI and urge a quick zero nuclear option.
     The treaty for dismantling certain missiles in Europe has already been signed by the President, and its ratification by the U.S. Senate appears imminent.  More is yet to come, and quickly.
     In its aching desire for peace, if an unsuspecting America falls into Gorbachev's trap, shackles SDI and removes its dead-man fuzing, the Soviet Union will be free to enforce its will wherever and whenever it wishes.*  If that happens, our beloved stars and stripes will be replaced with the atheistic hammer and sickle.  And the noblest experiment of all - freedom for the common person - will have come to an ignoble end.

*Just as Brezhnev forecast for 1985, at a secret meeting in 1972 of the communist party leaders of Europe.