Selected Incidents 

                              APPENDIX IV

Author's note: In 1985-1987 a series of anomalous missile and space failures swept the U .S. and the West. These incidents were not unique, as many think, but were actually only a portion of thousands of related incidents showing the Soviet testing of advanced weapons throughout the world. This listing will show the types of incidents referred to.

     The listing is not intended to be complete at all, but only representative. Hundreds of incidents of weather engineering, giant cloud radials and grids, suspicious light incidents, etc. could easily be added, were there time and room. No attempt has been made to exhaustively map the "aerial booms" that have blanketed the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world. The light and "maybe it's UFO's" reports alone would add thousands of incidents to the list.

     Our message is succinct: The Soviet Union has developed a new science and weaponized it, since at least the latter 1940's. It has utilized that scienceenergeticsto develop superweapons and supervehicles. Because of the danger from accidental initiation of nuclear weapons and materials, it is exceedingly difficult and dangerous for the Soviets to make extensive use of these weapons. Accordingly, a biological warfare strikeAIDShas been utilized to deliver what is to be the knockout blow to the West.


Early spring 1966 - Malstrom AFB Montana.
UFO sighting coincident with simultaneous problems in 10 strategic missiles in launch site associated with Malstrom AFB, Montana. Similar event in Mar 1967 also. (Source: Clear Intent.).

20 Mar 67 - Malstrom AFB Montana.
Flight of 10 strategic missiles in launch site associated with Malstrom AFB, Montana experienced problems with guidance and control system. UFO in area and confirmed on radar. Jet fighters scrambled, results unknown. Similar event one year earlier. (Source: Clear Intent.).

1972 - Prague.
At a secret meeting of European communist leaders in Prague, Brezhnev lays out firm statement of Soviet intent to be able to dominate the world by 1985. Stated would control the oceans, 90% of the land, and the air and space above. Notice he said control, not invade and conquer.

Aug 73 - Over ocean.
USAF Minuteman ICBM is launched from Vandenberg AFB, aimed for Kwajalein missile range. Unidentified object appears and is tracked next to the ICBM's nose cone. Crossed the RV's trajectory. Object about 10 ft long. Seen by 2 separate radars. Three other identical objects were seen in the vicinity. Probable Soviet advanced flying vehicles. Also a deliberate stimulus to see if U.S. knows of the technology, and how the U.S. reacts. (Source: Clear Intent.).

18 Oct 73 - Near Mansfield, Ohio.
U.S. Army helicopter is intercepted by glowing red object that converged on it with terrific speed. Object placed some sort of "tractor beam" on helicopter. Object was gray metallic structure, 50-60 ft long. Helicopter was stopped in mid air. Radio blacked out. Official report filed by pilot. Probable advanced Soviet flying vehicle. Also a deliberate stimulus to see if U.S. knows of the technology, and how the U.S. reacts.

21 Oct 73 - Near St. Joe, Indiana.
20 or 30 lights sighted circling in the sky near St. Joe, Indiana near a woods fire, by firemen. Probable Soviet holographic tests to stimulate UFO reports.

1973 to date - Bennett Island.
Bennett Is. exhaust plumes detected by U.S. weather satellites. Well over100. spotted so far. Weirdly, 5 islands and part of the continental Alaskan area are in process of being secretly given to the USSR; Bennett Island is one of them.

May 1974 - Lake Michigan.
Blue-green glowing ball of light seen to fall into Lake Michigan. Soviet scalar EM testing.

8 July 74 - Lake Okeechobee, Florida and Atlantic Ocean.
Orange red ball of light lights up sky over south Florida. Crashes in area of Lake Okeechobee. Was accompanied by a large boom. Several other booms 5 - 7 min. after "object crashed." Pilots also saw object plummeting in from over Atlantic. Probable Soviet scalar EM weapons testing and calibration.

Nov. 74 - Saryshagan. USSR.
Construction of Tora facility begins at Soviets' Saryshagan test facility. Believed to be directed energy facility. Probably connected with Soviet scalar EM weapons systems development.

Oct? 74 - Antarctic.
Ozone hole over Antarctic first detected. Did not appear in measurements from 1957-1973. Note did not appear until exhaust plumes noted from and around Bennett Island, with substantial activity. Looms over the continent every Oct. Diminishes through Mar.  More severe each year since 1974.

1975 - USSR.
Soviet article in International Life speaks of weather war, chang- ing the nature of lightning, increasing the power of lightning, and directing electric charges of tremendous power against specified targets. "Atmospheric electricity" can be used to suppress mental activity of large groups of people. Tip of the iceberg.  Unclassified reference to Soviet's scalar EM (energetics) weapon program. Note involvement of "lightning" in destruction of U.S. missiles a decade later.

16 Feb 75 - Caribbean.
R.M.S. Carmania (UK) observes bright white circular light appear and rise to 20 degrees, leaving comet-like trail, circle and disappear. Repeated four more times at exact hourly intervals. Soviet scalar EM weapons tests.  May have been a ship borne device.

13 June 75 - Kremlin.
Brezhnev calls for ban on frightful weapons of mass destruction. Major speech.  Repeated proposals to U.S. Senators.

2 Jul 75 - Kremlin.
Brezhnev repeats his proposed ban on development of frightful new weapons, to a group of U.S. Senators. To visiting U.S. Senators. No one knew what he was talking about.

Aug. 1975 - Kremlin.
Ponomarev calls for ban on frightful new weapons of mass destruction. To visiting Congressmen.

23 Sep 1975 - United Nations.
Gromyko presents draft agreement to UN General assembly, for banning development of frightful new weapons. 30th session of UN Gen. Assy.  No one knew what the Soviets meant.

Oct - Dec 75 - Satellite, over the Indian Ocean.
U.S. satellites illuminated or "blinded" over the Indian ocean.
Source 10-1,000
times as strong as natural sources. 5 incidents. One 4 hrs. long.  Soviets wasted no time after Sep. fiasco.

28 Oct to 11 Nov 75 - Mid-U.S. and Canada.
Series of "UFO's" seen at Malstrom AFB, Montana; Loring AFB, Maine; Minot AFB, North Dakota; Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan and Canadian Forces Station, Falconbridge, Ontario, Canada by reliable military personnel. Reported to NORAD. Some objects seemed like helicopters. Radar tracked objects. One object at 72,000 ft. was 100-ft sphere, with seeming "craters" around it.
Malstrom F -106's scrambled on one object but could not close on it in darkness and low altitude. Efforts by Air Guard helicopters, SAC helicopters and NORAD F-106's were fruitless. Probable Soviet activity in and around the SAC bases and Canadian radar site. (Source: Clear Intent.).

30 Oct 75 - Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan.
UFO's and "unidentified helicopters" sighted (multiple incidents) at or near Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan. Helicopter hovered over the weapons storage area. Radar reported low-flying objects. Returning KC-135 tanker a/c diverted to intercept one UFO. Ob- served two objects, unable to close. Visual and radar contacts. Low on fuel, KC-135 returned to base to land, again seeing lights over the weapons storage area. (Source: Clear Intent.) Soviet Activity.

To be continued